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  1. Gentlemen, For the first in my life I have a girlfriend.And she likes Zombies. I think I'm gonna marry her :lol:
  2. I see your point.In this case,"Thing" might be the best option.
  3. What about calling it,maybe,"The Doombox"? It's simple,and even with the "box" term in it,"doom" is a notable term too. What I mean is that "Doom" might overcome "Box" without neglecting it.
  4. For some reason,besides anything,I can only think on the button being in the Courthouse as an analogy to the "Final Judgement",Apocalypse,and things like that. Although what you proposed is pretty plausible.Being isolated from the modern society,Buried's Town might have faced off anything with suspicious nature as a threat. And those were confiscated by the local authorities to prevent attacks from someone.The Courthouse may be the definitive proof of that. I also think that it makes my "Porter shot" a little less absurd,even with these details don't having such importance
  5. Well,as the Wisp situation is solved,I'll give my little opinion about Maxis' Plan B. Back in the 935 research era,115 was already affecting Maxis mind,so he should already have had thoughts on Richtofen betraying him. Some of you brought up that Porter was in the Buried's town.So maybe he was sent there with the purpose of making the button,and in the meantime used Faraday's house as a research "center",creating the Mark II and the Ray Gun "1.5" in the process.Although this is very far-fetched,to be honest. Just my two cents.
  6. To be fair, I shoot down almost everything, regardless of who says it. If anything, I should be offended for rejecting my own ideas. You're actually leading this GREAT project.You have to shoot down what you think that isn't necessary,or that doesn't fit.I completely like your way of leading this thread and your comments,because it resembles my attitude in the Brazilian Community of Zombies Story.I know it wasn't supposed for this comment to come on this way but,I like your work very much,MMX. Anyway,what to discuss now?Lead the way.
  7. It was just a thought,I've been distant from this post for quite some time,and from Buried too to avoid spoilers.I just thinked there was something more than wat everyone talked about...But that's fine.
  8. ooooooooo I want present I want present My God.After this,I need to drink some water and calm down. But,anyway,just asking,what about Buried?There's nothing more to see in the map?
  9. LOL,Zelkova. Now that's a surprise for me,Tac.But it isn't shocking considering the sender could be the Illuminatti,so maybe time is just a little barrier for them. Anyway,Matuzz,about who's the sender,the Illuminatti are the most plausible sender,I think.Mostly by the way the message was writed.It seems(and it probably is)like an order. And about Tabun and Sarin,I don't really have something significant to say.I don't know a lot about chemichs,since this is my first year with Chemics as a discipline,but well,I've read somewhere that they are nerve agents.Could it somehow be related with Nova 6 or something like that?
  10. This is the reason why I think he may have greater participation in the moment.He is directly seen. Although,like you said,what he invented is quite rudimentary in comparison to Wonder Weapons.They may have added him there just to justify the power grid. I'm on PS3,so I can't know for sure,but,is there anything with his name writed on it?Or the references are just these paintings? Besides that,I will not slow you down.Whenever you want,proceed with other things.
  11. Electrochemist,eh? Maybe it would worth the time to get into this.I mean,try to make relations between his work in life and things that we see in Buried,like the Time Bomb and the Paralyzer itself. I just said it because it reminds me about Tesla's relation with our storyline.Maybe he is canon to something?But what?I'll try to research a litlle...
  12. Now this really fits for me.It's acceptable,and reasonable.Kinda like a hidden community.And as you explained Maxis getting trapped there too,it solved all of my questions. So,I understand now.
  13. You're certain about that?I know the town doesn't have the technology it should have,and that it's abandoned.But being purposefully buried is right? I know,I was not at the earlier discussion about this,but even after reading some of it,if the Americans constructed the town in Africa to apply some kind of colonialism,then why they built it underground?Would make a lot more sense if it was above ground. Anyway,I'm not denying it.I'm sure you guys did your homework.Go ahead =P

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