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  1. Round 17 but I die from taking silly risks
  2. Got to Round 10 on my first attempt, there is a lot to do on this map.
  3. Mine is currently pre-loading, very excited to play Zombies.
  4. Doesn’t really bother me, I’m a Solo Zombie player now.
  5. I normally play til I get to rounds 30/40 on maps, very rarely do I continue after that.
  6. I’m on Xbox One X and PS4 for BO3 Zombies, but will be going Next Gen for Cold War Zombies, plus the new Fable
  7. I didn’t think I would return to Zombies after Black Ops 4, but after the Zombies reveal on Wednesday I’m mega excited for this instalment, I already have Black Ops 3 downloading and ready to play again, I’ll not keep yapping on lol, cya you fellow slayers around the forum.
  8. Welcome to CoDZ, have fun on the forums.
  9. I tried it last Tuesday when it finally dropped for Xbox, haven’t touched it since so that says it all for me, tbh BO4 Zombies has been a massive let down for me personally, I’m hoping the next DLC changes it as I don’t want to give up on Zombies altogether.
  10. I can’t wait for this map ?
  11. Great write up Lenne. I’m very excited for this as Modern Warfare has always been my favourite Call of Duty Game for the Campaign and MP, obviously Treyarch are my favourites for Zombies. I was a little disappointed to hear the original voice actor wasn’t returning for Capt Price, but I know I will get over it, I’m very very pumped for this game.
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