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  1. clearly you don't read the threads you post in.
  2. It doesn't fit in the slightest, and I love how they say it all nonchalantly like it ain't know big deal. I won't buy it until they say how it's done.
  3. Okay, let's get this out of the way. There are two things you need to solve this cypher. Yes, the keyword is one of them, but you only have 6! combinations (assuming we are seeing one step before the final step of rewriting it once more) which is 720 combination. These 720 combinations would cover any possible word you could think of, and here is why. The keyword is used only to be put into alphabetical order. (Example: POWERS becomes EOPRSW) This means that several words could give the same result as another word. (Example: WARDEN would become ADENRW, this would give the same result as if the code-word were just FAEBCD) We can further deduce that the last two rows are in fact the first two letters of code-word since they have more letters in them (example: ZOMBIE becomes BEIOMZ) however, as we learned above that word would be the same as a similarly alphabetized word (Example ZOMBIE is the same as FEACB) Using this assumption we can reduce the number of possibilities to 2! + 4! because we know there are only 2 possibilities for each of the first two positions and then there are 4 possibilities for each of the remaining 4 positions. This gives us 26 different "words" that could be used as key words. If the keyword was the only thing we needed then this could be solved in minutes by a person. Let alone by a computer. However, even if the codeword was ZOMBIES using it in the decoding method of an ADFGX cypher would yield XF FF FF DG FF FG GA GG FG FA FX DD FF DG GD AX GD FG GF GG FF GX FF GF FD FF FF FX FA DX AX GG GX FF As you can tell that's not solved. However, each letter pair represents a single letter, that's where the final decoding happens and where the cypher gets it's name _|A|D|F|G|X| A|A|B|C|D|E| D|F|G|H|I|K| F|L|M|N|O|P| G|Q|R|S|T|U| X|V|W|X|Y|Z| That looks a little complicated but the way it goes is the first letter is XD so you find X down and F across. That letter would be X, if you continue to do this with all of the letters you will get XNNINOQTOLPGNIREROSTNUNSMNNPLKETUN. Now as you can tell that doesn't look solved either. So what gives? The answer lies in the second level of encryption. X down and F across doesn't always have to be X. It can be any one of 25 letters (J is excluded and I is used for both J and I) What this means is that there are 25 letters possible for the first spot and 24 for the second (because you can't have repeating letters) and 23 for the third. If you continue this method you have 25! different possible 5x5 squares. That number is 15,511,210,043,330,985,984,000,000, or 15 septillion (or quadrillion in long scale for you Brits) and that's what makes this cipher so hard to crack. If it were merely guessing the right word we would have been done long ago. This is of course assuming we are using an ADFGX and not an ADFGVX (which we assume because there are no V's but it doesn't make it impossible) this would give us a 6x6 grid and give us 3.7x10^41 or 37 tredecillion (or septillion in long scale) possible combinations. So until you figure out this grid then we are a far cry from solving this thing. Alternatively, if you know for sure that you have the correct keyword you can solve it down into any 5x5 square and solve it cryptoquip style. For example: THE KING OF TOAST IS AWESOME would become (on my own random square) it would become AGFFFXXFFDDXGAFFXDDGFXXGXXADXFFDDFXXFFAFAAXXFD. Now if I told you the keyword was ZOMBIE and you take that encryption and decode it with the square I have above (ABCDE...) it would become CVNMTWBXGCXKZCTZKLNZXHN You then basically guess which letters become which other letters, if I space it out it becomes apparent that C=T V=H N=E and so on: CVN MTWB XG CXKZC TZ KLNZXHN THE KING OF TOAST IS AWESOME However in the case of this cypher we do not know where the space belong, thus making this a very difficult nut to crack.
  4. The biggest problem us that you are using the ADFGVX cipher when you should be using a ADFGX
  5. This is true, however I believe that the 6 columns was a hint by treyarch.
  6. I've got a method and theory, and I want to know what you think of it. The Keyword is irrelevant. The gave us our clue on how to solve it by leaving out null letters to even out the columns, therefore we can conclude that they the last two columns should in fact be the first two (with 2 combinations). That leaves us with the remaining 4. This can be arranged in 4! possible ways. (24 combinations) Combine that with the two and we have a possible 48 combinations for this code. After converting into columns we can use any polybius square (mine is just a-z plain and simple) to convert it into letters. We can then use generic decryption methods (like the ones grandmas use when solving the crptoquote in the newspaper. Unfortunately we won't have the benefit of spacing. The only problem with this is that only 1 solution will work and 47 will not that will leave us a lot of time looking for something when there is nothing to be seen. For example I reorder the original columns from 123456 to 561234 giving me: GDFFGX GFGFFA GFGGDD FFFFXX FGFDGF FGFDGF FFFDGG AAFGFG DXFXFX GFXFXD FFFAGG AF Using my generic polybius square I got rnu ssl tgn nzo mso msn mta ook pps xwn ltc I did my best to decrypt it from here and all I can get is "to seen chood prepre or cappille buoncy" or "nsfee boys sp the the shout tilled as bor" So I don't think this is the one, but I am determined to keep trying.
  7. It should count as a down and a death, basically. I think as it stands it doesn't count as a death. I also think that it should count as they only got to that round on that game and not throw that game as a non-play, because I believe the system bases your record on your most recent games (allowing people to actually get better if they started off very poorly) So if you quit on round 3 it should count as going down and dying on round 3 in solo.
  8. It is not a clock but the Population board which counts down as you kill zombies. It may also not be 19:49pm. I think it is actually 07:49am as i think the sun is out. There is also another clock in the "Ticket Booth" (next to the Turbine workbench") that has the time '05:11 or 17:11' What to make of all this? Last I checked, during a large portion of the year the sun is still out at 7:49 pm. Factor in the fact that when you walk out of the bus depot I am fairly confident you are facing south, and the sun is to the right, or west. The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west, meaning, to me, that the sun is in fact setting and that it is 7:49 pm. To add to this, people kept using the two bus routes on the map as "evidence" of a B bus. My problem with that is that I believe we are already riding the B bus. If it were 7:49 am then why would we be getting on a bus that shouldn't be scheduled until 9:15. It's far more likely that the bus is 10 minutes early than it is for it to be 1+hours early. Quick edit: Also, the time it would take to get from Nuketown to Green Run (Or Sedan Crater to Hanford Site, Benton, WA) is between 15 and 17 hours at highway speeds (55mph/90kph) and buses rarely are capable of travelling over 80mph/130kph. That would reduce the time to a low of about 13 hours. I don't know what all of this information means, necessarily, but I figure I should put it out there so we can discuss it.
  9. TheKingOfToast


    Although the days aren't 1 off like Avagadro and Tesla, that Bill Moggridge guy was born only months after Tesla died.
  10. Video confirmation here: YtA7n5KYZOQ Get's the perk bottle with 6 perks aaaaand.... nothing
  11. I just want to start by saying: Yay, look at my proper forum etiquette of not creating a new thread ^-^. Secondly, I have recent stats of having just obtained the dagger as well as stats of my friends who have daggers. After looking at the stats I cam to the conclusion that the ranking system may not be as broken as we think. Most people say that it will discourage exploring in the later maps because people will be protecting their K/D. However, I believe that the game factors in more of your recent games than anything. My initial thought was "if I was really bad when I started, how could I ever get (ranking wise) 'better'" A bad K/D shouldn't curse you forever and force you to get a new account in order to get a ranking more reflective of your skill. Over the past few games I've been getting more consistent with my high rounds, however due to my excessive playing I was only able to raise my K/Do from 87.5 to 89.9.(K/De @ 135 to 141) Now that doesn't seem like a mile stone to me. However if I factor in the K/Do if the time in between it is 3101 kills, 18 downs and 7 deaths. For a K/Do and K/De of 172 and 443. Now that to me seems like a marked improvement. If you factor in even more of my recent games I believe I may be lower than that but still above a certain milestone (100? 150?) To add to this, I have a friend with a 34 K/Do with a dagger. Stats are here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc ... Dlka19CM1E
  12. I was gonna donate 20 bucks eventually (when i finally get around to setting up paypal), just for the hell of it, but I think I might go 5 now and then 15 when that update comes. It looks sweet.
  13. To give the effect that the Earth was hit by missiles and well you know it's suffering through allot right now. The Earth shakes at random points of the game, it also shakes when you're selecting a game mode/"map". I doubt it has anything to do with the Easter Egg. I just assumed it was to make it a little harder to survive in there. I know that if I were 4 of me, I would have been able to survive with no doors open on kino, simply because I can build barriers and knife at the same time. The same could happen at the depot except when the earth shakes a hole forms in the roof allowing for a 5th entrance. Meaning you can survive there with ease and little spawns until that point, allowing for you to gain points. Also, what happens if you kill all 6 of the round 1 zombies, but don't touch the 4 "round 0" zombies(as i call them)
  14. My theory about the skewed numbers is that they didn't want it to be an actual phone number that people would be calling, yet the first 3 numbers are, in my opinion, very discernible.

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