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  1. I don't care enough to find the quote, but it's definitely Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen. you don't have to fret on that one.
  2. You just seem really selfish and bitter. You've had the exclusives for half a fucking year, and you're still bitching. Us PC players didn't even get the fucking option to get a special edition for the [email protected] maps, so for us to at least get an option now is fair. You also ask "WOULDNT YOU HAVE LIKED 5 BRAND NEW MAPS?" - as most of us here are mostly zombies players and the classic maps is something a lot of us have been waiting for, the answer would, for most of us, be NO. You said you were just stating your opinion and didn't expect to get flamed, maybe people would have respected your opinion if it wasn't so selfish and written in a less condescending tone. ^I agree with this guy also. I would much prefer have one new map and the four classic maps than have five new maps. Also i find it funny that in the OP he said "come at me" and said something about intelligent responses. Not much witty about that all-caps rant. one more thing on top of what i posted before, is that people who bought hardened or prestige editions, you had the maps "exclusively" for a long time now. time to share. Syndicate supports it also, because the way it is now, it takes a long time to find an online game on classic maps because there's rarely anyone trying to play them. this makes it so there will always be games available.
  3. I haven't read anything but the OP and i know that this has PROBABLY been said but look, you wouldn't say that if you hadn't bought prestige edition. Fact of the matter is, the Hardened and Prestiged editions are GONE. you can't buy them from game-shops, obviously you can't order them in as they don't make them anymore. If you try to get them off eBay you *WILL* be ripped off as the codes for the maps will be used already. Treyarch is a company who likes money. Zombies players like maps. Treyarch release the original map for DLC and they make A LOT or money, whilst our community get what they have been asking for. Sorry if this sounds flamey, just putting my opinion out there.
  4. [brains] Rather see the M60 hands down, but AK47 is *probably* my favourite gun all up so yeah, I'd love to see it in Zombies. Upgraded i would think a red dot sight, bigger clip + ammo and more damage, standard to assault rifles.
  5. Just set my own new record - solo round 32. Not entirely sure how i died though, i was looping the stage and my train was far behind me, i stopped moving so i turned around to see a single zombie hitting me, i gave him about 10 PaP'd HK headshots and he died, i began continuing with my train as per usual and then out of nowhere, no red screen or anything about 5 seconds later i went down Oh well i was getting REALLY bored anyway :\ new personal best round 32 solo :)

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