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  1. Hey Im playing solo right now on moon, and want more than 4 perks. Let me know if anybody knows how to make a 5th perk
  2. Im playing solo on moon anyone that wants to watch http://www.justin.tv/home?broadcast=true
  3. Yeah, your theory does make sense, but it would more likely be Takeo. Germany-Japan allies WWII. US-Russia allies, but still watching eachother, thus the quote. I mean Takeo is the quiet one, just talking about Honor and what not, haha, Nikolai even says: "Nooo get Takeo, the Japanese guy!" as if nobody knows about him haha.
  4. I think your theory is a good one, but today I did Big Bang Theory again and Nikolai said something like this : "Goodbye wife number 9, ha she wont be able to top that one, she died when I blew up the earth!"
  5. MDZA

    Samantha next leader

    Lol gayest idea I ever heard
  6. Spaceman Cosmonaut. -1 Perk. +1000 Points and you are able to use the map. Hahaha only way.
  7. Quick Revive- Gets you drunk so everything slows down when reviving. Double Tap- Gets you drunk to where you think you're shooting double as fast. Speed Cola-Gets you drunk to where everything slows down when you're reloading. Juggernog-Gets you so drunk you're numb until the Zombies cut through flesh, then you're down. PhD Flopper-Codeine Syrup, makes you numb and feel like your flying. Ask Lil Wayne. Deadshot Daiquiri- Gets you so drunk you're focused only on headshots. Stamin Up- Gets you faded enough to run a marathon. 27 Miles. Mule Kick-Some strong mexican tequila that gives you more room...or makes you think that. All of this is backed by the Dempsey themselves...Dempsey on Moon - "Does this stuff really make you reload faster? Or slow down everything else?" Hahahahaha
  8. MDZA

    Perk Bottles?

    Ya, Ive never heard of a perk bottle coming out... But the QED is tricky, one time on Round 18 me and two friends had a crawler And I put my controller down and accidentally threw a QED. Nikolai said "That grenade just fucked me over" Nothing happened, and out of nowhere like 40 zombies just started rushing us No Man's Land style, and we killed them all, at the end a Max Ammo, still Round 18. This is the only thing Ive noticed from the QED, Im not sure if the max ammo came from the QED.
  9. All those quotes are pretty assuring they are on earth, but why would treyarch make the background change for No Mans Land and the Moon, I would understand this if Area 51 were just dark and red, but the fact that you can see the earth on the "earth" is whats messed up. Haha Im pretty sure in making this map and such and elaborate easter egg they would change the backgrounds.
  10. MDZA

    Moon Storyline?

    Ya, most are just theories connecting events, weapons, and the storyline all together... The radios on most of the Zombie maps hold all of the factual evidence of the storyline The transcripts are on the CoDz Homepage But ya its interesting!
  11. Treyarch said that CoD Black Ops would have more map packs than any other CoD. With that being said, Game Australia leaks this info, and some of you may call it fake but it's pretty accurate, its in the PC code, it gives description of the maps, and some unknown maps this was the code for MP3 when leaked: Leaked Information Concerning Map Pack 3: MPUI_SILO - Conflict erupts near Soviet missile silos. Lots of close engagements and flank routes.. (Silo) MPUI_AREA51 - This map does not exist.. MPUI_FIREBASE - Rumble in a Firebase.. (Firebase) MPUI_GOLFCOURSE - Keep an eye out for snipers in this cliffside resort..(Golf Course) MENU_ZOMBIE_TEMPLE - Temple of Doom?
  12. ^^ he means theres no proof of your rounds unless you take a video or pic, but yeah I have no high round, and no xbox...but its interesting to see the levels people have achieved
  13. From Japan, to Germany...in the 1940's they teleport to the future sometime in the 60's, in Ascension, they are trapped in some place near Ascension, (Call of the Dead), which to me is present day 2011, given the characters and what they are doing there, (Filming a movie where "Zombies once existed"), now Shangri-La CAN BE in the future, because first off Shangri-La is an undiscovered place, but Zombies obviously dwell there now, they are Vietnamese Zombies, from the 60-70's but the Wonder Weapon may point toward the future...
  14. Today, I got the RROD, FUCK YEAH! but anyway, yeah 4 players is fun but after round 25 or so, it begins to take waaay too long to complete rounds, and on a "tight" map like this, it makes me think it will be hard to run together with 4 people. 4 people to explore the map and do the easter eggs, 2 people when youre breaking records. And quit saying camping is useless or ruins the game, while saying the point is survival, CAMPING is the best method for SURVIVAL...
  15. Im sorry to all of you avenged sevenfold bands, im just being fucking honest and hate me if you want, I only disliked it for the fact that most people believe that metal in its true form, and for people or companies putting a song in a game so people play it. Hahaha Idk its ok.
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