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  1. The Hardened Editions usually have some value, the prestige editions are just garbage. $70 for a toy car? $20 for all the previous zombie maps is well worth it though.
  2. How does it ruin lives? It's very sad if a fake screenshot of a video game ruins someone's life. I made some fake screenshots before Black Ops came out and it actually helped people.
  3. Honestly, yes it is pretty shabby. Take a look here: http://vgboxart.com/ Google Images "zombie" and that's the fourth picture you get. They also didn't even use a correct template or bother to make a legitimate-looking logo. I could go on.
  4. I know this is made by that guy in the video, but you don't expect that to be an actual box art do you for an actual game? I could make much better in no time. I just hope nobody flips out thinking this means a new zombie game.
  5. I knew if I posted this in WaW zombies, nobody would look at it, so I decided to post it here; sorry. I was playing with one of my friends and two randoms on SNN on WaW. We were on Round 20 on dog rounds, and I died when I tried to revive my teammate. I bled out and then we got to the knew round, but I respawned and it looked as if I had died in campaign mode. All the sudden the game restarts, and everyone except for the host could only see random, changing colors. Has this ever happened to anybody?
  6. the "helloooos" get annoying tho Well that part is a sample from Day of the Dead which makes it all more perfect; it's a zombie song basically.
  7. This would be the best possible song for a zombies map. Ever.
  8. I think that Area 51 should have been the main map and the moon was the No Man's Land.
  9. A stupid idiot huh? Oxymoron for the win? Anyway, I would like to see where this Iron Wolf leads too.... An oxymoron is pairing two opposite things, like "little giant." Sorry, English class has gotten to me. I doubt that Treyarch is already testing the game online this early. Also, why would there be a Terminator 6 icon?
  10. I think it should be at least up to 4 players. It's always awkward when you have 3 people in the party that want to play Spec Ops.
  11. He says "I'm gonna buy one of these for my five year old once this shit's over."
  12. Treyarch released an intel article including a full list of weapons in the classic maps for Black Ops as well as a couple tips. Read it here: http://www.callofduty.com/intel/509
  13. I suggest using Death Machine son the astronaut when you get them. On Round 4 the other day I killed him with about 3 shots of it.
  14. Well I was playing with some people and we needed the excavator to breach 6, but we hacked it before it breached 11, then the biodome, then 11 again, then the biodome again. Then we died before it breached 6.
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