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  1. Spider

    All BO4 Zombies Prestige Icons (So Far)

    Prestige 7 is nice.
  2. Spider

    Classified Highest round

    First real crack at this map, very challenging 👍
  3. I'm 50/50 atm was worried by the fact they left out Jugg, but it doesn't seemed to need it yet, I do miss Speed Cola as reload times are quite bad when you're getting swamped at the high rounds, I am enjoying the challenge as I feel BO3 Zombies made me a lazy player.
  4. Spider

    Blood of the Dead highest round

    Highest so far, really enjoying the challenge 🖖
  5. Spider

    It's been too long...

    Welcome back
  6. Spider

    Which map will you play first?

    BotD and then Classified, Not sure about the two new maps, I don't like change especially after IW and SHG Zombies.
  7. Spider

    Hello again! I've missed you all

    Welcome back mate
  8. Spider

    Broken Profile Images

    Done boss ;)
  9. You can still have my CoDZ Family for life
  10. Spider


    Welcome to Call of Duty Zombies fellow Slayer, Have fun here
  11. Spider

    Dwellers Are Back + CoDz March Update

    Loving the color, Congrats Zombie Slayers
  12. Spider

    Apologies are due

    I'm always about lurking lol
  13. Spider

    Aim Assist

    Never really thought about it, I don't normally run trains on Zombies so never really needed to, I get bored of Zombies after 30-40 rounds.
  14. Spider


    2018 has to be better than 2017 for Call of Duty Zombies. 1. New Treyarch Call of Duty, Zombies I hope they do a better job than BO3. 2. F1 2018 I'm hoping McLaren with the new engine supplier starts to finish higher up with Red Bull and Force India, Then Hamilton picks up a 5th Drives Championship. 3. More big games come to Nintendo Switch.

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