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  1. Hopefully once this second map comes out, the community will be a bit more lively with map circulation being in effect instead of only having Die Maschine to play on. I think that's a big issue with a lot of people I've seen, they are burnt out because of only having Die Maschine which while fun can get very repetitive just as any map can if you only play the one map for months. As for the map itself, seems promising from what we have so far. The Blightgwa will hopefully not have the lunging capabilities the Plaguehounds have, but I expect to see it do something unique as opposed to bein
  2. By chance what system are you playing on? Is it possible you're having graphics glitches in solo that makes them look like they're not there but are and just not rendering?
  3. So wait, you failed the easter egg in one game and the following issues are happening in different games after? By the pins you mean the ones that need the 4 DIE Upgrades? Those shouldn't need to be shot again in that game once you do it once. Dark Aether portals have a few spawn locations for Aetherscope Parts: Back of Pond, Top of Nacht, Power Room are the three I remember but I think that's all of them. On some rounds the Coffin Dance orbs are disabled, I believe it's while Exfil is available to avoid Dark Aether Exfil problems. I hope I could
  4. A well deserved promotion! Not going to beat an undead horse here, everyone's already pointed out what an amazing job you do across everything! Congratulations Hunter, the red does fit you well.
  5. Hi there! As of right now (last I heard anyways) Omega Group Intel for the main game is stuck at 13/14 with the last one unavailable currently. They plan on adding it in later on, which has happened a few times already with various intel among the different groups. Onslaught Intel is in a separate bracket of Intel and has no progress towards the calling cards, but they're also stuck from being fully acquired because 3 of them are obtainable on Raid Onslaught which isn't live yet. (Should be coming at the mid-season!) Hopefully this helps!
  6. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it? Was just starting High School back in late 2010. What was the first map you ever played? Watched gameplay of FIVE before getting the game but played Kino der Toten first. What was the first "strategy" you ran? Full team of 4 camping the Projector Room with the 115 meteorite and MANHATTAN DOWN letters on the shelf. Ray Guns covered windows and Thundergun covered the downstairs. Door to the main stage was kept closed. When did you know you were hooked? When I clicked the
  7. The teddies there are completely different from the iconic one we know of. The rabbit plush in the Mystery Box is the closest evidence we have of Eddie which is arguable in it's own right since we don't have complete evidence backing that. While we see a rabbit plush in Revelations that one is pink and lankier than the one we see in Die Maschine, which is also blue with heavily demonic elements added to it. And I've heard people say that Eddie is holding a rabbit plush but I have yet to see this in any of his appearances
  8. Not as we know of. A few things potentially hint to him, but nothing confirming him as of yet.
  9. Welcome aboard! First off, nice profile pic! Any IWZ enthusiast is a friend of mine! Secondly, reinforcing @anonymous's comment above most of the nit-picky discussions (and memes, lots of memes) happen on the Discord so make sure you check that out too!!! Happy to see new people hopping on, hope you have fun!
  10. Hey man! I know you got Dark Aether camo finished not too long ago, but do you still need screenshots for anything? I'm hoping to start doing the Sledgehammer soon, but while I have illegitimate Dark Aether I'm still grinding a few classes to get it for real!
  11. I came up with challenges to unlock more maps "in sequence" story-wise that incentivizes playing all of the maps to either help others out to unlock them the maps as well or fully explore maps that are considered hated for bandwagon reasons. Easter Eggs would be tweaked to a state similar to Call of the Dead where steps are different/removed/skipped in Solo but present in Co-Op, so that everyone playing can unlock all the maps with enough dedication and effort. (This also builds off of @anonymous's post above while trying to make some fun challenges for a few of the choices.) Nacht
  12. My running theory as of now is that due to how deeply connected both Keepers and Apothicons were with the Aether and Dark Aether, the unraveling of the Aether also wiped them all out. The Aether joined the Dark Aether (possibly once again, different discussion for a different time) and became a new rogue "badlands" as you mention. This new land caused daunting natural selection under a relatively accelerated timespan, just as life on Earth began as microbes and single-cell organisms before blossoming into what it is now. Only this time the Dark Aether was inhabited by far more than just a few
  13. Great analysis as always, Cal! I don't have much to add, but we can see from what little of the model we have detailed that there are bodies/corpses making up part of at least one "elder god" in a more "natural" style of the Panzermorder from Final Reich. Is it possible at least some of the Elder Gods are quite literal hiveminds, amalgamations of lesser beings that have converged not only mentally but physically after exposure to enough of the Dark Aether? It would fit with the chaotic, mutative nature of the Dark Aether we've seen up to now.
  14. Ooooh very intriguing. Trapped inside their own bodies, so to speak. Adding in bits of conversations on Discord, if the corruption process of the Dark Aether is more gradual than instantaneous, perhaps being in a Purgatory-like state would cause a constant state of corruption and purification by being trapped between the grasps of the Aether and Dark Aether, causing the body deterioration that somehow still supports full automation? Like how (pardon the analogy) Deadpool's healing factor heals his cancer as far as it spreads, keeping it from getting worse but not exactly making it better eithe
  15. It's possible. The Egg being duplicated through space would certainly imply it has a process involving spacetime manipulation even to a slight degree.
  16. Truly the Maxis to make up for all the others, right? Despite his complications he seemed to be doing the genuinely right thing despite how it may look on the surface. Especially the whole murdering Sophia thing. He KNEW she was infected and didn't have long to save her. Just as Richtofen did for Maxis before/during Origins. Is it possible they learned the technique from Agonia Maxis, who used his ability to open new worlds to share his knowledge as far as he could, knowing full well despite their progress the Aether's influence was inevitable.
  17. I did a quick check and it's actually far less! Only about 671 miles between the two! So it would only take about (funny number warning) 9 hours and 35 minutes going about 70mph (which you'd probably be doing if being chased by zombies the way the bus sprinters move) No wonder nobody takes Bus Route B
  18. Not only that, but there's already an established link between the two using the interior of the APD and the containment unit in the Hanford lab. Wouldn't be difficult for a genius to copy those coordinates and recalibrate a teleporter, since the hard part's already done of making the teleporter function.
  19. Funny enough Nuketown and Tranzit actually are far apart! Tranzit takes place in Hanford, Washington while Nuketown takes place near Groom Lake, Nevada. The bus we hear in Nuketown is from Russman stealing one while escaping the facility, which will eventually lead him to Tranzit's location. But they ARE connected, just not physically. The research done at Groom Lake was shared with the facility underneath the power plant in Tranzit, to the point they were even transferring samples of the Avogadro from Nuketown to Tranzit using teleportation! Groom Lake also has a direct connection with Griffi
  20. I agree wholeheartedly, the map has so much behind it that still needs exploring both physically and lore-wise
  21. Hahaha he's definitely not as easy as his older counterpart, shame to make it so far into it and go down that quickly
  22. Unfortunately I won't be able to verify this until Wednesday but I believe it drops you right in without the introduction cutscene giving the date/coordinates when in Onslaught
  23. Yeah have to agree, with points only being rewarded for gibs and kills it's kind of hard to justify anything over the heavy damage dealers like Shotguns/Snipers/Launchers + Knife. Really sucks how that is a drawback when bleeding out on high rounds and coming back, however the boost to points you receive when coming back from death sort of mitigates that while also giving another drawback - sometimes it feels more productive to down and bleed out fully than get revived. Why bother getting revived with 500 points when I can respawn next round with 30000 points instead of suffering for the next
  24. "Remember, water with 115 is not for drinking. Water with 115 is not for drinking. Water with 115 is not for drinking." - Nikolai Belinski Credit to djnapoleon, Reyhz - リース and Pure on Steam Guides for the screenshots and some info I didn't even know about the plant mechanics! Seeds Seeds drop as blue power-ups from zombies in Zetsubou no Shima. They can be planted at special circular marked stone planters found around the map. Depending on how the seed is taken care of, it can blossom into a number of plants. Waters Water requires a Bucket t
  25. Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi / KT-4 Built at the chemistry table holding the weapon frame in the bottom lab using: Glowing Green Vial dropped from a zombified scientist (spawns in the Lab B area). Spider Venom obtained from luring a Spider into the cage at Lab A. Toxic Plant found underwater beyond the 115 chasms (Gas Mask slightly extends breathing time underwater and there is a spore at the bottom to return to the surface safely). Upgrades to the Masamune using the second chemistry table in the same room using: Liquid Divinium Vial found by
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