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  1. Looks like Nacht has been upgraded to Black ops 2 lighting. Good indication that they aren't just releasing the old maps but enhancing them too.
  2. What was the most popular map in Black ops? Nuketown. So marketing a free Zombies edition of Nuketown = more sales in their eyes. But I really think we, hardcore fans, will really find a lot of hidden gems inside this map compared to the original Nuketown.
  3. Risiiii


    I can't wait to get my hands on that bolt action sniper rifle with iron sights. I've been dying for one since the Kar98k. Vahn listens to a ton a feedback from pub stompers to MLG guys. Losing the auto aim for scoping in will really help out the whole situation.
  4. Great breakdown. The special blocks at the bottom for extra customization make the system really well balanced. I think they'll even add one where it could give you an extra killstreak? but maybe cost 2-3 points. They have so many options with the bottom three slots.
  5. I've been to countless concerts ranging from country to hardcore to Jessica Simpson, long story. But my favorite band to see live has to be Coheed & Cambria. One of my first concerts i've been too and been sold ever since. Love that band. My best concert experience was seeing Peter Bjorn & John at the XPN festival. It was at the camden waterfront, which overlooks the Philadelphia skyline. As they started to come on all you could see was lightening strikes in the sky and rain starting to fall. Felt great because it was 95º out and it was a long day. But seeing a band pla
  6. Yeah, I'm actually using tapatalk right now on my iPhone. They do have an android version as well. Really convenient when I'm not at my computer.
  7. Yeah I'm almost 100% certain in one of Vahn's live streams he talked about not adding any sort of game ending nuke or Moab to multiplayer. He said he didn't like the idea. I could be wrong but I doubt this means they are adding the mw2 nuke.
  8. The crossbow and ballistic knife were great add ons to black ops. But with the game moving to the future, I doubt they'll make a return. So I ask what "new" speciality weapon would you like besides the basic guns? I personally would like to see some sort of laser. Maybe only a one time use thing, so it doesn't become too OP, but I think it would be epic. And I would love to see the tomahawk make a return, because that was by far my favorite piece of lethal equipment.
  9. I have so many countless hours playing War on Cod3. Between public matches, ranked or clan matches that game mode was by far my favorite. So happy they might bright it back.
  10. Achievements are going to be much harder to get this time. I like it. It's really about time the cod sp is completely revamped. All signs point to amazing and GoTY.
  11. I actually like watching some of my old shows I recorded on VHS to see the commercials that were around back then.
  12. Hi all! Curious it anyone plays any sports here? I play roller hockey in the aihl and casual in house leagues. What's everyone else play besides video games? Favorite teams: NHL: Philadelphia Flyers NFL: Philadelphia Eagles MLB: Philadelphia Phillies NBA: you guessed it, 76ers :)
  13. And the chick in the poser could be Samantha grown up, which would mean that zombies does time period is during the black ops 2. And if it is Samantha's body then its Richtofen, right? Just a thought.
  14. I think the best news out of Zombies moving to the multiplayer engine is HOST MIGRATION I would love if they added this feature, especially if they add 8 player co-op zombies.
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