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  1. Except this is testable. My only stipulation would be that if someone does test this they should buy a wall gun in between each roll, otherwise it slants the odds. Which brings up the issue with monkey bombs and time bombs. To which I would say you need to have a second player or controller to also be hitting the box and when they get time bombs you stop hitting the box with that player/controller so that when the first player gets monkeys tacticals will not be showing up in the rotation.
  2. I think his point is more that everyone was like "WTF how is that Samantha" in the origins trailer, when in fact it sound very much like her voice throughout WaW and BO
  3. I don't think you know what an easter egg is.
  4. Steam is nice and clean, as a result it has lighter connotations. Think Wild Wild West with Will Smith. Whereas Diesel is dirtier and grittier, leading to a darker feeling. Think BioShock. Obviously it's not true in all cases as there are grittier and darker steampunk.
  5. That's exactly why I get my perks early. So that I don't need concentration, haha. Also, if you try too hard to get good weapons then you can get screwed with War Machine pulls. There really is no perfect answer because you obviously want a good mix, but as far as the original question: 4 perks you want or 2 guns you want with 1 PaP'd, I would have to go with perks, simply because I can survive with a wall weapon, whereas you almost need certain perks.
  6. Because they were making it up as they went they never expected this to be this big. There is no master plan. The story is changing all the time.
  7. When I first started playing Zombies on Black Ops, my friends and I always had our goal set on 30+. Suddenly a switch flipped and I was able to break 30 without an issue, but because of my original goal, I've always considered 30+ to be when the high rounds begin. On top of that, when my friends ask if I want to play I'll say I'm not in the mood for "high rounds" which is also around 30 because by the time you get there you are a couple hours invested into the game.
  8. And that's the problem with the current voting method. Say there are 20 people, 8 think the Ray Gun mkII is the best and 12 think it is the worst. So 8 people vote for it and the other 12 people vote for the Sliquifier, An-94, and Paralyzer in equal parts. They have for votes a piece, despite the fact that more people dislike it.
  9. End Game is a common phrase through out various games. Such as Chess or Checkers. It refers to the instance after the Opening and Middlegames where you are getting set up. In chess-like games it is referred to as being the time when "there are few pieces left on the board." This can translate into Zombies in that the opening is the first few rounds. Get a gun, get Jug. This is the time in which you are very careful as to how you go about getting your points. Shoot x number of times and knife, buy this door, but not that one, get the power on, etc. You aren't camping and you aren't training, and at this point the game is quite slow in action, but everything is done when it needs to be without too much thought after you've been through it a dozen times or so. The Middlegame of zombies is when you are no longer m1911 ing the zombies and knifing them. You aren't so much worried about points, but you are quite set up yet. You might have a good wall weapon, and you're still hitting the box. This is when you buy your perks and packa-punch. This point of the game determines how the rest of the match is going to play out, and is also the point where you can get caught off gaurd and be put at a huge disadvantage. Finally, the endgame is when you have all of your perks, you have the weapons that you want. Everything has slowed down. Your moves are exactly planned out and there are few enough pieces on the board that allows you to calculate all of the possibilities. The only way you can lose now is if you make a mental mistake. So it's not so much reference the literal end of the game, but a particular stage in the game.
  10. Have you ever head of a forum game known as hurt and heal? Baiscally, you have a big list, everything has 10 life points. Voters can hurt 2 (1 point from two weapons or 2 points from one weapon) and heal 1. You can then rank the guns based on the order they go out. Granted this makes it more of a popularity contest, but ultimately that's what it will end up being. Obviously, vote frequency can be adjusted to whatever frequency you would like, however I feel a vote every 4 hours or so is a good frequency. Another option, to speed up the early rounds is to say allow people 6 hurts while over 50 remain 5 while over 40, 4 while over 30 and so on.
  11. It seems as though it has nothing to do with Max Ammo. I've seen the following situations: 1. Received after "buying" ammo with full ammo 2. Received after buying ammo with no ammo. 3. Received upon first purchase of the weapon. I attempted grinding it by withdrawing 20k and bouncing back and forth between the m14 and olympia. The problem is, until recently I have never played TranZit or Die Rise on my current account. I believe that there is a prerequisite number of purchases of the olympia and perhaps it can be the only gun purchased off of the wall for a number of purchases. For comparison the "Cash-Back" perk requires you to prone in front of perk machines approximately 10 times, however there is a prerequisite of somewhere near 100 perks purchased with the TranZit crew (Survival, Grief, MotD don't count) I'm thinking maybe 100 olympia purchases followed by 10 or so purchases of gun/ammo in a row. I think purchasing ammo does have some effect because in the video you see that he purchased ammo once and didn't get the ray gun, however in another instance I witnessed a player obtaining it when out of ammo. Which implies to me that the Ray-Gun purchase overrides the olympia ammo meaning that when the guy purchased ammo in the original video it counted towards his purchase. Basically, we need to keep grinding.
  12. That water map actually ties into a theory that I had about what Die Rise was going to be. My bet was on Peshawar Pakistan; the same location as the multiplayer map overflow. The original idea for overflow was to have the streets of the map flooded but they abandoned the idea because of the need for grounded killstreaks (agr, rc-xd). My theory is that they would bring back the idea for a zombies map. Who knows, maybe you find a rift and get teleported back in time to that map. It would be awfully anti-climactic however so I don't think they will do that.
  13. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I don't want to be that guy, but fyi "would of" is nothing. It should be would have or would've. It's one of those instances of typing what you say, lol. As for the AN turning into the Galil, I prefer it. I like the Galil and then you can buy the AN off of the wall and run with both. Mule kick the sliquifier if you roll that way. (I presonally go with the PDW off of the wall) Then you're set without ever hitting the box.
  14. Now I think it's time we start looking into some information about Sarah Faraday and see if we can't find some clues. Raw Data: Born: 7 January 1800 Died: 6 January 1879 Age upon death: 78 Age Today : 213 Date Married: 12 June 1821 Location of Death : Barnsbury Villa, 320 Liverpool Road, N. Location of Burial: The Sandemanian plot in Highgate Cemetery, London
  15. If you have a second controller you can join it in under a second account and ready up with it, then when the countdown hits one back out. The odds of picking up a random are slim to none. This is also possible to do with two people as well.
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