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  1. unfortunately no, ive tried several several several times to pick up from every angel and nothing has worked, ive tried both sides of the bed, the foot of the bed, jumping, and just about everything else, its just scenery, nothing else...
  2. ive already put this strategy except in alot better detail on here just look alittle farther down kino solo strat...and dont ask for brains
  3. AK47u, powerful, accurate, decent fire rate, its an AK enough said
  4. well if i had known about the site then i would have definatly been on it...lol...but i see what you mean it would be distracting...o well back to the drawing board
  5. ray gun all the way, 20 160 and 40 200 on ammo, blows them half, good fire rate, love it, only down fall is i think its the only gun you down yourself with
  6. Nice work carbon, hey it would be awesome if you used those pictures for the background on the website, different pictures for different categories and sub categories, and make the forum semi transparent so you can see the picture and the forum, but a color change in the forum might come into play to make it still easy to read without being hard on the eyes, lot of work, but would be kick ass
  7. i rage quit when i get pissed off cause someone is hacking or glitching, its made to be hard for a reason, if you need to hack or glitch, then you probably suck at the game and couldnt do it without...if you think you can do it without glitching then i challenge you
  8. have to go with the ak, powerfule, accurate, decent rate of fire, not alot of recoil...plus with either the extended mag, or grenade launcher...this weapons pwns
  9. fake - ive tried most of those, the shoot, spin, shoot with and without a pistol, the shoot go prone shoot, i might get a good gun half the time but thats just the math of getting the gun in the code, not a glitch, besides i have the luck of getting a pistol, ballistic knife, or something stupid
  10. In the PaP room on the clock, time is not going backwards, its a timer, when the minute hand hits twelve you teleport back
  11. Richtofen - when you blow off an arm "hes been...disarmed...ahahaha) Nickolai - when you get a good gun from the myster box, "ive got 99 problems but a gun aint one"
  12. maybe hes talking about his wanker...you thought i wouldnt find it, isnt he the one always talking about his ex wives?
  13. so where in the theater were you, on the stage, in the isle way? where you closer to the teleporter, where you shooting while spinning or holding another buttons, like jumping, or throwing nades, had you activated the teleporter for that round, what gun what you using, did you have any other perks?
  14. yea i have recently started doing the teleporter at the beginning of a round, but i dont open the doors to the pm63, to me its an unecessary door to open and i prefer the mp-40
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