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What is considered "High Rounds" on this forum?

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50 Co Op / 100 Solo

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When I first started playing Zombies on Black Ops, my friends and I always had our goal set on 30+. Suddenly a switch flipped and I was able to break 30 without an issue, but because of my original goal, I've always considered 30+ to be when the high rounds begin.

On top of that, when my friends ask if I want to play I'll say I'm not in the mood for "high rounds" which is also around 30 because by the time you get there you are a couple hours invested into the game.

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I said 50+ but it really depends on the map.

I mean, NDU is impossible for anyone but the best to get my version of a "high round".

Here's how I see it:

Map w/ Good Wonder Weapon + Traps = 100+

Map w/ Traps = 70+

Map w/ Good Wonder Weapon = 50+

Map w/ Neither = Idk, 40-50 I guess.

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2 hours ago, Grandgardensgreen said:

I don't know. I got round 51 on der riese and my friend says that it's a low round.

I'm lucky if I reach 30, so I'd say 51 definately is pretty high

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I normally play til I get to rounds 30/40 on maps, very rarely do I continue after that.

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I've played more than 100 rounds several times. I can't say I really enjoyed it. I think I have goldfish brain and think its a good idea all over again. So anyway round 69 is my perfect round. 

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8 minutes ago, Boom115 said:

So anyway round 69 is my perfect round. 


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On 10/10/2020 at 12:34 PM, Grandgardensgreen said:

I don't know. I got round 51 on der riese and my friend says that it's a low round.

51 on WaW or BO is quite beastly. 51 on BO3 is a bit more feasible, but quite nice. /my opinion.


I also imagine pc mouse control to be much better than console, as is true for most games where I've played both versions. However, I've not played pc zombies, so I might be off.


During BO2, I studied all the folk on the leaderboards, counting only those who played a map at least 100 times, so that you know that they tried. I found a very tiny percent made it past 30 in any map.


I find most folk in random games try to camp and survive, which made Treyarch seem out of touch these last couple of games by forcing the training/kiting on folk. If they made zombies more camp friendly for early rounds (in map and spawn design, not in willy nilly perk design), it would appeal to a much larger audience, while still allowing 5% of players to do the long game training sessions. /my 2 pennies worth.

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