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  1. No. Fire Red Deaf Neither No. No No, but you and Richtofen are. Yes Yes No I ain't no damn zombie Legs. Yes you should. Maybe In you're dreams. No, I'm Tank Dempsey bitch! :lol:
  2. Yeah, it was a fucking long game, we never intended to go that long but it just kind of happened, we actually could have gone further but we had played for so long we committed suicide on Round 63. We were playing Custom Games anyway so it wouldn't have counted anyway.
  3. It took us like, idk 15 hours or something?, we started at like 10:00 AM in the morning and the game ended like at 4:30 AM.
  4. Basically, ask me questions bitches. I'll do my best to answer them
  5. It becomes a bag of Dorito's. Profit earned. I EMP the rockets right before it hits Earth. They turn around and hit the moon I EMP Maxis
  6. Just had the most kickass game in Origins last night, did the EE and went 63 rounds with my sis, her boyfriend and his friend, fun times
  7. I think that would be a great idea, I would be up for it!
  8. I think my best one was on Origins recently, playing with my sister, her boyfriend and a friend of his, we were working on the EE, I was on the tank when my sister went down, I had the ultimate ice staff, and I had already driven past her, so I quickly turned around and took a random revive shot at her and managed to revive her. :D
  9. I just heard something interesting that may prove MMX's theory as right. I just completed the EE with some friends, and right when we activated the last part, Maxis said something along the lines of I must go see Samantha now, the paradox must be resolved.
  10. But it doesn't for me, I will shoot the first set of keys, stand there, and it refuses to go away. and shooting any other ones just randomly turns other ones on. then unfortunately you just aren't hitting the right keys. again if you don't have training in reading music or playing piano, the easiest way is to number the bottom triangles 1-7 and hit 6-1-3 then wait. the sparks on the individual triangles will go away and seemed like there was a slightly blue glow. then do 3-5-7 and same thing will happen, then lastly 4-6-2. just make sure after each you wait until the sparks go away, a
  11. I may have said this before, but I absoulutely despised the N4, I hated them with a burning passion of a 1000 suns, only Misty had any redeemable qualities, the other's were just so extremely annoying and gave me a bloody ear-splitting headache everytime I played as them, I actually didn't enjoy playing Tranzit, Dei Rise, and Buried as much as I could have because the N4, are by far some of the worst, things, I literally can not describe in words how much I hate the N4, and how happy I am back the O4 is back, without the O4 it didn't feel like true Zombies, and with them back now, my Zombies i
  12. Look, I know the pattern I have to do on the keyboard, it's after I can't get to work But it doesn't for me, I will shoot the first set of keys, stand there, and it refuses to go away. and shooting any other ones just randomly turns other ones on.
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