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  1. nhcre8tv1

    Dempsey has a son?? and MULE KICK IN EVERY MAP IS DUMB!

    So many people are complaining about Mule Kick being in all the maps. I don't get it, I think it's cool. Don't see much to complain about. I also was in shock when I found out Dempsey had a son.
  2. nhcre8tv1

    The Official Mule Kick Jingle

    My guess is "He was stubborn like a Mule he even Kicked like a Mule, el Burrooooo"
  3. nhcre8tv1

    Moon Confirmed Info

    :facepalm: Sorry for the flamethrower, but are people this oblivious? This was confirmed fake and already leaked a week and a half ago. I sign on a week later to see people still believe it.
  4. nhcre8tv1

    An idiot proof, WRITTEN Easter Egg tutorial.

    A job well done.
  5. nhcre8tv1

    Map Pack 4: Rezurrection CONFIRMED! WITH PICTURES

    Waw still has better guns You cant beat those guns though... I'll take that as a WOOT WOOT, though. Agreed, I need an extra 4 bucks from trading it in at game stop.
  6. nhcre8tv1

    Map Pack 4: Rezurrection CONFIRMED! WITH PICTURES

    Waw still has better guns
  7. nhcre8tv1

    Auto Turrents GONE FOREVER!

    Then you havent been to round 70 on solo.
  8. nhcre8tv1

    An idiot proof, WRITTEN Easter Egg tutorial.

    Oh, damn I should've known these when I did mine! Kudos sir! Re writing this. I know I did some of them wrong, but thank you for clearing some things up. Also, if anybody, anybody wants to help rewrite some of the parts I messed up on, please let me know. I also know that the napalm zombie is good for the spike more part aswell.
  9. nhcre8tv1

    An idiot proof, WRITTEN Easter Egg tutorial.

    I know right. I didn't see any legit written guides on this site, so I went and did this.
  10. Thanks for everyone who solved this puzzle for me, and let me write down the end result for everyone to look back on. I'm aware some parts are off but aren't crucial and don't need to them done exact. The easter egg is done totally different ways. I will name some other strategies for some parts. Call of Duty Black Ops Shangri-La Easter Egg tutorial First off, things you need: 4 players upgraded Shrink Gun/317-g3hjfedjfksdabonersdijekj/Baby Gun/whatever you want to call it (I will be calling it Shrink Ray.) You open pack a punch by standing on 4 different pressure plates around the map in front of spinning tiki statues, and run to the stairs at spawn. They should be climbable. A strong, co operative team. LOTS of crawlers Unmatchable MLG style keeping-Napalm-Zombies-alive skills. Now to the Easter Egg: 1: Turn on the Eclipse by pushing the four buttons in the middle of spawn around quick revive. (remeber to turn back to eclipse whenever it turns to daytime if you fail a step.) Then go the the minecart side, and left of MPL on the same structure, there should be a press-able button. Hit it and the let the characters talk. 2: This part is arguably the most frustrating, the most careful and focused players should take charge here. Match the stone slabs on the floor near both Jugg/SpeedCola spawns. On the quicksand side, they're around the perk spawn and on the bottom of the bridge in front of the MP5K Tunnel. On the opposite side, they're are all around except on the ledge where the minecart is. You cannot stand on two at once unless they match. Have one person on the MPL side stand on one, and then tell the other two at the quicksand side what symbol you are on, MPL side person get off the slab, and let one of the others find it, without them stepping on two at a time, and step on it again. You can also do it vice-versa, but make sure one is distracting a crawler in the middle. It can be done with 2 very easily as well, if you want to be extra safe. 3: Go and listen to the british guy and that stupid Gary guy at the first place you met them. Have 3 people go down the slide and tell the 4th to wait at the top until they all reach the bottom. Stand at the bottom, the 4th then slides down, (credit to UnOriginalUserName) facing the right side until they hit a lever. Should turn into daytime when done right. Bring into eclipse again. 4: Grenade the crystal right above the slide until it falls, and use the shrink ray on it to make it smaller and knife it. If you want a show, go down the slide and use the geysers (water propulsion things) to shoot back up. This is not necessary, the crystal will set it off itself, but's it's nifty to watch. It should turn off the eclipse. 5: Eclipse once more. Turn valve in the tunnel on the MPL side, until the characters respond. 6 : Survive a round or two until a Napalm zombie spawns. Do everything you can so that Napalm zombie does not die. At the end of the round, make a crawler, having someone distract it, and lead the Napalm zombie into the leaking gas through UnOriginalUserName again) the start of the tunnels (MPL side) until you make it to the claymores. If one or a few of the leaks do not ignite, take the time to go all the way around again. You don't want to risk the Napalm exploding. After that is done, run back to the tunnel on the MPL side, and flick the switch next to the valve. 7: Run to the MP5 tunnel and listen to them talk. Hold action on "Don't hold X/Square/F" rock near the waterfall. 8: This is where it get's tricky. There's a few ways to do this, but the simplest is to do it in the same round when you did the Napalm step. Have the Napalm zombie still be alive at all costs, he should be near the MP5K tunnel anyway. Have AT LEAST 2 people buy spikemores, and make sure to place them in front of the 4 holes. Visuals are better on this part. Turn on the eclipse, and lead the napalm to the holes in the wall on that side. Let the Napalm trip them off, one at a time. Run back to the "Do not hold" rock, and obviously, hold it. Another way is to just start a round and lead a bunch of zombies through the tunnel. it's risky, but fastest and simple. If you choose to do it that way, make sure to turn to eclipse on and leave a crawker at the end of the round. If you mess up don't worry, you can hit the rock during the eclipse at any time. 9: This part is all memorization. The brains in your zombie team should be in charge here. Turn Eclipse back on if it was turned off, and find 12 hidden slabs that required to be knifed by one person. They're a few in spawn, quicksand room, next to minecart, next to power switch, and in the entrance of the underground waterfall (MP5k tunnel). Then, go to the minecart, and hit a "trap" on the left side, nearest to minecart. It should now become daytime once more, signaling a succesful step completed. (All credit to LiamFTWinter's awesome video guide for this part.) 10: Listen to the radio to right on the picnic table. The radio will tell you the numbers 1, 3, 4, and 16. Now turn into eclipse and head into the quicksand area. You know those 4 turnable dials in there? Turns out they have a purpose. You have to turn the one all the way to the left nearest to the slide so the 4 dots are at the top. Then, the one to the right and forward so 3 dots are at the top. Then, the one to the right of that one turn so the 1 dot is at the top. Then the remaining one to right turn the the CI sign. 11: This is the fun part. Run around the map and find 4 gongs that make a distinct chime sound after they get hit. The characters will comment if you hit the wrong one. Once you find all 4, hit them without touching any of the other ones. Now, go to the MPL side and stand under the glowing crystal in front of you. Then shoot the crystal to the right with the upgraded Shrink Ray, and stay under the other, as you need to catch the dynamite that falls out of it. Then run to the center and shoot the one on the quicksand side. The meteor on top of the Pack a Punch should disappear, Now, activate Pack a Punch, go go go! Now ALL 4 PLAYERS must run up the stairs and listen to them talk. Then give them the dynamite, and stand back! Open Pack a Punch back up if it reverts to daytime, and run up the stairs before it's too late! Then have a bull rush to the top of the stairs, and someone grab the focusing stone. The person hitting the stone at spawn should wait for the others, for fairness, and epic sprint racing time. There is a Richthofen shrine, an achievement, 7 perks that never go away for the recipient of said focusing stone, and some nifty gamer pics. Have fun! You can also repeat this 4 times, so all 4 people can have unlimited perks. Epic high rounds ahoy!
  11. Saturday, Ryan Treit said so.
  12. ^^^ Creepy movie poster Just Sayin'
  13. Explain? When was this confirmed? To all disbelievers, the man who does the Inside Xbox videos, Ryan Triet, had this to say on Twitter: "Now that it's announced, I can confirm our interview with @DavidVonderhaar and @danskdansk at E3 was about Annihilation Map Pack! #blackops" If TacInsert is correct, Looks like it's coming Saturday. We wasted a lot of time.

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