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Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

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What is your highest round on Kino Der Toten?

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21 Solo, I kind of ran out of ideas and cornered myself. :lol:

Regards Snake.

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the only reason i played zombies yesturday was so my annoying brother and his friends would stop asking me to. made it to round 5 on solo but i was kinda hoping to die so i could get back to MP.

I'll really get into zombies on friday.

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i dunno where im going wrong, or if everyone is lying, got to round 17 with 4 people.... and havent evan found the PAP machiene yet.

you have to teleport to get to the pap machine, it takes you to a safe room and gives you time to pap two weapons.

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Round 27, Had a really good 4man stratedy, that surely we could get into the high 30s, but we had someone drop out during round 25.

I was with Vosty(Chad), and two other players.

All we need is a very good leader like Chad, and 3 other players that know how to do it.

Its pretty solid but it requires A LOT of running around.

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ive been to level 17. i was the only one out of the 4 people who had upgraded weapons. this helped me out alot.

my strategy was just running. heres a tip

when the round is just beginning, stay put. stay in that room and shoot about 10 zombies, then run to the next room and shoot like 5 then run to the next room and just calmy shoot the waves.

zombies dont break threw the windows unless ur in that room.

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