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  1. I saw their video now.It's pretty similar.You have a point. Although,I just throwed out there plausible ideas.The idea about the Wonder Weapon came from a friend,and I just added the thing with the artifacts.The rest is all mine lol. Don't worry though.I'm a creative person in various points.I even have some map ideas but I'm too lazy to write them down in english.Portuguese is easier ;)
  2. Thanks for the kind words,guys.I appreciate it @Ourobos &Jeager:Well,you two have a point.The robot may be just an obstacle.But it would be cool to kill it.Maybe there's some way to only defeat him instead with some kind of "Giant EMP" lol.
  3. Hello,Marko here bringing you another thread(No,really?).This time,I'll try to express my ideas of how I think the map might be,and the things it might have.It will be a "big" read,but I'm almost sure it will worth your time.Anyway,let's not waste any more words... Map What I'll talk about here is simple.Very simple.We all know "Origins" is the Game Mode,right?So,what I'm thinking right now,is that the map will be called Le Tombeau.You know,almost everyone talked about the map being it(including the infamous PTG),and it makes sense now.The ancient ruins they're going to give us might be this "Tomb".Maybe a Alien/Vril tomb.The mystery involving this place will be awesome,for sure. Also,for me,at least,they could divide the map in little playable areas for Survival again.I loved the concept.Don't know about you guys,though. About the size,well,we'll have a tank to move around it.I think it will be pretty big,probably bigger than Tranzit.I'm fine with big/huge maps if they don't have fog,denizens and lava... I also think the Perma-Perks,Bank and Fridge won't be back,since the maps is made by the SP team apparently.MOTD didn't have them,Origins should follow this pattern. I also think it may be the best map in BO2.A true grand finale. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Giant Robot The only thing I can think about it is how will we kill this thing?I don't really know,but for some reason he remebers me about Dave and Golias.But,of course,we won't kill him with a rock.I just want to have the possibility of killing him permanently.High Rounds might be annoying with him around... Also,as Jason Blundell said there would be a verticality never seen before in Zombies,will we get in the robot?Well,I think we will.Maybe PaP's there. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wonder Weapon I don't know what they'll bring to us.Only thing I know is that it will be something about supernatural powers.This remembers me about the Baby Gun "artifact".There were four,if I remember correctly.What if we find them,put 'em in the WW and it'll have different effects?I think it would be pretty cool,yet,unlikely... _____________________________________________________________________________________ These were the most likely ideas I found in my head,even with them being very unlikely.Hope you enjoyed the read,at least. Oh,and for some reason,I have a feeling that the STG will come back.I don't know why,though,but it was a fan-favorite.So...
  4. I feel like there's a bullet crossing my heart right now...Give me a sec :? Lol... well they are. Just gotta avoid the gas. No,they aren't.And for a single reason:I can't see 'em,and when I see it's already too late;BO1's Aim Assist makes a mess with my FOV and...BOOM!I'm dead :roll:
  5. I feel like there's a bullet crossing my heart right now...Give me a sec :?
  6. Never played a lot of FIVE.BTW I just don't like 'em at all.They should never have existed in my opinion.When Ascension came out without these bastards I was just so freaking happy you can't even imagine.They ALWAYS kill me in a way or another.Even in Die Rise(I know they aren't exactly Nova 6 Crawlers,but you know what I mean)...
  7. Yeah.That's considerable too.But,for how much time has the image been there already?I think they could have fixed it,no?
  8. He may have found a connection.There's nothing mentioning Alcatraz in other DLCs(with exception of MOTD). If you want,check it yourself,Rissole: http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/dlc/dlc3-vengeance http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/dlc/dlc1-revolution
  9. Well,maybe Origins is really on an alternate timeline?An alternate timeline in that MOTD could be setled?This would just eliminate any chances of MOTD being in Purgatory/Hell,as crazier as this sounds. God,I think I'm overthinking too much.Never mind.
  10. It would be awesome to see the Crossbow's return.Also,I would like to see a Wonder Weapon that would act like other WWs.This way we could have a DG-2,Baby-Gun and things like that randomly or alternating. Although it would be OP.And very unlikely :roll:
  11. Hello guys,how are you?Today I'm bringing you a theory that have some sense into it,but in the same time,is a very little far-fetched.Although it's interesting and quite big if you want to kill some time... This theory have influence from other threads,but the listed below helped me the most: A Zombie Trilogy-MurderMachineX A Walk in Time-bagel_ *Almost* All Zombies Story Quotes Scripted-Tac(you'll always be green to me.) The Grand Satanic Aryan-Angel-Alien ConnectionTac and Monopoly Mac _____________________________________________________________________________________ Nacht der Untoten If there's something I need to say is that Sam isn't in control in NDU,the dates just doesn't match.So what?We have him,Lucifer,controlling the Zombies.But of course,the eyes are yellow.For me to explain that,we'll look a little more to the future,and look deep in zombies' eyes too. Subsection:Eye colors What colors were shown in the eyes of Zombies until our present day?Blue,yellow,orange and red.I've put them on this order by purpose,just for you to see how they are in some kind of scale.Many people have been theorizing that the eyes show the emotions/intentions of the controllers.My thought is different,and it have some logic:The Zombies eyes show Lucifer's state.So,let's analyze the controllers and their respective colors,ok? Samantha-Yellow:We all know that Sam just kills and pursues because her father asked her to do it before dying.And she's a child,mentally(at least in WaW),even though she know that she's killing,she's doing it for a noble cause in her point of view.And them we have Lucifer,the demon that somehow was in the MPD all the time.Sam wouldn't know how to control everything properly in little time unless she had some help from someone experienced.This one would be Lucifer.What comes to my mind is that they made an agreement:Lucifer telled Sam how to get her revenge quickly(by showing her how to use the MPD with the Die Glocke-"have the ability to show someone events back in time")and in trade she would give him a portion of the power she acquired along the way.This would let Lucifer pacified,but not weak,just stable.That's why we have the yellow color-Lucifer being stable in power can be some kind of peril for humankind already. Richtofen-Blue:Our Doctor was experienced when you talk about MPD,and the voices in his head seems to be of Vril origin(at least before WaW and Black Ops,we'll talk more about this later.).They probably taught Richtofen a lot of things regarding the MPD,energy,Vril-Ya and Vril,etc.So,following this logic,Edward would know about Lucifer,and would probably know how to pacify and weaken the demon.This way,there would be no agreement between them like in Sam's Case,and in consequence Lucifer would have zero control regarding the Aether,being restricted to act only in Hell.In the end,the eyes would be blue because of this situation. Maxis-Orange:I won't say much about him right now.I'll get into that for real in Buried.Although,for now,consider the eyes orange because Maxis would not have total control of the Aether,considering he didn't entered the MPD on the "traditional" way. Lucifer-Blue,yellow,orange and red:All colors specify his power.Blue being very low;yellow being stable;orange being quite high;and red being total power or something like that.You already know clearly about blue and yellow,and now we're going to talk about red.How can it be reached?We have two possiblities on this:either Lucifer must be acting in Hell(like in MOTD)or he must reach full control of the Aether.The last one is very hard to be reached,mostly because Lucifer seems to be imprisoned on the MPD,so he must break this barrier somehow(either by probably gathering a huge amount of energy when there's no proper controller on the MPD,or doing something special) to reach full control and world domination. End subsection Let's get into our map now.Why were the Marines attacked?My best guess is that Lucifer was trying to gather a huge amount of energy to reach full control and torture us all,and just seized the opportunity.The marines would be capable to kill at least one zombie,and only one more zombie killed fueling the MPD even more would already be profit for Lucifer.Not too much left to talk about Nacht right now.The real magic lied within the eyes... _____________________________________________________________________________________ Shi no Numa Let's get straight to the point:is Sam controlling the zombies?I suppose not.Why?Well,I'm just using logic.First,if I was a little girl that just watched her father die in front of her,a little girl that heard horrible words from her father,a little girl that was just trapped inside an ancient Vril device that is a gateway to a place between life and death,I would be pretty shocked and would not react for quite some time.Consequently,whatever was there with me would take control until I "woke up" again.Now that was pretty intense and philosophical lol. Second,if Richtofen which was a genius scientist and doctor does not understand the Aether completely having 20+ more years of experience in it(BO2),what would make me believe that a little traumatized and ignored girl would have full understanding of the Aether in roughly weeks? Also,the map have many references to the devil in it.Mostly by quotes.Below there's just a tiny sample,if you want more,go to Tac's Story Quotes Scripting: "Is this all the Devil got to throw at us?" "Back to hell with you!" !The Devil's Dogs...Heh,no match for the U.S. Marines." -Lispector,Tank. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Der Riese Well,how do I begin? Der Riese seems to be in the Aether.Strange,eh?I know.I' ve taught that to myself for two days or so.But let me explain:our dear Die Glocke plays a huge role in this.It supposedly can teleport things.And I'm sure a powerful artifact like the Die Glocke would not have weak capabilities for teleportation.My bet here is in it teleporting entire places,from a dimension to another,for a planet to another(a huge example could be Shangri-La.Although something failed there,who can say that the Vril-Ya didn't use the Die Glocke to try to teleport Shangri-La to Mars?).Der Riese have evidences of it.The sky and the clocks.I don't have proper images of those two specific elements on the map for you guys to analyze,but if anyone have,please let me know.It can be helpful. So coming back to the sky and the clocks,let's see the sky first.It looks messed up.I've searched for lunar eclipses that were visible from Germany in 1945-1946 and didn't find nothing,so it would be a little error if 3ARC put it there just for nothing,no?Also,it have a purple "aura" in some areas(or maybe I'm just colorblind lol).The clocks advances 15 seconds in less than 15 seconds and then comes back to its original point.It remembered me that time does not work in Earth like this,obviously,so that's more proof about it being in Aether. But now,you may be asking yourself why the Aether?And how the Aether?Well,respectively,let me answer these.The place where the Controller have more power must be,if we follow logic,the Aether.In this map,Sam is present,but this does not erase the devil's presence in Der Riese.The references to Lucifer continue in this map,and I believe Sam takes full control only after you play "hide-and-seek" with her.But why am I talking about the Devil?Simply because if we follow the possibility that he would be in full control of the map,then someone could think it is in Hell.Just a friendly reminder that only dead people have "access" to Hell.And again,how the Aether?We already know that the Die Glocke can teleport things through space-time,and we learned by seeing the Gersch Device,that it is a unstable gateway to the Aether,meaning you CAN teleport something to it.You just need to do it right. Now let's think in Der Riese being a cycle,ok?Why would it be a cycle?Well,apparently,one of the voices in Richtofen's head is Lucifer.Edward seems to respect Lucifer considering he call him his "Lord" in SNN,so if the Devil ordered Richtofen to go to Der Riese,why wouldn't the Doctor do it?So when the O4 got there,Lucifer teleported Der Riese to the Aether.Consequently,there was no visible way to escape Der Riese,since in the outside of it there was only empty space.So being stuck there,Lucifer and Sam kill and revive the O4 several time.This way,Lucifer could gather a lot of energy to break his barrier in a considerable little time.That's why the cycle was created.Takeo's quotes indicates a cycle too: "Like a circle,the paths of life meets at both ends." "I think,therefore I was." Lispector,Takeo. Getting back to our little cycle,it must be broken,no?So,someone gets the DG-2 and shoots it while in the teleporter,overcharging it and sending all of them to the "future".I don't think this is really the future.It's just the present.Only thing the DG-2 did was teleport them through dimensions.The cycle was "on" for about 22-23 years.They were teleported to Kino. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Kino der Toten Now,this is a map that adds something more.First,let's look at a Richtofen's quote from Shangri-La that for me explains Edward's situation in Black Ops 1: "One for each voice in my head.Haha."-Upon getting a dual wield weapon Lispector,Edward Two voices in his head?Ok.This reminds me of Black Ops 2:two opposing entities trying to get someone to do what they want.In Richtofen's case,I think the voices are Lucifer and a Vril-Ya,both trying to "help" the good ol' Doctor.And this makes me want to tell you:Why is Richtofen hearing Lucifer?I don't think the "Faust" poster in Kino is there for nothing,you know?It explains the agreement between Edward and Lucifer.Edward wanted knowledge,and probably offered something valuable to the Devil in trade.The difference here is that Richtofen won't be eternally doomed.After escaping Der Riese's cycle,he might have realized something quite like:"I don't need Lucifer.I was able to time-travel all on my own".Richtofen's betraying results in Lucifer trying to convince Edward to do what he wants again,but at the same time,the Devil ain't satisfied,and keeps screaming and talking bad things in Ed's head.Here goes another quote,from Ascension this time: "Usually the voices sound so angry..." (I won't do the same joke two times with one character) So,the other voice "slot" is occupied by a misterious Vril-Ya figure.It convinces Richtofen to help it.The Vril Plan was probably to put Richtofen in control of the zombies,so his greed for power and personal fun would ruin our society,and then,they would just conquer our territory,as they were needing more.I think dealing with zombies would be pretty easy to a advanced civilization with magical-like powers. So in this map,Richtofen decides which way to take.He decides to help the Vril-Ya people and get in control.He moves to Ascension,if it was purposeful or not,I don't know.Other than that,I should just say that Sam is more mature now,it's visible. (Also,I suppose this map is set in our planet.Not in the Aether as Der Riese) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Ascension Jumping straight to the end of the Easter Egg,what do we have?Gersch free from the Aether.It caused what?A multi-dimensional rift,no?So,I can get some things out of that:First,the Devil was apparently dorment,waiting its defeat or planning something more.Otherwise,Gersch should have had contact with it.Second,let's look at the Shangri-La Loading Screen: (Sorry,I couldn't find a better image.For you to see it on full size,open it in a new tab.) Well,I don't know if I mentioned but,the Vril-Ya guy had a Plan B,and for some reason I think it can only work with multi-dimensional rifts being somewhere in the space-time.And Gersch's escape created one.For me this loading screen functions by being symbolic.We see Shangri-La vanishing,but what does that mean?A lot,really.I suppose the Plan B of the Vril-Ya was to place Agharta within a multi-dimensional rift,so it wouldn't get affected by any damage Earth could suffer in the future(anybody remembered the missiles?).This can explain two things too:Why Maxis have to UNLOCK Agharta,and why Richtofen was directioned to Ascension.That's it for this map,because Gersch(the person)doesn't matter at all in the context I'm typing out here. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Call of the Dead Straight to the point again;COTD is another cycle.This time,It isn't Sam or the Devil causing the cycle,but some Vril-Ya him/herself.Why can this be even plausible?Well,I don't think four actors would survive Zombies and at the same time help a stranger in doing some strange and complicated quests on the first try.The Vril-Ya were using the Die Glocke to generate a cycle that would help Richtofen.Sam,in turn,was using somekind of supernatural power to change the weather fast too.I just don't know what was it.That's it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Moon As Shangri-La itself don't add to much for my context,I'm jumping to Moon.So what happens here?Richtofen takes control of the zombies and Maxis blow up the Earth;nobody knows what happens to the O4(yet.).Remember when I said the Vril-Ya would be protected from damage on the Earth if they placed Agharta in a multi-dimensional rift?Yeah,that's why the Earth can be shit in BO2,and Agharta is fine...Nothing more to add here.Class dismissed(until you look below). _____________________________________________________________________________________ Mob of the Dead Tranzit and Die Rise doesn't add too much to our context,so let's take a trip to Alcatraz.Shall we?Fine. Let's go to the ending of the Easter Egg again:MOTD is in Hell,and when the Weasel breaks the cycle with Brutus' help,he's probably able to simply and safely walk away.From.Hell.God,what would that cause?That's right,another multi-dimensional rift probably,but this one will help Lucifer on his endeavor initiated in Buried.He will break free,but only with a condition.And then,only then,you'll understand why I call this thread "The Real Apocalypse". Also,just to finish it,I think that the Samantha's Lullaby EE shows us that the M4's torture in Hell could've been one of the events he showed to Sam.And she learned faster with these.For real. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Buried Straight to the end of the Easter Egg again. First,Richtofen.He gains full control of the Aether and the Earth is his own personal plaything now.The N4 dies.The world will be healed but will be doomed soon enough too.It's just too boring,and it wasn't supposed to happen.It's non-canon.What must happen here is the End of Times,Apocalypse or whatever.And if Richtofen acquires "god status" this will never happen.Then,we have cycles.I think that time just keeps reseting to Green Run when Richtofen gets in control,and it will only advance when Maxis reachs his goals. Now,Maxis.He can FINALLY REACH AGHARTA!(In his own worlds).What does that mean?Well,he will have to open some kind of rift,probably multi-dimensional too."Embrace the Trinity and true power will be yours".Three multi-dimensional rifts are open.True power may equals reaching Agharta,no?At leats in Maxis point of view.The eyes are orange,guys.Orange.Lucifer doesn't have full control,but he can act now.He can use the trinity of multi-dimensional rifts to break free and take Maxis' control.Let's consider who can use it first,or more efficiently,ok?I bet my money on a demon that probably have millions of years over a genius mortal doctor.What about you? People,The Devil will break free.And only then,we'll need heroes,and hope.People in Earth will pray for their lives.This will be the final battle. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Ok,so for you that read it all,thank you SO MUCH.If you saw any holes in the theory,wants to support it,criticize it or anything else,I'll be pleased too.It took a lot of work,even being far-fetched.I just hope you enjoyed this long read. Also,as Origins doesn't seems to be a reboot nor end,the end of this theory might be confirmed in the Next Zombies Game. Again,thank you SO MUCH.
  12. ive been saying this since the letters came to surface...but i hope this isnt an alternate universe. Same here.An alternate universe would be boring for DLC 4.
  13. If that's the case,glad to speak with you in english lol. Anyway,it became a little less unlikely now.There's that guy in the Facebook Community that is apparently leaking information,and he's saying that the map does not take place when we think it is.Considering that what he said before the trailer had been confirmed when the trailer came out,so this must be an alternate timeline,a past-present situation or whatnot. Although,it appears to me that Maxis has the same powers Richtofen have in the Buried's Engame.And considering his understanding about ethereal energy is greater than Richtofen's,things could be easier for him.So... Aliás bem-vindo.Bem que tu falou que postava pouco aqui.
  14. Emanuel?Don't I know you from somewhere? Regardless,I think it's a little unlikely.Maybe Maxis use a robot?Yes,maybe.But why use a robot when you can just jump over from human body to human body,and why use a robot when you can unlock Agharta?It isn't clear for me why he would use a robot,but anyway,the idea was fine.
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