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  1. We have also tried the spawn room challenge, the highest we have got to is 10 before getting overrun! Another we like on kino is shotgun only, or pistol only, always a good laugh- no videos tho im afraid
  2. Rule 53: Don't let the fact you have run out of points stop you beating the zombies.
  3. Forgot to say- Playing black ops with Resurrection map pack.
  4. Hi everyone, was playing a game on Der Riese earlier today split screen offline, everythings going to plan using the teleporting stratagy going from one end of the map to the other running via the stairs near the bouncing bettys etc. Up to round 26 At the end of the round we save a zombie while we use the box, when done we kill him and the round does not end. So a hunt for a crawler that we hadn't seen .. no joy We check all the windows and zombie entry routes in case there is some zombie stuck somehow, we can keep hearing him everywhere on the map. Finally we teleport back and forth until our points run dry to see if this causes him to appear. (15 mins elapsed), monkeys used to see if we could track him down, all corridors checked. we guess that there is clearly no hope so decide to muck around shooting the teddy bear on the box near the power switch before quitting the game, and as I fire my last mag on the Galill what should appear running towards us having just come through the wall near the bowie knife- you guessed it! our missing friend. What followed was an interesting few rounds gaining points etc and a good laugh getting back in to it etc. Has anyone else had this happen to them? if not feel free to laugh at our misfortune!
  5. I tend to agree with previous threads that this does not seem to do anything, but I do like the fact it is there, even if it doesn't do anything as such ,its cool that they patched it this way, plus every single game of Kino I have played has people doing this at the beginning of every game which is actually quite funny to watch! as usually they are missing out on some easy points from the window they could have been watching
  6. I would agree with this, this is a really good strategy, with two players we also normally try one player looping the bottom of the stage, coming on to the front and on person looping the reap part of the stage, you do have to be careful to make sure you pass each other at the same time so you dont run in to each others zombies, but this works really well, also if you move over in to that persons trail you can pick up thier zombies if that person wants to go off and pick up a perk/gun etc without too many zombies following. The only problem we have come across with this is that once you get to higher rounds we use the turret but could do with the traps, i expect once you get 50+ a complete loop of the map using traps with someone using the Zeus cannon leading the way to clear and zombies coming the wrong way would work good. Personally i rarely go mad for the box, usually stick to MP40 to build points or the m16 if im looping the stage. One thing that i do which seems to be good is laying the corner of the stage with clay's near the meteor door, zombies dont seem to get tight against it but if things get out of control and you get some zombies come the wrong way 10-20 claymores are a welcome treat when they go off. and cool to look at as you build them up around that area
  7. Interested to hear what people think of this, often when playing online many players seem to be going all out to secure a good gun from the box like the thunder gun or Ray gun, of course both these guns are good, and the thunder gun is useful if you are running complete laps of the map, but once you get to the higher rounds do you need one of these to keep going.? One evening last week we played kino three players, and one of the others would go at the start of each round to get a gun from the box saying he could not survive without a good gun (we thought juggernog was a better idea). and of course kept getting downed. I have tried a number of different strategies, my two favourites are looping the entire map (risk of getting zombies respawning coming towards you) and simply looping the top of the stage. I have found that a cheaper gun like the mp40 or m16 does the job for points, stick on the turret and traps and its job done, of course i'm not saying that a good gun doesn't help, and who would say no to the thunder gun as a back up if things go wrong, but i have wasted 1000's of points trying to get a great gun to end up getting down with not enough points to re buy perks. when a simple mp40, maybe a nice stack of clays near the door on the stage in case things get too heavy, juggernog, speed cola seems to be good enough! what do you think? has nyone got to round 50+ with this set up?
  8. Im sure others have come across this but when you spawn for a few moments in the bedroom before being teleported back to the lobby area, on the bed there is sometimes a monkey, other times a vase? of course I keep an eye open for any power ups and film reels but this seems to be a strange variable, im not sure bit it does seem that when I have monkeys it does not show a monkey on the bed? is there nay way you can pick this up?
  9. I have read a few posts with various ideas around the fuse boxes, one person said if you shoot the first fuse box it seems to produce more powerups when you are in the first room, we normally stay in here till around round 6/7 and having tried this myself im not really sure whether there is something in it or not, it does seem that when we shoot the fuse box we do seem to get more max ammo's instakil, and double points during the first three rounds, but this could just be luck! Does anyone think there is any truth in this? When using grenades or the china lake etc this definitely seems to produce more power ups?
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