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  1. Round 18. The time we completed the Easter Egg I got all 7 perks and we could have survived way past that except my team was so tired from doing the Easter Egg, they just wanted to quit.
  2. GT: Adam429 Send me an invite/friend request, I'll be on all day.
  3. I don't have any of those...because I don't know how to get them. :(
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDO97GDYWMY For years, killstreaks have been a key factor in Call of Duty. Now it is time for a change, how should killstreaks be in Modern Warfare 3? Let's talk killstreaks! This is how I would like to see them... 3-5-7 customizable killstreaks. Kills from killstreak rewards do not count towards your killstreak count. You should have the ability to cycle through your killstreaks via the Dpad. Choose 1 from each: 3 KILLS: UAV Counter-UAV SAM Turret 5 KILLS: Airstrike Predator Missile Sentry Gun 7 KILLS: Helicopter Stealth Bomber Valkyrie Rockets If MW3 has ridiculous and overpowered killstreaks like in MW2, I will be a sad panda.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbI1vWv-6yE Enjoy. :geek:
  6. This makes me think there may be a boss zombie. I CANNOT WAIT!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tJpJQ487cs
  8. I honestly couldn't care less about the name. Is there any info about the new characters out there?
  9. COD is my FPS of choice, plus all my friends play it. I only think 2 of my friends actually own BC2. It's all preference though. :lol:
  10. COD4 - Shipment & Broadcast [email protected] - Dome MW2 - Terminal Black Ops - Jungle & Summit ALL TIME FAVORITE - Broadcast
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgmCVbR0H8o I know there is a lot of hate surrounding Black Ops, but when you aren’t being a try-hard and when you use non-popular weapons, then you can have a lot of fun in this game!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3ZmcRlo2kQ WTF just happened there? :?
  13. I haven't seen much complaining, okay, maybe some. :? But the game has only been out for about one week, people are still getting used to it. Right now, I am enjoying this game and find it almost as good as CoD4. I think I'll wait a few months to make a real final opinion, but so far, Black Ops is great.
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