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  1. Tried the map three times but got no interest in it yet, it hasn’t hooked me in yet like Die Maschine.
  2. Welcome to CoDZ @armodrillo250
  3. Congratulations @NaBrZHunter you look good in that Red jacket
  4. Managed to get to Round 59 today.
  5. Round 17 but I die from taking silly risks
  6. Got to Round 10 on my first attempt, there is a lot to do on this map.
  7. Mine is currently pre-loading, very excited to play Zombies.
  8. Doesn’t really bother me, I’m a Solo Zombie player now.
  9. I normally play til I get to rounds 30/40 on maps, very rarely do I continue after that.
  10. I’m on Xbox One X and PS4 for BO3 Zombies, but will be going Next Gen for Cold War Zombies, plus the new Fable
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