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  1. All I have to say is don't judge a book by its cover, for all we know it could turn out to be the greatest Call of Duty ever and from what I see in the trailer I think I found my new favorite Call of Duty.. 8-)
  2. No, I would choose it over a striker cause its my favorite shotgun of all time, Call of Duty has nothing to do with my love of a good old model 1887.. When do you see a M16 in that game? everytime I play it there is someone with a type 95 and never a M16, even though they are the same in damage the M16 is less likely to get the kill then a type 95 cause of the fire rate and range.. the Type 95 surpasses the M16 with its faster fire rate and longer range the only thing the M16 has over the type 95 is accuracy and even then sometimes the M16 doesn't get that one burst kill in close quarters where as the type 95 will always get it.. that is all
  3. Author note: Sorry if I haven't done one in a while I've been doing school related stuff here and there so I never had the time but since its my spring break here you go... _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2: In the jungle, the mighty jungle [Xain]"Well, has you all we're in the greatest bullsh*t of a predicament in human history.. Zombies everywhere, world in utter chaos, and all of this was cause by a crazy sadistic doctor and a little girl, this sounds like some f*cked up story from a movie or a game no way it could be real but sadly it is.. Its not so bad I managed to make new friends along this way and I'm with the best damn leader I've seen in a while.. Nero Woodhaven, he is quite a man that one.. He's brave, cunning, and will not stop until he finishes his mission.. The only other person I know who showed those traits before was takeo.. the only reason I agreed to do this was so I could save takeo from damnation but now I feel there is another reason. For the short time been with the three of them I have shortly grown a friendship with them, even charles has much as he pisses me off, but ever since we ended up in that mexican village I saw a different side of Nero, loneliness.. He lost he family to a gang we wanted to forget and then he wife appears out of nowhere as a spirit in his mind.. I remember him telling use that at the shi no numa facility he lost his entire band of marines to the undead and all of them were close friends from his childhood.. I dont think he is here to stop this, I think he came here to die.. All the stories he told me were of sadness and loneliness and... and I think I'm falling for him.. It sounds stupid but when I look at him my heart pounds and I can't figure out if its because of I feel sorry for him or all the times he has saved my ass but I don't know and.. f*ck it lets just go.." *A loud teleporter noise is heard* *Everyone looks around and sees that there in a jungle* [Nero]"gee 'yawn' I wounder where we are" [Charles]".............." [Nero]"what, you're not going to say your famous line" [Charles]"no" [Victor]"nothing" [Charles]"nope" [Xain]"who are you and what have you done with charlie" [Charles]"he's right here, he's just thinking" [Nero]"about" [Charles]"none of your concern" [Nero]"what's with you are you mad at me" [Charles]"a little" [Nero]"what did I do" [Charles]"I'll you what you did we came here to stop the world from becoming filled with chaos and all we have been doing is going to random ass places that serve no purpose and we are probably going to fail since we have wasted so much f*cking time" [Nero]"do you think I chose to go to all those places, I'm trying to get us to the correct place to stop the madness but it's little hard when you have zombies on your ass and some f*cked up girl teleporting us everywhere so don't look at me like its my f*cking fault" [Charles]"It is your fault" [Xain]"hey charlie if I may interrupt but SHUT THE F*CK UP" [Charles]"excuses me" [Xain]"all the time you find something amiss and all the time I have to put you in your place and right now it get to do it again" [Charles]"I just speaking my mind you Japanese whore" *BOOM Xain punches him right in the face* [Xain]"I've been wanting to do that" [Nero]"Xain, stand down" [Xain]"yes, Nero" *Nero walks over to charles who is currently on the floor* *Nero points his M1911 to charles head* [Charles]"are you serious" [Nero]"Charlie, do me a favor and think for a minute about what we are doing.. We form our little team a while back and I told you everything you need to know so why would I try to take us to the places we've been to why would I try to get us killed. What we are doing is for the good of humanity and probably the only hope for humanity and you think I'm trying to kill us. Look at what we have done we ended up at the mexican village and we saved them,we found what richtofen's true intentions are and so on.. This is a suicide mission and we all knew this when going into the teleporter.. Maybe we will die maybe we won't but *Turns gun as if he was handing it to him* if we don't start acting like a team then we have already failed *Puts his gun away and tries to help him up* so, what do you say, my friend" [Charles]"alright, you've made your point" [Victor]"ok we all have made nice nice again so how about we figure a way out of here" [Nero]"Well for one we are in some sort of temple that's plain obvious and it seem's people lived here before since there's only like two or three houses so it can't be that big so how about we split into two so we can cover more ground.. sound like a plan" [Everyone]"yes" [Nero]"alright charles your with me victor, xain you two go that way" [Everyone]"yes Nero" *They split* *story side{Xain and Victor}* [Victor]"so Xain is this what all of japan looks" [Xain]"some parts maybe I wouldn't really know I was born and raised in the city all I saw was building" *Xain has a nervous look on here face* [Victor]"Xain, is everything alright" [Xain]"yes and no, Victor can I ask you something has a friend" [Victor]"of course what is it" [Xain]"have you ever like someone I mean like like" [Victor]"Well no but why would you.. oh I see what's going on here you like the big old tough russian I know I know I'm adorable but" [Xain]"Its not you dumbass" [Victor]"Well its not me and I'm sure as hell it's not Charlie so you have it in for Nero, you do realize he still loves his dead wife and managed to come into contact with her which I am still trying to figure out how" [Xain]"He is a brave courageous man who has been alone for a while and has lost everything and from our short time together I've managed to have an interest in him but I'm scared to tell him" [Victor]"did you not hear me he's still in love with his dead wife but you're welcome to try" [Xain]"but, what do I say" [Victor]"just tell him how you feel" [Xain]"just tell him" [Victor]"yeah, what could happen he trusts you and if you tell him and he says no he'll still treat you like a friend its not like he won't be able to speak to you I know his type he'll like you no matter what you say" [Xain]"alright, I'll take your word on it" *story side{Nero and Charles}* [Nero]"hey Charlie can I ask you something, important" [Charles]"sure, what is it" [Nero]"has Xain been acting strange lately" [Charles]"what do you mean" [Nero]"she keeps giving me a look or something and she can't seem to talk to me correctly.. Did I make her mad or something" [Charles]"you really don't know do you" [Nero]"what" [Charles]"she likes you, more then a friend" [Nero]"what, bullsh*t how do know" [Charles]"the way she looks at you when you get near you, how she always tries to get herself near you.. Its all in her body language" [Nero]"If what you say is true then maybe it would hurt to tell her that I feel the same way" [Charles]"What about your wife, she contacted you from the dream" [Nero]"I know that was you" [Charles]"what are you talking about *he has a nervous look on his face*" [Nero]"My wife was not a morning person and she would wake up around twelve and I would be the one to make breakfast for kaidan.. in the dream it was nine and she was up before me, and her eyes were blue in the dream they were brown like yours" [Charles]"alright I did that to help you snap out of it and look it worked" [Nero]"I'm just saying if I know my wife she would want me to be happy" [Charles]"so when are you going to tell her" [Nero]"when we're out of here and somewhere else so for now lets keep going" *They walk into a room filled with dead bodies and boars* [Nero]"Holy sh*t what in gods name happened here" [Charles]"I don't know but we need to get out of here before sam does random sh*t again..Nero..... NERO!!" [Nero]"Yeah I'm right here and guess what I managed to find a conveniently place gersch device lying around so we can leave now [Charles]"What" [Nero]"that means sam heard you and she put this here to give use a chance so lets use that chance ok" *The cave started to shake and the undead started to rise* *I think its time to GTFO* [Nero]"move, now" *there both running to the court yard and met up with the other two* *and don't worry they brought guns so no need for that silly box* [Nero]"lets go guys we're getting out of here" [Xain]"wait Nero I have to tell you something" *Zombie moans can be heard from everywhere* [samantha]"did you really think it was going to be that easy my little prey" [Nero]"not right now here take this and move up the stairs now go, go ,go" [Victor]"Nero we all have our guns now what [Nero]"Charlie, are you ready to set where we are going [Charles]"yes, where are we going" [Nero]"Area 51" [Charles]"what, what are we going to find there" [Nero]"just trust me" *everyone nods there heads and are ready for the fight *can you guess what happens now, oh I'll just tell you they start shooting the undead and.. and.. wait for it.. wait for it.. they get a carpenter yyyeeeaaahhhh* [Nero]"carpenter, oh hell no I got this" *well it seems he pulled out a hacking device* [Xain]"where the hell did you get that [Nero]"I built it when we were in vorkuta [Everyone]"??????" [Victor]"when" [Nero]"right before the battle" [Victor]"why were we not informed" [Nero]"cause we had zombies to kill and it does not matter since im using now *Well, it seems Nero acquired a death machine from being such a hacker* *Not to interrupt but I'm writing this story and I said it was a carpenter* [Nero]"Well I say its a death machine.. GOT IT" *Well, somebody's a Mr. pushy pants.. Ok he changed it to a death machine* *continue* [Victor]"Well, now that you have a death machine now what" [Nero]"while charlie does that we continue to kill these undead assholes who are about to surround us and we should start shooting now" *Well after Nero was being such a pushy pants here's the hidden song they are going to listen to since its the end of this part of the chapter, that's how you can tell its the end of the part since that's how every other freaken part ended!!* pnIKH7w241Q *As always just imagine an epic fight sequence with a death machine and guns and zombie etc... and while you do that I'll be here not doing much* *la la la do do do stab stab stab le le le I forgot to wear underwear la la la* *oh are you finished, good you can go back to the story now* [Nero]"Charlie how's it coming, my death machine just ran out" [Victor]"yeah my guns are running out" [Charles]"just about.. there go go go" *everyone is stand on it* [Nero]"charlie, nothing's happening" [Charles]"I know I know" [Xain]"come on charlie, hurry" [Charles]"try now" [Victor]"If it doesn't work now we're f*cked [Nero]"cross your fingers" *Nero pushes the button* *A large teleporter noise is heard* [samantha]"God dammit I wish they would stop doing that"
  4. Time to be the one who sticks out from the rest, you know what I want the most duel wielding M14's... I would love Treyarch even more than I do now if they aloud my to duel wield my favorite gun ever!! or bring back the sawed off double barrel either one works...
  5. Well I just put up my first tweak/edit to my post so check it out if you would like and if your to lazy to look up there then I'll put it down here
  6. I must have forgot them, besides who needs periods anyway ;)
  7. Now we know that Treyarch is capable of great things and we assist them in that with our ideas so I would like to share one of my own. Now WaW and Black ops have the same categories Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies now if you look at MW3 they have three categories as well but one contains two options spec ops and survival. Now I bet your thinking ok what's so damn special well my idea is Zombie Arena. Just like spec ops when you select it you get two options so when you select Zombie you would get two options Normal and Arena now you can probably guess what normal is but Arena would be like another survival type of game but a little different from regular old zombies. You would be in a arena at the start obviously and it would be like no mans land endless and you could pick from many different gametypes to play in arena: time trial, gun game, etc. Now I bet your thinking well how the f*ck would gun game work well if you watch NextGenTactics they played on a custom zombie map that would let you play gun game if you wanted to. Now if modders can make gun game work on WaW zombies im sure it would be possible for the developers to do it. So this is how it would go you would start in the main menu and you select zombies and pick arena for and example let's say you pick private match now you select what arena you play, take note I do not mean like pick nacht or kino I mean that they would make maps that look like arenas you would choose those, then you would pick you game type and here some game type ideas you could play Time trial: survive as long as you can Gun Game: now instead of regular its changed up where let's say you start of with a CZ75 and when you get a kill with it it would go to the pap'ed version on that gun then you would get a new gun after you kill with it and it would repeat until you go through every gun in zombies and when the zombies kill you think of that as the humiliation. Capture the box: kind of a headquarters game type where the box would spawn in a random location and you and your team have to go capture it and everytime you capture it everyone is aloud one box try and if you want to go again you would have to wait for it to move but basically just get as many captures as possible but be wary the more you capture the more zombies there will be. Sticks and Stones: in a zombie outbreak you can't always rely on ammo, in this gametype well can you guess.. Assassination: zombies are inspired by there leaders and they will come at full force to kill you. At a random time a zombie boss will appear and the objective is to kill as many zombie leaders as possible Search and Destroy: similar to the gametype in multiplayer you have to find and destory high valued objects in this a random element 115 rock will appear and you have to acquire a bomb that would be in another location and destory the rock. Watch yourself though the location of the rock is where the zombies will spawn the most. All for the objective: if you can't decide what you want to play then no need to fear all for the objective is random all the time it can go from time trial to search or assassination to CTB etc. Just to keep the flow going, note that if you pick this gametype everything will be harder than usual Now just to let you now how everything esle works is every time you complete an objective and everytime you complete 3 objectives the difficulty is raised to keep things entertaining and on the leaderboards the points gained from objectives are the equivalent of rounds. So tell me if you like the idea and i'll tweak it here and there but yeah let me know what you think... Tweak/Edit 1.: As we all know Cod zombies goes up to four players and I bet your thinking "well no sh*t" but with all the guns and perks everyone is the same so why not have classes to change things up and it could be like this guy does more damage with assault rifles while this guy holds more ammo but all in all let me show you what the classes could be like The Soldier: Can deal more damage with Assault Rifles Can deal more damage with Explosives Can deal more damage with Shotguns Can hold an extra Frag/Semtex grenade The Technician: Can deal more damage with SMG's Can capture a box and plant a bomb faster than any other class Can deal more damage with wunder weapons Traps cost half the price and recharge faster when purchased by you Pack a Punch weapons do 10% more damage The Heavy: Can deal more damage with LMG's Can hold 50% more ammo with all guns You are 15% slower than any other class You deal 20% more damage when standing still Has a small chance to receive more ammo from max ammo's or when purchasing ammo for a wall weapon The Assassin Can deal more damage with Sniper Rifles Can deal more damage with Pistols Can deal more damage with Melee Can deal more damage with Special Weapons, as in ballistic knifes and Crossbows Can do 35% more damage to the head You are 15% faster than any other class Now you can see that with each classes have different benefits and that a certain class could help you better in a certain game type like Assassin could help you better in sticks and stones and assassination while technician could help you better in Capture the box and Search and Destory. And of course the characters will have to look different from each other so I was thinking on the line of this. (The Soldier) (The technician) (The Heavy) (The Assassin) Somewhat like this but tweaked a little to fit the time period which I'm guessing Black ops 2 would be during the 70's and 80's so yeah there is tweak/edit 1...
  8. Assault Rifles: M16 SMG's: MP5 LMG's: PKP or M60 Shotguns: Model 1887 or USAS 12 Snipers: Dragonov Pistols: all Machine Pistols: Scorpion Launcher: Stinger The guns I listed are the love and will always use if I ever bother to get on that game and you would never see me with the overpowered and overused gay guns like striker, ACR, Type 95 etc.
  9. I remember I achieved mine in free for all so you can try there but just to see if you have it go through all your emblems throughly... I believe the emblem is located on page 2 or 3 but just go through them all and if you still can't find/get it you could look up a youtube vid about some one having all the emblems and wait for the treyarch emblem to pop up and read the description of the emblem to see if your doing it right..
  10. I may be in a team myself but I wouldn't mind if it was gone for a bit.. It would give everyone in those teams to play with others in the forums more or even just randoms online, and maybe acquire new members while there at it instead of people in the team and to focus more on the story then instead of focusing on get 50 of kino or ascension etc.. so like I said before it will be a nice time off to do other zombie related stuff or to just play something else besides Call of Duty... I'm sure Convert and everyone else will do the best they can to resolve the situation so everyone can be happy..
  11. Well if teams have to go then teams have to go, at least for now.. Doggy the team is gone for now and you can't stop that but just because you can't post on the thread does not mean your team is gone. you still have contact with them through xbox or private messages etc. so no need to complain the a little thread is gone and I have to agree with darkjolteon that you were being rude and should apologize to them... Well that's all I have to say....
  12. Chapter 3, Part 1: Vorkuta [Victor]”ahh ok hold on, let me sit down ahh there we go alright now as all you random people may know, my name is Victor, I’m Russian, I love vodka, I kill the undead for a living with Nero and the others, and well that’s me in a nutshell but all this has been going to shit lately, going to a capitalist pig army base filled with undead, ending up in civil war and some town in Mexico then we end up in Nero’s head, I’m still trying to comprehend how that happened, but anyway we are now in good old mother Russia in some mining camp place thing whatever but there’s something else here they were mining I’ve got a hunch for these thing.” *They awake from there sleep* [Victor]”oohh shit ‘fart’ my head” [Xain]”oh mine as well ‘sniff’ ’sniff’ aw aww Victor jesus” [Victor]”what, its normal to fart” [Charles]”still Victor, it smells like you shit your pants” *Victor checks his pants* [Victor]”probably cause I did, hold on I’ll go change my underwear” *Nero wakes up* [Nero]”oohh, ok what did I miss and why does it smell like shit” [Xain]”cause victor shit himself” [Nero]”god damn Victor” [Victor]”ok I changed my underwear” [Nero]”aaa Victor that’s not your underwear” [Victor]”then who’s are they” [Nero]”mine” [Victor]”oh shit” [Nero]”yeah, you keep them” [Charles]”as I was trying to say before the shit storm, no pun intended, are you feeling alright Nero” [Nero]”yeah I’m fine, Charlie, you know how to do wonders” [Charles]”duh winning” [Nero]”now back to the matter at hand, where are we” [Charles]”well by my calculations” [everyone]”shut up!!!” [Victor]”ok Charles your are friend and all but every damn time you say that” [Charles]”well ssoorryy, maybe you would like to do all the technical things around here while I kick back and enjoy some tea” [Victor]”I’m was just saying, no need to get all pissy” [Nero]”enough, both of you, lets just look around instead of bitching around, now lets just figure out where we are” [Xain]”I found a sign” [Nero]”well, that was fast” [Charles]”ok lets see we are at some place called Vorkuta” [Victor]”Vorkuta, no wonder this place felt so familiar” [Nero]”have you been here before” [Victor]”yes, a long time ago” *Victor relives his memories at Vorkuta* [Victor]”The Vorkuta Gulag, this place was a Soviet prison camp and they would make the prisoners mine coal all day, having to live in mines and if you mess up one thing the guard would beat you until you got it right, 1943 I was in the army and I was assigned to Vorkuta to be a guard and the things I had to do, almost every day I would have to beat a prisoner for doing a sloppy job or not doing the work. One day I was told to kill a prisoner cause he didn’t as much coal as everyone else, they gave me a shotgun and said kill him.” September 4, 1943 Vorkuta Gulag, Russia Victor Zhukov 4:53 P.M. *Victor is just walking around the mines* *Victor sees a guard beating a prisoner* {Guard}” ‘SMACK’ this is for slacking off” {Prisoner}” ‘BEATEN’ I’m sorry ‘BEATEN’ I’m sorry ‘BEATEN’ ” [Victor]”what’s going on here” {Guard}”ah hey Victor, I’m just teaching ‘SMACK’ this prisoner a lesson” [Victor]”maybe you should lay off a bit” {Prisoner}”YES, yes listen to your guard friend” {Guard}”shut up you bum, why should I did you know what he did” [Victor]”oh I would love to hear this” {Prisoner}”please sir I did nothing wrong” {Guard}”shut up ‘SMACK’, for the past month he has been doing less work and with him slacking off we’re behind schedule” {Prisoner}”you and all the guards are the reason I’m behind, everyday me and every other prisoner is beaten and we are sick off this bullshit” {Guard}”shut it, I’ve had enough of you” *Guard loads a shotgun* {Guard}”here Victor, I’ll let you do the honors” [Victor]”what” {Guard}”he’s going to die, your going to kill him” [Victor]”I don’t think he should die cause of one little mistake” {Guard}”I am a higher rank than you that means you do what I say, now kill him or I kill both of you!!” *Victor readies the shotgun and point it at the prisoner* *the prisoner is filled with fear* *Victor turns around and aims at the guard* * ‘boom’ the guard lays dead* *all the Vorkuta guards surrounded Victor and the prisonser* [Victor]”that prisoner did not deserve to die for one little mistake so why not deal with the real problem, I shot that guard right on the spot but only to have every guard in the whole damn place on my ass, luckily for me I wasn’t killed as you can tell and I was made a prisoner. A whole year pass since then ‘incident’ and that prisoner I saved died later on from all the fumes in the mines. Later I was able to escape thanks to an old friend” November 2, 1944 Vorkuta Gulag, Russia Victor Zhukov 11:15 A.M. *Victor is working peacefully in the mines* {Guard}”Victor Zhukov” [Victor]”yes sir” {Guard}”come with me, you have a visitor” [Victor]”a visitor, did you know who it is” {Guard}”he wouldn’t say he just said that he was an old friend” *Victor and the guard walk to the visitors center* {Guard}”here we are, enjoy your time” [Victor]”is that, Nikolai my friend” {Nikolai}”hehe how are you doing my friend” [Victor]”do I have to answer that” {Nikolai}”no, I think I can already tell, come lets sit we can share a bottle of vodka” [Victor]”Nikolai Belinski sharing a bottle of Vodka, who are you and what have you done with the real Nikolai” {Nikolai}”ah shut up, it’s a special occasion” [Victor]”so what’s the occasion” *They both take a shot of Vodka* *Nikolai passes him a folded piece of paper* *Victor unfolds the paper* [Victor]”Nikolai what’s this” {Nikolai}”these are plan to help you escape from this place” [Victor]”Nikolai you do know how risky this is right” {Nikolai}”don’t worry I have everything under control just go to this spot and everything will be fine” {Guard}”visiting time is up” {Nikolai}”remember my friend that spot” [Victor]”goodbye Nikolai” {Nikolai}”for now” *Victor goes to the spot of Nikolai’s description* *Victor notices someone is digging through the wall* {Soldier}”Victor Zhukov” [Victor]”yes, I assuming your with Nikolai” {Soldier}”yes I am we are part of the marines and we are sending you to America” [Victor]”America, why?” {Soldier}”you’ve been branded an enemy of Russia so we’ll take you to America, you’ll be safe there.” [Victor]”ok, you lead the way” *Victor and the solider make there way out of Vorkuta* *Nikolai and another soldier are waiting with another car* {Nikolai}”I told you I had it under control” *three armored Russian trucks are coming towards them* [Victor]”I’m not so sure about that get in the car” *they drive and drive till they make it to the destination, and getting shot at wasn’t helping either* *they arrive at the plane* {Soldier}”get on the plane go go go” *Nikolai and another soldier are heading for a another plane* {Nikolai}”goodbye my friend we’ll meet again” [Victor]”where are you going” {Nikolai}”the war calls me, we will take back honor for russia” [Victor]”goodbye my friend” *End* [Nero]”and then you live I America for a year and here you are” [Victor]”that is correct my friend” [Xain]”that’s not fair, you become the enemy of your country cause you wouldn’t kill a defenseless man” [Victor]”yup” [Nero]”I’m very sorry Victor” [Victor]”It’s all right my friend now lets get back to the task at hand, wait I remember something” [Charles]”what is it Victor” [Victor]”you guys know what the element 115 rocks look like right” [Nero]”of course” [Victor]”when I was locked up here I remember them bringing in a 8ft tall rock that looked like one” [Charles]”you mean like that” *Everyone observes the giant 115 rock* [Nero]”I think there’s going to be zombies in 3.. 2.. 1..” *There is moaning and screaming heard everywhere, the undead hoard had arrived* [Nero]”Called it” [Victor]”quickly everyone, I remember a armory not to far from here” [Nero]”oh now your talking guns here I come” *they all follow Victor to the armory* *they arrive to the armory and close the gates so the undead can not enter* *there is at least a hundred gun in there* [Nero]”Its like I died and have gone to heaven ‘sniff’ I think I need a tissue” [Xain]”Nero, there just guns” [Nero]”but there so beautiful” [Victor]”I agree” [Charles]”come on lets get ready to find our way out of here” [samantha]”do you think you get all these weapons that easily” *every weapon in the armory disappears* [Nero]”NNNooo, why do you always take the things we need” *the mystery box appears* [Xain]”at least see left the box” [Nero]”lets armor up” *they all take there tries at the box* *Victor obtains the Thunder Gun* [Victor]”well, well, well” [Victor]”its about time some else received the wonder gun and thank god it was me” [Nero]”hey it’s not my fault the box loves me” [Charles]”that’s why you got a knife” [Nero, Xain]”hey, don’t mess with the knife” [Nero]”especially a knife you can shoot, and I still have a MP5 so yeah shut up” [Victor]”now if there still there we can take some cars out of here and go to a Russian science lab about 5 miles from here which might contain things to use against the undead” [Nero]”is everyone ready” [everyone]”yes” [Nero]”lets do this” *they pull the switch which slowly opens the gate* *A syrin goes off then a song can be* *This song represents how Samantha is an unstoppable force and with the undead at her side she is the master of war* * 0:54 to 1:05 and 1:51 to 2:02 is from Nero’s view the rest is Samantha’s* Ijg9tAxxhPY *the undead are pouring into the armor and they’re just drilling through them* *for the reader, take the time to imagine a epic fight sequence* [Nero]”Victor, are we there yet” [Victor]”hold on just keep moving I sure we’re almost there, look look there they are” [Nero]”alright go go go” *there moving as fast as they can* *getting closer* *almost there* *you made it* [samantha]”oh no” *all the car’s explode, sad face* [Nero]”are you kidding me, are.. you.. kidding.. me!!” [Xain]”well looks like we’re dead” [samantha]”I feel like playing a game somewhere else, and I know just the place” [Charles]”aww shit” *A teleporter noise is heard*
  13. Part 3: Memory Lane [Nero]”You know, life is a f*cking bitch, I’m mean you get born have a good little time as a toddler but then you grow up and have to school and learn usless bullshit and for what, I started a family and all I use is math and grammar. I have a beautiful wife and a great son, got married when I was 19, Karliah, Karliah, she was a beautiful woman, long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, when I saw her she was mine.. Karliah Jane Woodhaven, We expressed our love and now we a our loving son Kaidan, hehe those two were the greatest but then the war came. World War II, not a pretty war. I didn’t want to go but my father died in World War 1 and I had to avenge him. When I was 15 I ran with a gang and we terrorized people, soon I couldn't handle it any more so I left. Before war came to me my old crew found me and killed my wife and son. Its not a great thing to come home and see your family killed right in front of you. I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my M1911 and killed them all. I had to bury my f*cking family. After that I went and signed up for the army in hope that some freaking jap would kill me. But, that’s where life becomes a bitch again, there was no enemy that could kill me and cause of my war efforts I get assigned a top secret mission by the president of the united states of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to see what the nazi’s are up to. So me and a small team disguise are selves as Germans and we’re sent to a facility in japan and there was some f*cked up shit there. Element 115, the living dead, nothing I’ve never seen. So now I’m with a crew I formed and we’re trying to stop this nightmare.. But don’t worry about me, in this part of the story I’m unconscious and my dear friends try to use some machine that I don’t even know where it came from but you will learn soon… *Teleporting noise* [Xain]”Oh shit, Nero where are you” [Victor]”I got him over here, he’s not waking up” [Xain]”Nero, get up, get up” *Charles examines Nero* [Charles]”It seems he is unconscious, he’s going to be out for a long time” [Victor]”F*ck that we need to get him up now” [Xain]”Charlie, is there a way to revive him” [Charles]”there’s one way” *Charles pulls out a machine from his combat bag* *Victor and Xain both have confused looks on there faces* [Xain]”Ok what the f*ck is that and where did you” [Charles]”I got it when we were at Der riese, It’s a device created to control zombies” [Victor]”Well, how will it help” [Charles]”It was designed to tap into the minds of the undead but in the end it failed, although before hand we tested it on living people. We had a man who was unconscious and he was in a state where he would not wake up for about 5 hours” [Xain]”How did that happen” [Charles]”A zombie hit him in the head with a bucket, any who it was successful on living subjects but not undead, so if I can make it worrkk! There it’s on now lets see what’s going on in Nero’s mind right now” *They’re looking into his mind* *Nero is reliving a memory in a dream* *Date 1945, Las, Angeles, Monday 6:42 p.m., Nero’s home* {Nero}”Honey, I’m home” *there is silence* {Nero}”Karliah, Kaiden” *Some noises coming from the back room* *Nero opens is and sees nothing* {Nero}”What is going on” *SMACK* *Nero got hit over the head with a bat* *He awakes to see his wife and son tied up along with him* *His old crew is right in front of him* {Nero}”Come on, guys I gave up on this please” {Gang leader}”We been doing this gang shit for 2 years and you wanted out and we wouldn’t let you, then you had the balls to kill our old leader and take our money to start a family, you fucked us now we are going to f*ck you” {Nero}”No, no please don’t hurt my family” {Gang leader}”Well since you asked nicely” *Two gun shots* *Both Karliah and Kaiden have been shot* {Nero}”No, NOOO!!” *The gang laughed* *Nero broke from his restraints and tackled the leader* *They all began to shoot, Nero ran for his bedroom* *He grabbed his fathers M1911* *Nine bullets, Nine enemies, pew pew, all dead* *He looked at the gun and remembered his father went through this as well, his father had his wife’s name scratched on the gun, Sally* *He ran to his wife and child* {Nero}”Karliah, Karliah!” *No answer* {Nero}”Kaiden, son answer!!” *No answer* *His family and his past are now dead and gone, he is all alone now* *Nero scratched Karliah and Kaiden on the weapon* END [Xian]”Oh my god” [Victor]”that was horrifying, to have your family.. I don’t want to speak right now” [Charles]”Now I know why he didn’t want to speak” [Xian]”look there’s more” *Nero wakes up in a bed* {Nero}”AAAHHHH!!, oh my god, Karliah, karliah!!” {Karliah}”I’m here what’s wrong” {Nero}”Your okay, your not dead” {Karliah}”Why would I be” {Nero}”Didn’t my old gang come here” {Karliah}”No, don’t you remember, they’ve been dead for two years” *Nero doesn’t know what’s going on, he remembers the gang, the undead, all of it but he is here, was it all a dream* {Nero}”Where is Kaiden” {Karliah}”He’s eating his breakfast, you should do the same” {Nero}”Yeah, yeah I will in a minute” {Karliah}”Are you sure you’re ok” {Nero}”Yeah, I’m fine” *Nero goes to his safe and grabs his M1911 and examines it* *Its still says Karliah and Kaiden on it* *Nero doesn’t what’s happening but he’s playing along* *Nero goes down for breakfest* {Nero}”Kaiden, My son how are you today” {Kaiden}”I’m great father” {Karliah}”Would you like your breakfest” {Nero}”yes dear” {Nero}”So kaiden how has school been treating, Oh my f*cking god” {Richtofen}”Hello, dead meat hahahah” *Richtofen fads away* *A snow storm is brewing outside* *Karliah came back with a plate and on it was Nero’s M1911* {Karliah}”Come on lets go” {Nero}”Wait wait wait, what’s going on here” {Karliah}”this a dream Nero, I’m actually dead but I’m here in spirit form” {Nero}”Wait, were you the voice I was hearing in that town before Samantha came” {Karliah}”Yes, I was, but that’s not important right now, your unconscious and sam has tapped into your mind and creating zombie images in your mind, if you die here you will be stuck here for a long time” {Nero}”So how do I get out” {Karliah}”I believe your friends are already working on it” {Nero}”what” [Charles]”Nero, if you can hear me I have a device that will allow to escape you just need to hold till its up and running, I will also send Xain and Victor into your mind for back up” [Victor]”Wait, how are you going to do that” [Charles]”like this” *Smack* *He knocks both Victor and Xain out* *He attaches the device to both of them* [Xain]”Oh, my head” [Victor]”Oh, mine to” {Nero}”Hey Victor, Hey Xain, its been a while” [Xain]”Likewise so Charlie what do we do” [Charles]”While I power up the device just hold off the best you can and you guys will be out in no time” *A mystery box appears* {Nero}”I think we can handle that” [Victor]”Well lets f*cking do this” {Nero}”Oh and guys, thanks” [Xain]”Your basically our brother now, we won’t leave you” {Karliah}”Lets get to work shall we” {Nero}”Yes dear” *Everyone uses the box and equips themselves to fight off the hoard* *Nero acquires the wonder weapon as usual, and the wounder weapon is the Scavanger* [Victor]”Why does Nero always get the good shit” {Nero}”My mind, my gun, and I do say its f*cking sexy” [Victor]”but every other time you get the good shit, its like the main character of a story or something” [Xain]”Please Victor, if this was a story he wouldn’t be this lucky” {Karliah}”Can we focus on the matter at hand” {Nero}”Sorry, dear” *Everyone is ready to fight the hoard to there last breath, A small tune can be heard* *This song represents Nero’s feelings to Karliah* x6jyP0rJHzM *There holding off the best they can against the hoard but hoard is breaking through* {Nero}”Hey Charlie, is it ready yet” [Xain]”yeah I don’t feel like dieing” [Charles]”Its powering up but not fast enough its need like some sort of boost to go faster” *A zombie appears and it resembles Nero* *It’s a 7 foot tall zombies with a pole that has electricity flowing though it ‘hint’ ’hint’* {Nero}”Maybe” *Nero charges for the zombie with the Scavanger and shoots it like no tomorrow* *The zombie begins to spark then in seconds explodes and a sonic wave a electricity is blown which traveled through there bodies in the device which power it up to max* {Nero}”Hey Charlie, did that work” [Charles]”Well I be damned it did, ok you guys are being pulled out in 3, 2, 1” *Everything turns white* *They awake*
  14. I have never screwed over a teammate.. if someone f*cks up its by there doing. In zombies im the support man. I give points away, I charge out save someone, save people from obtaining down syndrome, let's others have the wonder gun(most of the time), basically do what is nessessary for there survival and not mine and what do I get in return, nothing.
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