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  1. I think that would be a great idea, I would be up for it!
  2. I think my best one was on Origins recently, playing with my sister, her boyfriend and a friend of his, we were working on the EE, I was on the tank when my sister went down, I had the ultimate ice staff, and I had already driven past her, so I quickly turned around and took a random revive shot at her and managed to revive her. :D
  3. I just heard something interesting that may prove MMX's theory as right. I just completed the EE with some friends, and right when we activated the last part, Maxis said something along the lines of I must go see Samantha now, the paradox must be resolved.
  4. But it doesn't for me, I will shoot the first set of keys, stand there, and it refuses to go away. and shooting any other ones just randomly turns other ones on. then unfortunately you just aren't hitting the right keys. again if you don't have training in reading music or playing piano, the easiest way is to number the bottom triangles 1-7 and hit 6-1-3 then wait. the sparks on the individual triangles will go away and seemed like there was a slightly blue glow. then do 3-5-7 and same thing will happen, then lastly 4-6-2. just make sure after each you wait until the sparks go away, and again do not consider the top triangles whatsoever. just pretend they aren't even there The problem is, I AM hitting the right keys, I have tried this 20 plus times, and I have followed every Youtube video guide to a tee (I am not trained in reading music, I am just following what the guides on Youtube and here say), and it still won't work
  5. I may have said this before, but I absoulutely despised the N4, I hated them with a burning passion of a 1000 suns, only Misty had any redeemable qualities, the other's were just so extremely annoying and gave me a bloody ear-splitting headache everytime I played as them, I actually didn't enjoy playing Tranzit, Dei Rise, and Buried as much as I could have because the N4, are by far some of the worst, things, I literally can not describe in words how much I hate the N4, and how happy I am back the O4 is back, without the O4 it didn't feel like true Zombies, and with them back now, my Zombies is sane again. I don't begrudge anyone who does like the N4, but I could not and never will be able to stand them, I think Treyarch made a huge mistake and they are rectifying that, just my opinion
  6. Look, I know the pattern I have to do on the keyboard, it's after I can't get to work But it doesn't for me, I will shoot the first set of keys, stand there, and it refuses to go away. and shooting any other ones just randomly turns other ones on.
  7. Hey Guys, can I get some advice here? me and my friends have been trying to do the EE, and thus build the elemental staffs, we can do the Wind, Ice and Fire puzzles with no problem, but the Lightning Puzzle, fuck... We have watched practically every video on Youtube, read every guide, and are following them to a tee (A C E, RGB, FAD), and we do this, but IT WILL NOT WORK, no matter what we do, we have tried this over about 20 games and all four of us have tried it with the Lightning Staff, and we follow the guides to a tee, but ours doesn't work, they don't go out, they stay sparking no matter what we do and how many times we try it. We're following the guides to tee, but what are we doing wrong?
  8. Besides Misty, who I do like, I just don't get how anyone can like the N4, I just don't get it, there so, bland and boring.
  9. Richtofen and Tank for sure, they are awesome, if I had 4 choices Nikolai and Takeo would've been in there as well, nothing beats the O4
  10. Now, the Easter Egg, the first two steps, Comrades in Arms - 75GS/Silver Trophy Save Dimitri from his terrible fate Players Required: 2 Step 0: Repair the Generator Go to the Generator Room and repair the Generator, and then activate it. Step 1: Secure the Keys Once you repair the Generator, you will hear Dimitri speak to you. Once he does, you must secure the keys, now. what does he mean by this? simple, you must go to the Warehouse where Stalkernaya is located, inside there is a small room right next to the entrence (same room where you activate the door in the campaign to try and save Sergei), in here you will find a set of motorcycle keys, have all players pick them up to complete the step Step 2: Ascend From Darkness What Dimitri means by Ascend From Darkness is you must repair the lift in the mines, thus, being able to ascend from darkness into the spawn room, this lift is very important for a reason we will learn later. Dimitri will speak again when you do this What Dimitri means by this, down in the mines there are a series of Machines, connected to a Vril-Ya Machine deep in the Catacombs, the player must enter a series of three codes into the machine to charge it up and send Dimitri power, the codes are random each game, but can be figured out by listening to the Vorkuta Broadcast PA's located through the map, rattling off a speech about Prisoner Discipline, which contains Prisoner Numbers, which are actually you're codes.
  11. Beginning Transcript of the Easter Egg "Comrades in Arms", this would be heard once the Generator to activate the power is repaired and activated.
  12. Here are the Pack a Punched versions of the new guns Unpacked on top, Packed below Nagant 1895 (6/60) The Juggular Vain (12/144) SVT-40 (10/90) Synthizied Vitrolic Tantalizer 4000 (25/275) - Fully Automatic XM-25 (4/18) Xenial Maimer 2500 (8/36) SMAW (1/15) WAMS (5/30) - Fully Automatic Peacekeeper (30/270) Hellraiser (40/440) Mind Control Matter Device (5/25) Numbers Machine (7/42)
  13. These other threads are for the specific new things themselves, while I made them for the map idea, these threads are just for the Perk and WW idea in general.
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