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  1. Cool!I'll be looking forward to it...
  2. I saw their video now.It's pretty similar.You have a point. Although,I just throwed out there plausible ideas.The idea about the Wonder Weapon came from a friend,and I just added the thing with the artifacts.The rest is all mine lol. Don't worry though.I'm a creative person in various points.I even have some map ideas but I'm too lazy to write them down in english.Portuguese is easier ;)
  3. Then...I'll get to work. I'll PM you later with some concepts I've been working on for quite some time,Rift.Ok?
  4. Well,guys.I'm back.What you're making up here is pretty interesting. If you decide to do it,I'll help.I'm pretty good in storytelling and I'm learning how to mod WaW decently,so if you need someone,just call.
  5. Wow.Congrats. I hope I get there someday lol.
  6. Thanks for the kind words,guys.I appreciate it @Ourobos &Jeager:Well,you two have a point.The robot may be just an obstacle.But it would be cool to kill it.Maybe there's some way to only defeat him instead with some kind of "Giant EMP" lol.
  7. Hello,Marko here bringing you another thread(No,really?).This time,I'll try to express my ideas of how I think the map might be,and the things it might have.It will be a "big" read,but I'm almost sure it will worth your time.Anyway,let's not waste any more words... Map What I'll talk about here is simple.Very simple.We all know "Origins" is the Game Mode,right?So,what I'm thinking right now,is that the map will be called Le Tombeau.You know,almost everyone talked about the map being it(including the infamous PTG),and it makes sense now.The ancient ruins they're going to give us mi
  8. Wait,what did you mean exactly?You would "work" on Zombies if you had a team to do so?
  9. I feel like there's a bullet crossing my heart right now...Give me a sec :? Lol... well they are. Just gotta avoid the gas. No,they aren't.And for a single reason:I can't see 'em,and when I see it's already too late;BO1's Aim Assist makes a mess with my FOV and...BOOM!I'm dead :roll:
  10. I feel like there's a bullet crossing my heart right now...Give me a sec :?
  11. Never played a lot of FIVE.BTW I just don't like 'em at all.They should never have existed in my opinion.When Ascension came out without these bastards I was just so freaking happy you can't even imagine.They ALWAYS kill me in a way or another.Even in Die Rise(I know they aren't exactly Nova 6 Crawlers,but you know what I mean)...
  12. Yeah.That's considerable too.But,for how much time has the image been there already?I think they could have fixed it,no?
  13. He may have found a connection.There's nothing mentioning Alcatraz in other DLCs(with exception of MOTD). If you want,check it yourself,Rissole: http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/dlc/dlc3-vengeance http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/dlc/dlc1-revolution
  14. Well,maybe Origins is really on an alternate timeline?An alternate timeline in that MOTD could be setled?This would just eliminate any chances of MOTD being in Purgatory/Hell,as crazier as this sounds. God,I think I'm overthinking too much.Never mind.
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