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  1. Just an update that this was resolved: Player 2 in the lobby never picked up the Aetherscope after building it so Aether Portals weren't spawning in-game
  2. We HAVE to get a Peru map. Between Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines ALONE there's so much potential for a supernatural experience with a Peru map, not even getting into the Dark Aether side of the map! As soon as Alice started talking my head was going in so many directions thinking of what could happen in this kind of map. Nazca Lines being drawn out from ancients who managed to traverse the other side, the land itself being a boss arena against one of the Hulking Summoners as you seal it away. The Dark Aether side showing larger scale remnants of the Aether including those hulking Keepers we
  3. Gonna be real honest, if anyone is complaining about this game being too easy I think they need to drop the Ray Gun Ring of Fire combo and try literally anything other than camping Penthouse or the crashed truck in Pond. Shit goes crazy and despite how much setup is improved by doing various Easter Eggs throughout the map you can still get beaten down senseless VERY easily if you're not on top of everything. And god forbid you bleed out on a high round, good luck surviving without armor when one hit takes 75 damage at least. Fucking elitists talking about this probably went to the highest poss
  4. Potential Spoilers Ahead - READ AT YOUR RISK According to leakers with access to Greyhound, sound files were found of Perk Jingles and Dark Aether Perk Jingles for the following four Perks: Double Tap Mule Kick PhD (Flopper/Slider?) Tombstone While not 100% certain, having Dark Aether Jingles certainly increases those odds, assuming the leaks are legitimate.
  5. I was dreading spending all Thanksgiving weekend doing M79 challenges, so happy they thumped it down
  6. Apparently in the latest patch they fixed some of EE parts that kept "timing out", maybe that fixed the Dark Aether Crystals that don't spawn in? Not sure what else fits the description for that since I've only done it once and had no issues (aside from not getting the calling card which isn't a big deal since it's an easy EE).
  7. There's definitely a Russian accent to the voice, the big tinfoil hat theory I've heard and definitely tried solidifying myself is that Nikolai survived being shot at the end of Tag and is the controller now, after being corrupted by the Dark Aether in an ironic twist.
  8. Going to be completely honest, wasn't expecting to see them drop a matching Onslaught map for Nuketown right off the bat! (But that also sets the bar for releasing matching Onslaught maps with any new MP map releases.) There doesn't appear to be any new Intels added with this map, but there are some Blueprints that can be earned for the Type 63 and QBZ-83 according to @Dizzie Bonkers (I've only been able to play it once and mainly used it to get the M79 multikill so you can see how that would fare against the Megaton.) Hopefully they keep that trend instead of exclusive intel, at least Bluepri
  9. Quick update for the thread in general: The M79 and Launcher Brushstroke Camos were significantly nerfed yesterday, now only requiring 50 instead of 750 total instances. If you had more than that before the update, you won't get the camos until you kill 5+ zombies with one shot again so that the game registers the challenges completed in-game! Hopefully the grind is less painful now for everyone with this update!
  10. After playing for a bit and having time to think it over, I think that Aetherium is the remnants of 115 that still exist but without a connection to a now-unraveled Aether. Granted, we will still see an abundance of it as in the grand scheme of things we are dealing with a fraction of the former multiverse and Aether which were entangled in each other, the Aether no longer exists as a plane now that the "string [holding the Aether together] has been pulled" and breaks down the final pieces of itself within the Dark Aether. In short, we are playing with 115 again but without the Aethereal conne
  11. Fucking nailed it! Although I suggest staying later in the game if possible; personally I don't mind losing out on some Level/Weapon XP if it means getting more progress for the camos done especially when the gun should be reaching its peak effectiveness by then (finally getting those final upgrades), but to each their own when it comes to comfort zones. I've gotten the Knife gold within a day or two of launch, and been trying to focus on the M79 since then. Everything is done except for THOSE camos, which I'm almost a third of the way through. Thankfully I hear this is the only challenge set
  12. Apparently if you go into Dark Aether there's a spectral monkey where the toy one fell off the horse that can be sucked up with the D.I.E. which makes the wall glow yellow after. Apparently there's a bunch of them, here's a list found from u/Blaze_of_Fury9 on Reddit from this post: Nobody seems to have figured out what the monkeys do, but with so many of them and ones hidden with small interactable things like the horse I'm sure there's more like it. I'd bet the teddy bear on the couch in Nacht would be one too, if that hasn't already been tried.
  13. That's an interesting take on it, but as it happens violet and green stars aren't possible due to scientific mechanics beyond my brainpower. The concept can still fit, but the better theory would be that all 115 comes from the one Apothicon Star in the Dark Aether in it's most potent form and decays over spacetime
  14. Weaver actually reminds me of @NaBrZHunter; very knowledgeable and a familiar tone (and sound weirdly enough) of voice while discussing with the others. It's actually very hard to not smile listening to the conversations despite how serious they are at times. Carver seems to have done some less-than-generous work before - "And yes, I am that Major Carver. Most likely, all the stories you've heard are true. But that is in the past." I'm very interested in learning more on that, and he's entertaining while keeping the serious mood. I unironically simp over Doctor Grey, it
  15. Aside from the far reach of the Apothicon Sun it was more of a bridge between the two in similarities of energy conversion and decay more than a direct comparison
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