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  1. Don't have anything good for recording/streaming, if blops1/2 high rounds survive this next year I'll definitely be purchasing a streamable computer.
  2. As one of the few high round people here (Dahniska included), I have my share. This most recent shang game I did to round 124, my 1st down on 91 was due to a glitched shrieker spawning in a tradeout to the box.
  3. Well, all high round players know that at round 163, the zombie health caps and resets to 150 hp *strokes imaginary beard*
  4. past 30, 9 seconds. You kill in the box room, then reverse your path. Group in spawn, jump into the corner, wait 9 seconds, repeat.
  5. tbh the sneaky strat is better, with cz's as a speedgun I got to the help room after 98 before the framelag kicked back in constantly.
  6. Yeah I know. I managed framelag other times with claymores but this was <20 fps with no claymore.
  7. Sorry lead, my pos elgato broke down before the game started
  8. until the mid-90s, not opening the help door.
  9. zone within a zone- you're not quite triggering spawns in the zone next to you, while the spawns will only be around you. Yes, this can be a co-op strat.
  10. Lol... xD the xbl party I was in said the exact same thing once I told them that I died
  11. Thanks. I died on 102 due to a doublehit while the framelag set back in. 136 (WR) would have been 80 more gameplay hours.
  12. Table of Contents A. Intro B. Low rounds C. High rounds, aka "zone within a zone' D. Trading in at the box E. Framelag Hello people of CoDz. Awful Lawton here, and I'm back to provide a guide to 100+ Nacht. Why, you may ask? My profile picture explains it. I have accomplished my one dream in zombies nowadays: a 100+ nacht game. Trust me, this map is a doozy, but with the technique of 'zone within a zone', you will rarely be hit past 30. Low Rounds In rounds 1 to 3, stab all zombies, using your pistol ammo when necessary. On round 4, buy the m1 carbine, and go for headshots
  13. Favorite Map: CotD Weapon: thundergun Highest solo:182 tgun only ascension reset Co-op: 110 Ascension flawless 100 DC NML 319 Closest game to WR: 176 Moon (no footage, really regret this. I would be 2nd in the world) Worst Framerate lag: 77 cotd 20 frames/ 182 ascension 11 frames Most Kills 165118 Moon 137415 Ascension Cause of Death: A reset screen after 75 hours KappaFace
  14. Shangri-la is getting raped right now. The 3rd 163+ game on a map where everyone gspawned in the past

  15. Quickly gentlemen, we must reassimilate him to the zombie community, and.... bring him a beer *winning*
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