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    The Face Behind The Avatar

    This is a thread we had on the old forum, where you would post a picture of yourself. This way it brings the community closer knowing who you are discussing/debating/ and or joking around with. I will start us off and post some pictures of myself. These are just a few, I don't want to turn this into facebook haha. Me doing a OneOfSwords interview at Treyarch Me with Melonie and Cheri at Pax East 2010 The crew at the Black Ops Preview Event at Treyarch Me riding down a slide? lol Me hiking Mt. Washington A picture of myself with JD2020 and fourzertwo The 1st "first to play" crew at Treyarch for WaW map pack 2 Me and Elena Siegman (she sings the zombie songs in WaW) Me looking through the GKNOVA6 case in the hotel There are so many more... but ya that is enough lol :P
  2. It's cool. this file would never have been heard by anyone if I hadn't posted it. Probably shouldn't have posted it but I don't really care anymore since I no longer work there.
  3. This was never included in any game files
  4. carbonfibah

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    What is your highest round on Kino Der Toten?
  5. carbonfibah

    The Timeline of Zombies

  6. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?
  7. FUUUUU script errors!!!!!

  8. What is your highest round on Call Of The Dead? So far mine is 24 with 4 people.
  9. carbonfibah

    What do you think?

    So... after seeing the newest teaser trailer... What do you think? :twisted:
  10. That is right! As the CoDz community grows we have to make sure we as a website continue to grow as well. This in part is why we have introduced 4 new forum groups. "The Four Guardians" as we like to call them will be featured for each group. Richtofen for 50+, Dempsey for 40-49, Nikolai for 30-39, and Takeo for 20-29. These groups will be a great way for all forum members to show off their hard work in zombies here on the forums. Now I am going to go over a few details here. Why the gray color? I predict these groups to grow very big, and with the color that we have already, adding more of one or more of multiple colors could be exhausting on the eyes. This is one of the reasons why the 4 groups are different shades of gray. The lightest shade being the lowest tier and the darker shaded group being more noticeable, the highest tier. What console/platform/game do I need? The PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and iPad/iPhone/iTouch are the platforms accepted. Call of Duty: World At War AND Black Ops are both accepted. What maps can I submit? You can submit any World at War zombie map or any Black Ops zombie map. (DOA included) Is this solo or co-op zombies? These rounds must be done in CO-OP zombies. Can I change groups? Yes! You can move up the tiers! You could be Takeo today and Dempsey the next! All it takes is one good zombies game! So if you do beat your highest round and qualify for the next tier. Follow the same thing you did to join your first group and you are good to go! Can I use mods? NO! No mods are allowed, no JTAGS or any kind of modified console which allows changing gameplay to a state which is not normal gameplay. PC mods where you have extra health, etc... are not allowed, if you submit a group request for a PC game you cannot use any mods, you will only be cheating yourself. I am not from the US, can I join? Sure! Anyone from any country can join. There is no age limit or region specific requirement. Don't have a camera? Have friend to take a snapshot for you or you can ask one of the console CoDzGroup names to verify your rounds themselves by adding you as a friend and viewing, etc.... How do I submit my group application to assure I get in? You can post in this thread or private message the forum name "CoDzGroups". This person will be in charge of "investigating" the requests to join groups, and will verify leaderboard scores, etc... You need to supply photo or video evidence of the leaderboard screen that shows your gamer name and highest round. You will need to post a link to this picture which needs to be clearly visible. *For the Dempsey and Richtofen further confirmation will be needed which will consist of messages to one of our console accounts. For xbox the gamertag is "CoDzGroups" and our PSN is "To Be Announced." These are the requirements to join the groups. Richtofen - To join this group you must have reached round 50 or higher in zombies. You must have photo and or video proof. You must also contact one of the CoDzGroups console names to confirm. Dempsey - To join this group you must have reached between rounds 40 and 49 in zombies. You must have photo and or video proof. You must also contact one of the CoDzGroups console names to confirm. Nikolai - To join this group you must have reached between rounds 30 and 39 in zombies. You must have photo and or video proof. Takeo - To join this group you must have reached between rounds 20 and 29 in zombies. You must have photo and or video proof.
  11. carbonfibah

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    Zombie Cakes, our talented zombie artist has agreed to work on some artwork the CoDz store. If you are not familiar with her work, check out the Frolich Asylum tab on the homepage. Also here too, http://zombie-cakes.deviantart.com/ Anyway post your ideas for her here. Here are some of mine. A codz log with a zombie coming out of the ground A character drinking a perk-a-cola in one hand and shooting a zombie with a ray gun/wunderwaffe with the other A monkeybomb The moon/clock on der riese, the pack-a-punch anyway the possibilities are endless!!!!!
  12. carbonfibah

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Awwww baby Grix is growing up so fast. :D
  13. carbonfibah


    Hello I am new. [brains]
  14. carbonfibah

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Do you want to run CoDz? Have you been around since the World At War Zombie days? Were you a member on the old forum? Do you still visit the site? Do you play zombies all the time? Do you like to make videos? Do you like to work on websites? Do you even have any knowledge about how to run a website from the backend? Do you have a handle on social media and how to use it? Do you know how to run contests and promote the site? Do you want to become well known the in the CoD community? Do you want to run an amazing community? and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If so...... maybe you would be interested in an admin position here at CoDz which would lead to possible ownership and or running of the site as head admin. Covert will not be able to be around as much in the future and neither will I. I need someone who can take over and keep this place alive. I need someone I can trust. If you are interested and I don't know who you are.... reach out to me. If you want to run this site, being my friend is important. ok. [brains] - carbon
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  16. carbonfibah


    :facepalm: Per my return, I expect a wrestlers epic entrance, so I stand at the end and raise my hands and then some bad ass metal music plays and I walk down the runway with explosions going off and I just stick my hands up in the air and yell "yeahhhh" and then at the end I stop, and then cross my arms and look tough. Like a bad ass wrestling entrance lol
  17. carbonfibah

    The Face Behind The Avatar

  18. carbonfibah

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Most recent picture of me. Was taken at the Grand Canyon while I was driving out to California.
  19. carbonfibah

    Xbox 360 Playdate Schedule

    I will host a lobby. This might be my last available time for a playdate.
  20. carbonfibah

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    This could actualy somehow work!For them 1000 dollars a year is nothing and they getting a lot of info from here.But would be than CodZ so Independent and would be the power let be in CoDZ Admin hand or IN Treyarchs stuffs? Sounds nice, but I am sure there are multiple legal holes that need to be jumped through. This is a fan made website with no legal affiliation to the actual game. If Treyarch or Activision were to pay for this, than I am sure a lot would change and it seems like the site probably wouldn't be the same if things were censored or things had to be a certain way for legal reasons and probably a plethora of more issues would arise. The thing Treyarch loves about this site is that it is a fan site with an awesome community. Treyarch/Activision inviting me out to all the CoD events, paying for hotels, flights, etc... and all that was payment enough. It was them saying thank you I guess you could say. As close as the CoDz community is to Treyarch, I don't think they would foot the bill. They already have an official forum that has zombie sections and all that at the CoD HQ. This site is like a niche site focused on one thing, and pretty much if you are serious about zombies on the xbox forums or CoD HQ or whatever, you come here. I don't know how to fully explain it. I hope what I have said makes some sense.
  21. carbonfibah

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Obviously the best choice is to clone myself so I can work my new job and then keep my clone locked in a closet running this site 24/7. However, as I know nothing about cloning this option isn't plausible. At first I was thinking about handing the reigns over to one of my fellow CoD VIP's with which I have known for years. They know all about the community, events, contests, social media, websites, Treyarch, etc.... but then it occurred to me that nobody really has the drive or desire I have for the site and so I feel in a way it would be wasted. Lissa is clearly the suitable replacement as head zombie in-charge. I have known her long enough to trust her along with the great job she has done, i never hear complaints, she hasn't left yet which is good even after all this time. Dedication and trust is very important with me. I know many of you users are on here all the time, have good amount of posts, people know you, but I don't know you. I don't play with you on xbox, we aren't friends. Because of this it is hard for me to even consider some of the proposals I have received. It is nothing against any of you, it is simply I don't know you and don't feel comfortable giving over years of hard work to just anyone. Honestly, I am sitting here, thinking about the first day. The first day CoDz was created. I was on a chat late at night with JD2020 and some other VIPS, just chatting it up. This was the time a few years ago when most of the VIPS started gaming sites and forums and what not. Now I love zombies, I bought WaW for zombies, and have played ever since, so obviously I was into zombies. I asked some people if I should make a site and then I went and tried to enter in different URL's so see what was available. I got callofdutyzombies.com. From here I found a website that offers free customizable forums. So I set one up, made a bunch of forum sections, posted a few threads, added some graphics and widgets. Pretty much 4 days or so after my idea I was ready to launch. Now I had gained a ton of followers on Twitter from JD2020 tweeting my name during the first WaW First to play event so I pretty much tweeted about it to get some hype for my new site. And then dropped a "we go live at 4pm on ...." and then when the time came, my heart racing, I opened the forum to the public and hundreds signed up within hours. I was up all night and day working on it and worried it would fail, I put all this time into it and it will just fail, no one will sign up and I will be a fool. Years later, thousands of users and millions of hits later we are pretty much the leading zombie site out there. I mean Treyarch uses our site and our ideas. It is just so incredible to see where we are now, how far we have come from that day that I made the free forum. We have only grown and grown and will probably keep growing. The forum I made because I wanted help solving the storyline, treyarch knew me for my awesome theories and what I had solved. They loved that it sparked a huge interest in people. Now I couldn't handle all the easter eggs on on my own so I made a forum where people can all share and come together. This has been a wild ride, and there is so many memories here and this site means so much to me. I could never just leave it in the hands of a vote. I will be the one choosing who I hand things off to. This thread was for me to just see what the community has to say about it. I am moving on to bigger and better things in the gaming industry which is good and I am happy about that but at the same time, I'm sad about having to distance myself from the community. So.... ya I dunno what else to say /rant
  22. carbonfibah

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Here is my 10 cents. 1. There is a donate button on the bottom. Nobody ever donates and if they do it is only like $14 and that's like once every 6 months. 2. Ads are horrible, they deteriorate the integrity of a site. 3. I do not own the rights to zombies or call of duty. for me to prosper (make money) off this site feels wrong and allows for possible legal issues with Activision. I would never want to get in trouble for prospering off their intellectual content. I felt bad about the donate button. But then again, I guess that is just me who has this way of feeling, everyone seems to just want to make money. Ads are so trashy, they make a site look like a dump. I have worked so hard to keep this site to high standards. 4. The reason for this public thread early, is because I want people to be aware that changes are being made in the future. I don't have much time until I am "gone" from the site so I want to at least TRY to get all my ducks in a row before I go. I mainly wanted to see what the community thought about a leadership change, and I wanted to see their suggestions, opinions, and other ideas on the issue. I also wanted to see what certain people would say. 5. I will shut this site down before I just hand it off to someone who will ruin it. I need to know that what I have spent days upon days upon days upon days of hard work on will not die. I can't even calculate how much time, money and effort I have put into CoDz to get us where we are today. Literally, blood, sweat and tears have been spilled many a time. 6. For as long as I can remember I have pretty much done everything myself, if you want something done right do it yourself, well that and I know what I wanted so I had to be the one to do it. Now to not be able to control things will be hard, and I just want to feel safe knowing whom I am leaving my baby too. 7. This site holds a lot of..... importance to Treyarch. The person who takes over will need to have some kind of contact with the devs, this is not 100% required but it is something that I feel that it is important. I would be upset if the person I chose to lead didn't act properly, so someone who is of age (18+) is very important. 8. With JD2020 no longer the CM at Treyarch, I have no idea what kind of community events will be planned, if any. However whomever leads will have to represent CoDz at said events, and that is a big deal. 9. Social media is a HUGE aspect of the website. I just want to know that whoever takes over actually used the social media facets so help this site grow and remain in the public spotlight of the CoD community. 10. I know there are big shoes to fill, but I am off to bigger and better things, and this thread is just me sticking my feelers out getting an idea of stuff, so please do not harp on this thread, or ads, or whatever else. At the end of the day, I control the switch to the site, I just hope that someday I can pass that switch over without any hesitation or regret,
  23. carbonfibah

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Right now hosting is 80 bucks a month.
  24. What Is Your Highest Round On Nacht Der Untoten?

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