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  1. Now it's Crows mother fucker Bringin' this thread back to life Imma cut your words up with a lyrical knife Now this thread was dead, just like Saddam Hussein But I'm here to make things rhyme and bring the verbal pain But I'm running out of ideas, which isn't that great But then again this year I'll be 10 years older than 8 So goodbye for now, until I return So be careful guys, don't take a wrong turn
  2. me, as i am a gamer. Therefore yes.
  3. I collect bottles and Video Game systems like a baws
  4. You want me to tell you how did you do, Well for starters, you better stop dissin fruit loops. You think your great but im like a cracker snoop, so with this here rap im gonna send you to the group, of peeps who I made into rap leftover soup. You think you can rape me, like a doggy from the back, You try it and you'll be me bowie's next blood snack. Speaking of blood, just take a picture of your face, Cuz my beastly raps are gonna be like a 10 gage when I blow out your brains. Gonna be splattered, on ze floor, ze walls, ze ceiling, And from your expression I can see your layers peeling, To reveal the little boy underneath that pathetic rap, Go have mommy bring you to the mall, so you can sit on santa's lap. Ask him if you can beat the epic waffle's rhymes, He says I cannot do that, ask for something different this time. And just an FYI Waffles will beat your doggy, and this is where you beg for mercy, pleading im so sorry. I say damn right you should be, for wasting my time, when I could have fought a rapper that can make a decent rhyme! I'M OUT Y'ALL. The Crows mother fucker, now I'm back from the dead; I will make a lyrical weapon that will smash in your head; No need to worry, no need to groan; These rhymes are so whack they make women moan; Moan with pleasure of course, because my words are orgasmic; These feeble attempts to beat me, really are fantastic; Now I must go, my planet needs me; But for now, you lot, you won't sleep easy...
  5. I'm no kid, I'm a Crow mother-f*cker You're the one who's going to lose because you are the sucker I'm the only one here, who can rhyme this sick (I think) Because my words make women wet like a bathroom sink You guys are still lamest, gettin' beaten by a Bird Because I'll be first, Waffles be second and Ehjookayted be third I'll ruff you up real bad, just you watch your back I'll stick you to the wall with a wad of Blu-Tac Now, I must go and finish my college work for sure 'Coz I study Forensics, with you, I'll wipe the floor So yeah, I'm off now, peace off and goodbye Or is it? Who knows...there'll be next time...
  6. And now TheCrows is up in this bitch, I'm gonna be bigger than an EMT Sandwich; You guys are the lamest, no one else can see, you're all measly mortals compared to me; My rap skills, see now, they aren't the best, but my rhymes open up like Link with a chest; MrRoflWaffles, your skills look so 1337, but imma try and get you beat; I've got the skillz to pay the bills and I can outshine all yous; Just like Hitler when he nearly wiped out all of the Jews; My rhymes shine like a thousand suns; Just you wait, just you watch, I will toast all your buns; I'm not a sensitive man, no, you need not hear my bitchin' But once I get let loose on the mic I'm like a Lion on a Christian; All you other people here, just look at these words; I sing more beautifully than garden birds; Oh yes, one more fact about me; I am infact a loyal brony; You diss on the ponies; I spit on your grave, so sit down Mother trucker and just behave; My intelligence levels are through the roof; Just like the chance you get of finding a bloody Bidoof; I'll wear a coat made out off all your hides; When I beat you at this when the battle subsides; Now this is my last rhyming section; So stand back, beware or you'll get the Infection; By infection I mean one from all my sick rhymes; So to all you mother-f*ckers, for you it's bad times
  7. No Krazy nor Kookie I am disappoint
  8. Which one you be referring to? First Strike Poster or Actual Real Person How do you know it ain't Richtofen anyway? You don't know everything about zombies. true, but i m only saying that is not richthofen ^^ Aye, but if the man on first strike poster is Richto, then he be bald
  9. To anyone who swiftly disagrees with me, note this--> I was only theorising, I wasn't saying "OMG Gaizz look at this it is Richtofen"
  10. Which one you be referring to? First Strike Poster or Actual Real Person How do you know it ain't Richtofen anyway? You don't know everything about zombies.
  11. From the First Strike Poster From the Zombie Labs Trailer They look kinda similar, just sayin'
  12. TheOnlyShapeShifter Looks like you.... *Puts on sunglasses* Tried to whine about how you got Hardened for Free and are getting map pack 4 for nothing! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Wait a minute, it shouldn't be YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He was trying to say others don't deserve the Classics, if that's the case then it should be WHHHYYYYY! DID!!! YOU!!! SAY!!! THAT!!! *Takes sunglasses off* All in a nights reply ;)
  13. Nacht-->M1A1 Carbine Kar98k Double-Barreled Shotgun M1A1 Thompson BAR M1897 Trench Gun Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun Stielhandgranates Verrukt--> Springfield - Located in the right spawn room. Kar98k - Located in the left spawn room. M1 Garand - Located in the right spawn room. Gewehr 43 - Located in the left spawn room. MP40 - Located on the left balcony. Double-Barreled Shotgun - Located on the left balcony. Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun - Located on the right side of upstairs. STG-44 - Located on the left side of upstairs. Thompson - Located in the right hallway. M1897 Trench Gun - Located on the left side of upstairs. BAR - Located in the right back room. Stielhandgranate - Located in the left spawn room, the left balcony, and in the right hallway Bouncing Betty - Located on the left balcony. Shi No Numa--> Arisaka - Located in the spawn room. Gewehr 43 - Located in the spawn room next to the fence. Stielhandgranate x4 - Located in the warning room next to the exit. M1 Carbine - Located in the warning room next to the exit. Bouncing Betty x2 - Located in the courtyard. M1 Garand - Located near the Doctor's Quarters entrance. M1897 Trenchgun - Located near the Storage entrance. Thompson - Located in the starting mystery box room. MP40 - Located in the Fishing Hut. BAR - Located in the Doctor's Quarters. Type 100 - Located in the Storage. STG-44 - Located in the Comms Room. Der Riese--> Gewher 43 Kar98K Thompson Double-Barrel Shotgun FG-42 MP40 STG-44 Bowie Knife Trench Gun Bouncing Betties Hand Grenades Type 100 M1A1 Carbine

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