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  1. Think you've already added me but every time I see you on, you're playing Buried Let's play Search sometime!
  2. Skill cap is honestly relatively low in zombies, simply for the fact that you are playing against AI and not other human players. Because of this, I feel like once you can get to Round 50 on a map, then you can really make it to any round you want if you have the time and patience. So 50+ is my vote.
  3. Looking for teammates to play pubs search and destroy with. It's always kind of aggravating to play on a team of "trickshotters" or ninja defusers lol. PSN: iEatDumbbells 1.9+ K/D, 110 something SPM
  4. See username. Sometimes I stand by the Quick Revive machine a little longer just to hear the full jingle.
  5. This. People who started with Black Ops 1 like that game better, people who started with Black Ops 2 generally like the new-gen zombies game better. Also, a lot of people hating on BO2 are saying that the maps are "too easy to get to a high round". Personally, I just play zombies for fun and rarely go for high rounds, so that doesn't apply for me. I prefer BO2 and give it a rating of 9/10. Pros -HUD and graphics are a huge improvement over BO1 -Normal box weapons are much better than the BO1 guns -Storyline is great, much more detailed -Introduction of persistent upgrades and buildables made the game more exciting -New gamemodes Grief and Turned give us more things to do with zombies -Maps are more exciting in general (only maps I liked in BO1 were CotD and Der Riese) Cons -Absence of a lobby leaderboard -Some of the wonder weapons aren't too impressive (Jet Gun, Paralyzer).
  6. They're not going to bring back Dead Ops Arcade. I can't remember the last time there were 100 people on that playlist. Most of the time, it has under 50 people playing it. Same with Shangri-La, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Nacht. If they bring back any maps, it's going to be the ones that have the most traffic on BO1 (Der Riese, Kino, Ascension, maybe Five?).
  7. Guys, if you haven't realized it by now, treyarch has been designing maps that are tailored for both camping and training. In bo1, it was all about training. There was no good camping spot that could get you to round 40+. In bo2, that's all changed. I think treyarch wanted to make maps that pleased both campers and trainers. Props to them, and another reason why I feel bo2 is superior.
  8. PhD wouldn't ever be added to Die Rise, as it would eliminate that element of verticality. Think about it, instead of waiting for an elevator to come up, you could just dolphin dive into the shaft and land on it without downing. Would be cool to have on TranZit though.
  9. I seriously doubt they will bring remaster the WaW maps AGAIN, that just seems way too redundant. I have a strong feeling they will bring back Kino and/or Ascension though. Probably not CotD because it was a "special map", and if Shang is on Mars and Moon is...well on the Moon, there's no way they'd be able to add that on the world map. The amount of extra coding that would be needed to zoom out to the Moon/Mars would be too much hassle I think.
  10. Der Riese, mainly because of the midround dogs. I don't know why they stopped with that on Black Ops 1. I would have enjoyed Kino a lot more if those Nova Crawlers were replaced by dogs. Mob of the Dead is a very close second.
  11. I'm excited! I was pretty beast at Diner Turned, ended up being top 100 of the leaderboards at one point. I'm just hoping the gun system is better. I didn't like the fact that it took 2+ clips of the M1911 to kill a zombie.
  12. Very interesting find! So Grief really does affect your ranking although those effects are not actually "felt" (for lack of a better word...) until you play a game of Survival. I can't comment how fast you rank up by playing Grief vs. Survival, but I've seen people hit shotguns with 15,000 kills by playing only Solo Farm/Survival. One last note: any custom game will NOT change your rank whatsoever, but the stats do count. I believe that custom games fall under the same category as Grief now.
  13. I will probably HAVE to try this. especially with a buddy. Get a ray gun to help. If you're talking about the camping spot, yeah it's great. I am not sure if you can have more than 1 turret, but if you can, with 4 players you could have 4 turrets back there, which would be ridiculously powerful. The turret mows down zombies so fast even in the 20s. In terms of weapons, I used the PaP'd HAMR and PaP'd Ray Gun. Also make sure you have monkeys because in the mid 20s you will probably find you'll need them to get a reload in. Another camping spot I just thought might be better is sitting in the back of the bus depot room where you find the first bus part. You open the door to the outside with the turbine, and keep the side door closed. Only problem is, I'm not sure if there is a place to put the turbine down without automatically opening the side door. Might have to try this strategy out some time.
  14. Pretty cool, but I just wish he could have accomplished it a month earlier, because it would have been a lot more groundbreaking. If he did, he could have said "I was the first to break round 200 on call of duty zombies". Now, all he can say is "I was the first to break round 200 on Black Ops 1 zombies on console". Still, good accomplishment.
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