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  1. Actually sometimes it can glitch out and delete one or even a few items off of your history. A quick fix would to call Sony. BTW, if you want it for BO1, I'll gameshare with you if you have some good stuff to share with me. Problem solved.
  2. Seriously? That is the only thing that made it a viable weapon to use. It takes decent timing to do it correctly and even then you have that split second where you can't move. On top of that, it only kills three zombies per use. In absolutely no way is this an easy way and definitely the most convenient way to high to high rounds.
  3. Don't you need 2 consoles for that? Nope! 4p splitscreen is available offline.
  4. While I suppose this is true, it is not the kind of glitch people would look down upon. Let me ask you this: say someone goes for a high round and uses this trick, getting to round 100. Would you consider his run legit? I definetly would. Also what is your view on having the box 'Gat and the table one at the same time?
  5. Well when I say Ray Gun, I mean both of them because usually you can't have them both at the same time. Possible combination: Ray Gun + PX2 RG Ray Gun + Ray Gun M2 Ray Gun + PM2 RG PX2 Ray Gun + PM2 RG If you don't PAP your RG, when you grab the second, one will dissapear. And SMM, that doesn't matter. You can't have the RG in your equipment to be able get it out of the box, unless being down is an exception to that rule.
  6. Why may I ask? And DeathBringer, how would that work? Your still holding the gun even down. In Whos Who and Tombstone you only have the M1911.
  7. I'm still not completely sure as to what you are saying. Do you mean obtaining the M2 before getting your tombstone? Even when you only have one weapon on your tombstone, any weapons you have before you get it dissapear once you grab it.
  8. The first part of my sentence says that if you have only one weapon, obtaining another weapon will make you have two. Same situation is getting an M14 at the beginning of a game, giving you two weapons.
  9. You didn't get what I was saying. Once you got the RG in the box you would leave it, get your tombstone, THEN grab the RG. On your idea, it would just become your secondary, or if you already were holding two weapons, would replace the one you were holding.
  10. I never see any videos on YT or anyone talk about this in general, which makes me believes that you can't do it, even though it seems like it could be done just as easily as if you had Whos Who. Simply, you die out, leaving your Tombstone with a Packed Ray Gun. When you spawn in, you have 45 seconds to get the Ray Gun. If you do, go pick up your Tombstone then go pull that Ray Gun out. Ta-da. Have you guys heard of this and it is even possible? I might go try it out. This would be slightly more difficult than the Whos Who variant because you can't do it mid-round.
  11. Yes! The Wave Gun especially. Or atleast give us the ability to dual wield Ray Guns lol :D
  12. Raise time is how long it takes to get out of sprint.
  13. by .05 seconds. the difference is negligible and certainly hardly would affect zombies I may be wrong, but I believe that only the rate of fire and raise/drop time were affected. ADS time remains unchanged.
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