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  1. I can't wait to not be able to stick the bricks together properly. I'm also not still upset about getting mega blocks instead of legos for Christmas one year nope nuh-uh that theory is completely out of the question.
  2. Nikolai has a very Resnov-esque mustache and pretty full goatee in Origins. Later on, when he transforms into Chernov, he does not have this facial hair anymore. Furthermore, Dempsey looks a lot more like Kiefer Sutherland from WaW in Origins, and as such his hair is black. But later on, his hair turns blonde. Same thing happens to Rictofen, he has a mustache in Origins, but no mustache in his older versions. When did they find the time to groom like this? I know, I know, ending and all these magical possibilities, but this is a still a perplexing issue that has been bothering me ever since I saw the new models. What are your guys take on this crucially important conundrum?
  3. It will be called Cod Z and MP will just be an extra bonus game mode at the end of the campaign I wouldn't even hate this. I voted maybe. In a fourth game I can only see it getting taken too far, but what the hell happens next seriously? Also, I'm sure they're aware of the people that buy the game only for zombies. 3 games in 1 is still a thing they push I think.
  4. Reviving then frantically escorting or being escorted by a friend to Juggernog while really any song plays. Oh god the coolest.
  5. Abracadavre, probably. 115 is right next to it, though. Pretty hard to choose.
  6. My favorite is probably Moon. Moon has a linger of surealness to it no matter where you are, and the space suits gave everything a muffled filter that added to the "Holy **** I'm in space" feel.
  7. It's just not particularly satisfying in an ultimate way. It justifies some things really well, and it's not like it's out of the blue or anything. And something I like about it is it's an ending that is also not one, if you get what I mean; it can continue or not, it works both ways. But, I mean, like... eh... really? Like, really? I am just kind of conflicted. Leaning kind of more towards liking, in kind of an odd feeling way though.
  8. I tend to not be too keen on alternate dimension plots, so if this is the case I'm slightly disappointed. Time travel is a little sticky, but tolerable for the most part. However, we may just taking this too far. Or, you know what? There could be something else to it that makes it rad. I guess now we play the waiting game.
  9. Ascension and the Death Machine theories. "Shoot the door next to the quick revive machine to get the Wunderwaffe!" "Go on the Lunar Pads with the death machines because reasons!" "Shoot the perk machines for the entirety of the death machine duration to get free perks!" "Shoot all of the 'Spark' batteries in the starting room!" Seriously the batteries. Like, the batteries.
  10. I'll probably play the campaign, the writing could be good. BO1 wasn't stellar in any department as far as campaign goes, but it was good. Multiplayer has always just lead to laughable frustration, I find it shallow and uninteresting. COD 4's was great, though.
  11. Hmm, that's probably the best case scenario, but I'll see if it takes anything away. I'm remaining pessimistic about this. Again, I need to see it, and I'll by golly give it a chance, but I won't look forward to it. Do you see how self defeating this attitude is? It seems you have already passed judgement. No matter how good the new game modes are you already have it in your mind that you won't like them so what's the point in even trying it? I understand what you are saying, and I admit I'm being a little childish. I guess my main problem is not with the mode itself, I'm just worrying it might take away from traditional too much. I'm worried they might've focused on this more, unless this is something big with the story.
  12. I tried, but couldn't find a way this could turn out good, and "don't play it" isn't going to be enough. It will still exist, and time spent on doing that could've been time spent on the actual Zombies. I'm remaining pessimistic about this. Again, I need to see it, and I'll by golly give it a chance, but I won't look forward to it.
  13. I never asked for this. Still not too excited though. I really wonder who they were trying to appeal to. \ Also, the article said "4v4 zombie mode which may hint at two teams fighting each other." Ya don't say?
  14. Only Speculation can come of this. Probably stting something up. My body is ready.
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