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  1. thats correct once again matuzz, but for some reason its still not letting me give you brains saying i need to spread them out even tho i havent given any in a couple of days, if someone can give matuzz brains please do...
  2. Porter but the ray gun was made by Edward Richtofen incorrect, the quesiton is who discovered and documented the ray was powered by 115 not who created it
  3. what is the name of the person that discovered and documented that the ray gun was powered by elements 115
  4. anyone who has brains left to give feel free to ask a question, im tapped out
  5. unfortunately no, ive tried several several several times to pick up from every angel and nothing has worked, ive tried both sides of the bed, the foot of the bed, jumping, and just about everything else, its just scenery, nothing else...
  6. Yes you are correct! "You must spread your reputation point to other users before giving to the same user." I will give [brains] to you after I can yes i noticed you gave me brains for the thread at the beginning so we gotta wait, lol
  7. red mercury or xerum 525 the red mercury is believed to be xerum 525
  8. I found out from starting this thread that you can only give so many brains a day before it stops you, which isnt very many EDIT* this thread is turning out better then i thought i would, 90 post in 1 day isnt bad lol...its fun though, nice to see alot of people interacting with it, it has been getting slow lately
  9. didnt really put a cap on how many you could answer, so i guess so if you dont answer it i will
  10. correct [brains] can someone who hasnt given brains give matuzz brains
  11. what color are the zombies eyes in DOA
  12. ive already put this strategy except in alot better detail on here just look alittle farther down kino solo strat...and dont ask for brains
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