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  1. It's cool. this file would never have been heard by anyone if I hadn't posted it. Probably shouldn't have posted it but I don't really care anymore since I no longer work there.
  2. FUUUUU script errors!!!!!

  3. So... after seeing the newest teaser trailer... What do you think? :twisted:
  4. carbonfibah


    I looked back and found the first tweet about the announcement of CoDz. The original forum with the free hosting. We gained around 10k members before we transferred to paid hosting, and we have surpassed that here. I am proud of this site, my baby. Happy 3 year anniversary! The image is pretty big, if you want to view it click below then click on the full screen arrows in the bottom right. Or you can visit the image directly, by clicking here, http://callofdutyzombies.com/wallpapers/thenandnow.png and http://callofdutyzombies.com/wallpapers/thenandnow3.png
  5. Awwww baby Grix is growing up so fast. :D
  6. Have we been friends for a few years now? Well if so you are in luck! I have started to slowly accept people on Facebook as my friends from the site. You may follow me on Twitter but to get a real look into my life, Facebook is your place. So..... if we are friends and you care about what I got going on, and you are not a creep. http://www.facebook.com/carbonfibah
  7. WHat dos 1221 mean?? its on her cap
  8. I read everything on the forums, primarily the future zombies section. So if you post ideas and theories in there I have or will read them.
  9. This is just a disclaimer so everyone can know where I am at.... So as most of you know I now work at Treyarch, and because of that I had to relinquish my ownership of this site. I have passed on admin and financial responsibilities to Covert, Lissa and probably another person once Covert takes a break. So just so we are all clear, in terms of CoDz, I am simply the founder. The guy who built this site from the ground up and the creator of callofdutyzombies.com. I no longer run this site on a day to day basis. Ok, I just want to make sure that is clear to everyone. I wasn't expecting Lamia to confirm zombies so early in the year, however he has, so it is no longer a secret that I am working production QA on zombies for Black Ops II. Since I am working on zombies I have secretly been visiting the site over the past few month, looking what everyone is talking about. Now obviously, under NDA and fear of loosing my job, I will not and I repeat, will NOT disclose any kind of information about zombies, nor will I ever post in any thread that involves Black Ops II. Everything I now say publicly will be viewed as info, or whatever for the new game, and I will not jeopardize, the game or my job. On a side note with that I will NOT NOT NOT NOT answer any questions you ask me about zombies. I am sorry but you have to understand where I am coming from. So you may see me on the forums, but that does not mean I am posting zombies stuff or anything like that, and please do not see it as an invitation to ask me questions you know I won't answer. I will however post in threads that have NO connection to zombies or Black Ops 2. The main reason why you will see me on CoDz until and after Black Ops 2 release is to see what you all are saying, see what ideas you come up with, and what theories everyone has. So..... in conclusion, I am looking at CoDz from the other side now and my role has changed, but I want people to know that I have not completely left you guys. I even have more zombie devs reading the forums I think that about covers all I want to say for now. - carbon [brains]
  10. :facepalm: Per my return, I expect a wrestlers epic entrance, so I stand at the end and raise my hands and then some bad ass metal music plays and I walk down the runway with explosions going off and I just stick my hands up in the air and yell "yeahhhh" and then at the end I stop, and then cross my arms and look tough. Like a bad ass wrestling entrance lol
  11. carbonfibah


    Hello I am new. [brains]
  12. Most recent picture of me. Was taken at the Grand Canyon while I was driving out to California.
  13. Dear CoDz, As some of you may already know, I got a job working at Treyarch. I start in February. Due to my new "awesome" job I won't be able to be active on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or this site. Sure I can post about boring details in my life, but I really can't be active on the site, due to NDA's and what have you. So in my absence Lissa and CovertGunman will be running things for me. If you ever need anything, you can always reach me on Twitter > @carbonfibah < I will save you the long winded story of the beginnings of the site and how far we have come. I couldn't have made CoDz the success that it is today with the help of all of you, the community. So I want to say a big thank you to everyone! I have had an amazing past few years. It will be sad to move on but at the same time I am very excited for my new employment opportunity. I guess this thread can be used for goodbyes or whatever kind of last notes you would like to leave me. Regards, Carbonfibah
  14. I will host a lobby. This might be my last available time for a playdate.
  15. I have been following the progress of the movie Iron Sky for a couple years now. Looks like it's finally done! I loved all the trailers over the years that they have released. I first stumbled upon this project years ago while doing some Nazi Zombie research for Call Of Duty Zombies. They were having funding issues and were not sure if they could finish the movie. The trailers they put out seemed ...to add to the hype and I guess they got all the funding they needed. They had a projected release date of a few years when I first found it and it was sad that such an awesome movie might never be made and if it was it wouldn't be out for years. It looks like years have passed and sure enough they finished it. Here is the newest trailer, kn3cmYJ4Pw4 Watch their early trailers, they are awesome!!!!!!!! 4KEueJnsu80 DeAfoiN5SDw kNDaOFQ6g2I

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