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  1. Paying my respects to Ray Liotta, who passed away earlier today. He apparently passed away peacefully in his sleep, at age 67. I knew him best as Billy Handsome in Mob of the Dead, but I know he was a huge influence across generations of acting. Dude seemed like a genuinely good guy on top of his amazing roles and even better performances. Rest in peace, Ray Liotta. Your afterlife awaits, and I hope it's a good one.
  2. I'll actually be on top of the intel this time (and expectedly for the rest of this game's cycle). This intel only makes Zykov more suspicious in my opinion, but I'm excited to see where we end up from here. S5R Time! They have a good record of making some of my favorite MP maps from the Black Ops series into Onslaught maps! (If you're reading this, can we get Hazard next? The mechanics of Onslaught would be fantastic for the map, and I'd love to revisit the map with the new movement system!) Requiem (6/6) Documents (6/6) "The Devil's Mountain" - ECHELON - After an encounter with a strange subterranean signal, an NSA Analyst at Field Station Berlin sends a request to Central that's well above his clearance level. "A Lovely Addition" - ECHELON - As a dimensional breach occurs at Field Station Berlin, Analyst Jaworski leaves a field report for Requiem. "Echelon Breach Report" - ECHELON - Requiem Agent Meyer sends Weaver a summary report about the dimensional breach at Teufelsberg Listening Station. "Dear Dad" - DRIVE-IN - Daniel writes his father a letter about the state of Dimitar's Scrap Yard. "The Beasts from Beyond Below" - DRIVE-IN - A work crew movie night goes awry when uninvited guests crash the party. "Movie Night Flyer" - DRIVE-IN - An invitation to the event that was in progress when the dimensional breach occurred. Omega (0/0) Documents (0) "Placeholder" - PLACEHOLDER - "Placeholder" - PLACEHOLDER - "Placeholder" - PLACEHOLDER -
  3. I know, I know. But nobody bothered to tell me that when I originally tried posting this at the start of Season 4, it didn't actually post the topic. That mixed with a lot of life interventions leads me back to realizing I missed posting more than I anticipated in the first place, so yeah. Anyways, enjoy reading dialogue featuring "Agent Peck's In" (which HAS to be a wild typo for Krupin, right? otherwise the dialogue doesn't make any sense) and "Dr. Peck" in the same conversation and not getting confused. Requiem (3/3) Documents (3/3) "Comet-Cannibals" - RUSH - A paintballer chronicles his team's battle against the zombies overrunning the Spolee Field paintball facility. "Game Plan" - RUSH {Title of my MP strat} - A customer map of Spolee Field, annotated with the paintball team's battle plan. "Done and Dusted" - RUSH - Weaver sends a memo to Requiem's Director protesting the Director's resolution to the Outbreak at the Georgia paintball facility. Omega (3/3) Documents (3) "Algeria Aid Request" - COLLATERAL - An old Army buddy asks Gorev for help when a remote Algerian oil facility is caught in an outbreak. "Krupin Field Report" - COLLATERAL - Trapped in a desert facility overrun by the undead, KGB agent Krupin had an encounter with a bizarrely familiar apparition. "After-Action: Algeria" - COLLATERAL - Gorev reports his findings in the Algerian desert to Kravchenko, raising disturbing new possibilities.
  4. Standoff Intel is added (right on time, as always). There were a few times Kyrgyzstan was misspelled as Krgyzstan, funnily enough.
  6. I AM THE WELL!!! And for runner up, Abracadavre! Two songs well deserving of their ranks, Clark and nostalgia biases aside. It's been a fun trip getting to this point.
  7. I like to think it's the Light from the Shore, growing ever dimmer as reality begins to fade away, until all that is left is the empty echoes of a time now passed.
  8. 1. I Am The Well. As amazing as Abracadavre is (I swear I'm not letting the defeat of The Gift influence this decision), there's no contest in my mind. I Am The Well is the lyrical version of Light from the Shore - the characters have to face the harder truths encompassing the whole timeline as opposed to LftS which is about reminiscing the good from it all (for us, the players). The Well (Knowledge) only flows one way, and we know full well the way down. 2. Shockwave. This was actually a LOT harder than I thought it would be. The nostalgia of 115 is amazing but Elena goes all out in this, only topped by Abracadavre and The Gift and even the former is debatable. "I'll be the tragedy I stage your life on / You're turning pages that you're meant to wait on" is such a powerful set of lines both lyrically and canonically that nothing in 115 can hold a candle to.
  9. We literally cannot progress with both matchups tied, that's insane
  10. 1. I Am The Well. Alone is great, but I Am The Well is one of the peak songs of Zombies between tone, lyrics, and relevance. 2. The Gift. Abracadavre is a top song that could only get knocked out by I Am The Well or The Gift. ...next week is going to suck. 3. The One. Nostalgia be Damned, The One is better and I'll die on that hill. 4. Shockwave. Mystery can't hold a candle in comparison.
  11. 1: Alone. Never was the biggest fan of Dead Flowers musically but the lyrics are nice from lore perspective at least. Alone is just a banger through and through. 2: I Am The Well. Carrion is good but I Am The Well is Clark's peak. 3: The Gift. Nothing to add. 4: Abracadavre. This was a REALLY hard one, because both are top contenders for different reasons but Abracadavre has some of the most powerful lyrics in all the Zombies songs while defining itself, while A Light from the Shore is a tribute to everything that precedes it. 5: 115. Sorry Ace of Spades, but you never really stood a chance from here on out. At least you went out against one of the most iconic songs in Zombies. 6: The One. Archangel's redeeming qualities are insane drumming (which is also detrimental at points) and the choir IMO. The One gives a Zombie's perspective in a unique way that I'd praise in Carrion as well if it wasn't again I Am The Well. 7: Mystery. Meh, not a big fan of either song really so could go either way. 8: Shockwave. I love Stormbound as well but Shockwave is definitely some of Elena and Kevin's best.
  12. The even-more sinister undertone of Tranzit that's overlooked due to the fog covering every corner of the map. The only extent we see of "more than meets the eye" to the casual player is the underground lab in the Power Plant and the Pack-a-Punch lab in the Bank Vault. There's so much more that was never truly explored, merely left to interpretation and some post-humous lore about Broken Arrow in general that also avoids the Green Run / Hanford Site situation specifically. If Tranzit was made with even half of what was planned, how would that all have translated to the map we know now?
  13. Welp, Season 2 delivered far less intel than I anticipated! And now of course intel starts to get more interesting and the gameplay becomes more enjoyable, I swear I'm a talking monkey's paw! Anyways, here's to more intel this season and as always, all intel drops are exclusively dropped from Elites/Specials in Onslaught. Update: Wow I completely dropped the ball on this, not that there was much to add in terms of quantity. Everything should be added now for Standoff Intel, sorry for the delays. Requiem (?/?) Documents (0/?) "PLACEHOLDER" - PLACEHOLDER - Omega (6/6) Documents (6) "Exclusion Zone" - YAMANTAU - A distress call from Soviet hazmat troops at Mt. Yamantau is forwarded to Omega Group as a suspected dimensional breach. "Field Promotion" - YAMANTAU - A hazmat soldier writes in his journal about the outbreak at Mt. Yamantau, the arrival of the vaunted Omega Group, and his observations of their tactical leader, Gorev. "Yamantau Breach Report" - YAMANTAU - Gorev files an after-action report on the localized outbreak at Mt. Yamantau, and offers a plan for what to do with the Soviet hamzat troops who witnessed it all. "Eyes Only: Valentina" - STANDOFF - A secret communique from Kyrgyzstan alerts Valentina about a rare opportunity at an isolated dimensional breach. "3 Surprises" - STANDOFF - Krgyz [Kyrgyz] agent Gulnaz Azkarov writes in her journal about Valentina's unexpected response to the orb-like phenomenon. "Krgyzstan [Kyrgyzstan] Breach Report" - STANDOFF - Valentina submits the official version of her visit to Kyrgyzstan and the events that unfolded when she and Agent Azkarov braved the horrors of the outbreak.
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