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  1. One thing wrong with the moon map, enough zombies hit you... well you suffocate...
  2. My crossbow bolts seem to go right through the apple for some reason same thing goes for semtex, C4, Ballistic Knives, all specials, equipment, frag, tomahawk, and probably everything else besides bullets. I guess it's just limited to bullets.
  3. Hey guys I was exploring Hangar 18 and I went to the 51-A area and approached the apple being tested. I shot the apple with my weapon, apparently if you shoot a gun that uses bullets it makes a multiple bullet ricocheting sound, only when you shoot the apple nothing else near it. I just thought it was weird, any explanations? Sorry if this was already posted. Thanks! :D
  4. Yeah, I agree with you partly, but have you ever tried playing Solo? It's much less annoying than playing with noobs. Although, getting to Juggernog is very easy for me. What I do is stay in the main room until round 5 or 6 and make a crawler I'd usually have 4000 - 5000 points on me. Then I would open up the power, then the ship with the MP40, then buy the MP40 and stay there for the next round. When I have enough for Juggernog I wait and make a crawler then buy it. On the other reasons I couldn't agree more with you, well besides 2, 3 and a little on 4.
  5. Spaz-24 or the not PaP version, the Spas-12, for me I like the automatic shotgun spray when you PaP it and it get's the zombie job done! Multiplayer, then it'll be once again the Spas-12, semi-automatic but not pump-action, I don't really care but it's still awesome!
  6. I have done the CotD EE and the S-L EE with Richtofen, and I did have the Golden Rod, but I wasn't sure if all 4 people never doing the CotD EE would make a difference. But thanks for clarifying! I played Shangri-La as Richtofen, but I didn't have the golden rod, I've only played as him in Solo and not online. Also, I didn't do the EE on CotD.
  7. You know you spelled it wrong and at least look his name up before posting this.
  8. That's a pretty good theory, I didn't really think about that, although if he takes the "Good" ( )choice and not the "Evil" choice ( :twisted: ) wouldn't history react accordingly to the change and I'm guessing the zombie storyline would change and you'd probably take on new maps, enemies, wonder weapons, perks, power ups, etc.
  9. To me not the best zombie song, but I still like it. But, I agree with Matt's theory after he figured out why they made the songs, it made me think why it was made that way and for what reason... besides an easter egg. :D
  10. Yeah, I agree with you, but what should happen is that everyone from the zombies maps, like the 4 people, in Nacht, and Verruckt, then the people in "Five", Dead Ops Arcade, Call of the Dead, and of course the original crew, (probably excluding Rictofen though) should all unite and kill zombies together.
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