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  1. Yes you can play 2 players online, split screen, or lan party the same as all the other zombie maps.
  2. Nah my buttons aren't sticking. Does anyone have the list of the items that were tweaked in the latest patch?
  3. Not sure if this happening to anyone else but ever since the latest patch the C4 seems to be acting funny on me. Its really the only equip i use besides tac insertions and its really getting annoying. It seems like sometimes (most of the time) i set my C4 go to detonate the suckers and nothing happens then soon after a grenade gets chucked at it and i get that wonderful "your equipment is gone". I have been using C4 ever since black ops came out and never had these issues, just wondering if this could be caused by the recent patch or if my game is acting wierd. Does anyone have the list of items that were patched recently?
  4. Well this is one of the only trophies holding me back from 100% on black ops. I went into combat training ranked up real fast, im now at 13 and no trophy. I tried looking some stuff up on it and said it has happened to other people before and there is a way around it but can not find that information. Any help on this?
  5. MW3 zombies is doubtful because zombies is a treyarch thing. One thing i cant come to a solid decision on is how COTD fits into the story line. My thoughts are the crew gets teleported there and bring along traces of 115 that infects the movie set, but they just happen to teleport to a site where there shooting a zombie movie? What are the chances.
  6. Very good vid. The basement sucks but if your quick and dont have a panic attack every time you see a zombie in front of you, you could manage it. The only other thing with i found to help me alot is looping in the War Room. I found it easier to run clockwise, I dont know why everymap i play my mind is programmed to run counter-clockwise but i noticed for that particular level clockwise helps me because i almost always die im between those computers by the elevator and computer section. Great Job.
  7. Its really not hard when you get the hang of it. So many escape routes. I run and gun in all the maps so this is a dream come true. But all will about to change theres already cheap glitches. Almost every game ive played today we get to about round 10 and all of a sudden i hear some kid "yo man ill go to the glitch if you go down across the map im not moving". For real? All that time testing this game and children are already hunting for those stupid glitches. I went down twice with 22 revives and a kid refused to come revive me because he was in the glitch and all he had to do was standup use the zipline and i was right there. Not cool.
  8. There is no ak47 and if you shoot someone twice with the v-r11 nothing else will happen. havent PaP it yet.
  9. In the middle section of the boat there is an opening inbetween two tables if you go to the wall you can activate something that sounds like a music piece stone piece whatever.
  10. I wouldnt say zombies go for whoever is closer. I see alot zombies disregard a player to go towards certain other players. Evidence in the crawlers, when you leave a crawler after the round to do what ever you have to do even if your right next to it, it will ignore you and go for someone else.
  11. I never play on xbox but due to the psn outage ive been playing ascension on 360 latley and noticed a couple things different than the ps3 version. I dont know if these things have always been there or if its because of the update. 1. The whole map is foggy, never noticed this on ps3 2. The explosion of the rocket has a different animation than ps3. (xbox is much cooler) 3. When rocket goes off down by pack a punch the ground towards the circle of the heating grates or whatever glows orange. This definatly does not happen in ps3.
  12. Downfall from the campaign on WaW always reminded me of Kino Der Toten. The layout of the german parlimant like a theater. I know its there not directly related but i can see where treyarch got their inspiration. And also remember Kino was developed during WaW.
  13. Mustang & Sally + PhD Flopper = Unstoppable. Also i was always a fan of Stamin-Up usually im running circles and it really helps on evading zombies. Now we all saw the new steady aim perk and that leaves me to think they will have to comprimise something like with ascension we lost double tap. I dont think they would ever get rid of jug or quick revive but speed cola is a possibility. I can hope and dream but i seriously doubt Flopper will return or Stamin-up.
  14. Fantastic. Verruckt has always been my favorite map, the creepiness of an asylum setting but was always dissapointed in the lack of story. Even though yours may have some "fictional" elements with the big picture of this huge zombie phenom it is a very nice read.
  15. This happened to me once. Monkey got stuck under the stairs towards speed cola. Although i had no problem killing it with Mustang & Sally aswell as no problems getting the max ammo and perk.
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