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Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?


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best i had was 28,but it just gets too boring after that,id rather just restart and hope for better challange CUZ it sux having to run around like a dog or nikolai chasing vodka,theres just no point in it unless you get it :D

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When I'm playing four player the whole team can PaP one weapon. But the last one better be careful cause once there weapon pops out you've got only like a second to pick it up. xD

I've made it to 38 Solo.

I had upgraded M16 and Upgraded Zues with all perks. Even claymores. Though, power went out. :cry:

Just keep hitting the teleporter and shooting the grenade launcher off the side and by them time I was sent to the main frame I'd throw down claymores, cut on the trap beside the portraits and kill off the rest with my M16. Have a crawler and re-build windows. It got boring after a while and I was all ready contemplating on running threw a trap once or twice to get it over with. :lol:

After 30+ They stop growing stronger and the rounds just grown longer. :roll:

Now, 4 player with my siblings I've gotten to 52. My brother showed us this video and we used that strategy with the zues cannon. but in the end we all got eaten alive. :lol:

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Just set my own new record - solo round 32. Not entirely sure how i died though, i was looping the stage and my train was far behind me, i stopped moving so i turned around to see a single zombie hitting me, i gave him about 10 PaP'd HK headshots and he died, i began continuing with my train as per usual and then out of nowhere, no red screen or anything about 5 seconds later i went down :o

Oh well i was getting REALLY bored anyway :\ new personal best round 32 solo :)

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