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  1. Yeah man It was either "hello is it me you're looking for" or "what is love?" xD
  2. Hey guys, Crows here. I'm back, some of you may be aware of that, some of you may not. But yeah, Hi, again :') Just gotta set one thing straight though. You can call me by these names; Crows Jamie Iron Man Or, The Doctor :D
  3. Well don't we look foolish.
  4. Yes! Welcome to the site, as my good friend Jolteon said, you always feel welcome here, have a great time and enjoy your stay here with us at CoDz -TheCrows (LoA zz Ir0n Man)
  5. Hmmm, could we see like "revive me bro, i haz raygun" Or the PHD Flopper one?
  6. Indeed! Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay :)
  7. Howdy, welcome to teh forums You can join the Usergroup ZOMBSHES if you are a female zombie slayer Just go to user control panel, usergroups and apply for ZOMBSHES
  8. O Hai Welcome to the site :)
  9. Any way if Ascension was after Moon then technically *SPOILER ALERT Blanked spoiler out, look if you want by hi-lighting
  11. Here's a tip since I see your new...DONT ASK FOR BRAINS cause if you do you won't get them. He's not new he's been here longer than me by a few days and look how many [brains] i have :lol:
  12. Which one you be referring to? First Strike Poster or Actual Real Person How do you know it ain't Richtofen anyway? You don't know everything about zombies. true, but i m only saying that is not richthofen ^^ Aye, but if the man on first strike poster is Richto, then he be bald
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