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  1. Yeah man It was either "hello is it me you're looking for" or "what is love?" xD
  2. Hey guys, Crows here. I'm back, some of you may be aware of that, some of you may not. But yeah, Hi, again :') Just gotta set one thing straight though. You can call me by these names; Crows Jamie Iron Man Or, The Doctor :D
  3. Well don't we look foolish.
  4. Yes! Welcome to the site, as my good friend Jolteon said, you always feel welcome here, have a great time and enjoy your stay here with us at CoDz -TheCrows (LoA zz Ir0n Man)
  5. Hmmm, could we see like "revive me bro, i haz raygun" Or the PHD Flopper one?
  6. TheCrows

    New Staff?

    ^Phillips is right, have a, so called "cleansing" of the groups
  7. Now it's Crows mother fucker Bringin' this thread back to life Imma cut your words up with a lyrical knife Now this thread was dead, just like Saddam Hussein But I'm here to make things rhyme and bring the verbal pain But I'm running out of ideas, which isn't that great But then again this year I'll be 10 years older than 8 So goodbye for now, until I return So be careful guys, don't take a wrong turn
  8. TheCrows

    New Staff?

    Ok, I will be PMing you with my suggestion -Jolteon Better suggest me Jolteon lad Regards: Loazzironman ;)
  9. me, as i am a gamer. Therefore yes.
  10. I collect bottles and Video Game systems like a baws
  11. DEATH NOTE. That is all. Best anime ever.
  12. You want me to tell you how did you do, Well for starters, you better stop dissin fruit loops. You think your great but im like a cracker snoop, so with this here rap im gonna send you to the group, of peeps who I made into rap leftover soup. You think you can rape me, like a doggy from the back, You try it and you'll be me bowie's next blood snack. Speaking of blood, just take a picture of your face, Cuz my beastly raps are gonna be like a 10 gage when I blow out your brains. Gonna be splattered, on ze floor, ze walls, ze ceiling, And from your expression I can see you
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