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  1. If you don't really like mule kick and find it dumb, don't buy it then and keep going your normal zombie killing? Moon is not that entirely difficult, so depending on the person running it, it varies if mule kick is important or not. If you're a guy that likes old style 2 gun and four power ups like the good old days then go ahead. I don't even get it at times just to make the map more challenging as it does get too easy.
  2. Yep the troller is back >> *claps slowly* Welcome back...
  3. Well they could really tweak it since in call of the dead you cannot get quick revive again from the free perk bottle from George after the third down ^^
  4. I really have put my thoughts into the Moon Easter egg for solo. Could the Vrill device be found like the egg was in solo? Since how excavator Pi goes down and takes out the needed egg for the Cryogenic Slumber Party, couldn't the other excavators might dig the Vrill device since its only Richtofen? Just my little theory out there for the solo part. I might be thinking on this too hard xD In my mind it always bothers me on my thoughts as I keep thinking "Why would Treyarch give us a half finished easter egg" and makes me keep wondering there might be more.
  5. Not everyone has the convenience of a capture card.
  6. Stop being a troll, and give him some credit, he's put the time and effort into making the video so stfu and get a life. haha yea hes wasting his life oing the video, when i have a life, you guys get on this shit everyday, i barely even touch my computer Why don't you start that life in going to school and spell right, that can be the first thing. Second, you waste your life more by making others feel bad in your comment. If you think that this website is "shit" don't come back. Simple as that Hater :3
  7. Really dude? not everyone has the same experience as you >> my cousin even thinks getting to round 15 is epic and its fun.
  8. ExceededFlare


    In all honesty, if this was really a joke on him saying that about us Latinos and what not, shouldn't he already said in a post that he was joking? o.o
  9. What is unnecessary is comments like this ^^^ Not everyone knows this, if you do know this, then you don't really need to post comments like that, the guy was trying to be helpful... True words true words
  10. Ah true xD Derp comment by me lolol xD I do apologize
  11. What about Shino Nu Numa. That place is in daylight.
  12. Do you have somewhat of a little description on how it looks like such as color, shape and what not?
  13. Was filling up the tanks on the side of the pyramid when all of the sudden "Boom!" the astro zombie appeared behind me and held me WITH the other zombies on my other direction gang banging me >> So basically the astro zombie just held me until the zombies all pile drive me at once and then teleported downed xD.
  14. Erm the Thunder Gun does only push the zombies if shot from a distance o.o From what I have experienced in Ascension last time xD
  15. viewforum.php?f=13 You'll find it more useful here^^
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