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  1. I second this dudes theory. It does seem like something people would usually skip to test(for obvious reason=Perks). So if anyone would please just test it once and give a feedback.well.... ill give you a heart warming thank you. also i would like to [brains] this dude but i am not a forum guy.... anyone can explain?
  2. Is that a.. MOLOTOV on his back what in the fudge???? It looks to me like the one in the fly trap.you can find it in some incinirator if i remmber.
  3. hmm that would explain it Tac. Anyway i barely had any clue to this aside from tank being in what appears to be Shi no numa (Third image) and all of them later in the teleport. I just opened this discussion up because it seemed out of place FYI Tac to me stands for tactical insertion because my friend is actully called Tac and he uses it alot:P Spwan camping For The Rage :twisted:
  4. Let me guess.Depending on how far you go after you killed the pig it get harder to kill,More zombies show up, and all that start's after 4 rounds? ("THATS IT,IF YOU DONT KILL THE PIG THE GAME WILL BE MUCH EASIER!!!") obviously the first line of noob in the game did not mean to offend anybody!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A young man once said "Give me Liberty - Or give me the god **** brain juice!"
  5. i feel something very fishy here. the number could mean anything but the fact they put in "FIVE" could mean something that was related to america so i dont think that coming with random searches would yield much. Try and find more results that can tied with the either america or the time line.this might help you narrow down your reaserch but dont let it be your own guide.be creative please!.
  6. Is that really a major find?.I mean seriosly it would be more serious if you provided evidence as to WHY he doesnt attack us and needs our guns or HOW he contributes to its story. all things is are considered ill give you the credit you deseve,But i have to be blunt here when i say it could be clarke and it could be Abraham Lincoln either way it doesnt add anything to the story in "FIVE". I just dont give a dam about the identity of the thief,But why does he have to steal my gun's! :evil: .
  7. hey guys at codz. ive been looking around everywhere for clues about the hinted remaining secret at kino and i noticed something. the comic book page at the start of the single player,ummm,its hard to describe but there is no middle line to suggest it was anytime inside a comic book. now im not suggesting something like("its because its a whole difrent comic book and its real and shet") but i am wondering. if you look at the comic book page.the page itself looks very old and worn-out,also notice that the actual kino der toten is not at all displayed at the comic.which leads me to suspect this is an added map(probobly due to populer demand)and not that entirely(there are some probobly)involved in the story line(i personally think that kino is a summary of the plot so far,not a progress). im sure someone out there will correct me. but if you look at the story line in kino,it does seem kinda fishy with maxis being there.(if i remmber correctly maxis died by suiciding at der riese,if so,how the F(Friendly ) word did he get to kino?). also forgot to mention is if i remmber correctly maxis died at der riese in the past,so i dont think we could expect see him in the future at kino(even if he went back to the past its not hard task to just go back and reverse this whole thing) All in all this its an awasome map,I like the comic book idea,and I like the amazing plot here. so if anyone can come up with any good explanation i'd be satisfied
  8. hey can anyone send this to alpha?,i read this so called clue and have only one possible explanation. you need to free gersh at the start of a monkey round,and you need to free him before the monkeys get in. its the only explanation i found for this so called clue but i think its worth a test Send this to alpha everybody! i just cant wait for my ps3 to get fixed and i dont have anyone good to test this with. *EDIT* also i came up with this idea,i didnt read this anywhere.so if it does happen to work give me massive brain juice [brains]
  9. i know this is a dum question but arent the zombies come from being exposed to E115? i never heard people in "Zombies" become zombies by getting bit,im serious.i (personally)dont think that the zombies are infected by any means,they were exposed to E115.of course this DOESNT say the same thing about the gassy zombies.which i have little idea how they got in the pentagon(regardless the nova6 containers in the basement)
  10. i once thought that you needed to do something with the pig to start a massive easter egg like in egg,but i did everything i could and no such luck T-T. "WE NEED HINTS FROM 3ARCH"! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Test subject in verruckt once said "Give me liberty,or give me BRAAAAINS" and that how zombies came to be.
  11. oh yea i also noticed that not all the stuff i written was uploaded WTH? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A smart man once said "Give me liberty,or give me [brains] [brains] 's"
  12. i will post a simpler explenation to all of this. as for off topics,is it possible we need to continue the fly trap mini-game from der riese,or that was already tried? i have read alot about the nazi's development,but what amazes me was how much they learned and how fast.you really cant know them untill you have seen what i seen in the discovery channel i think. mabye if we search in the history book we can find some answer's? also in the discovery episode i saw about the nazi's developing all sort's of technology mentioned in "ZOMBIES" there was one in there i took interest,it seems they were also looking for a gold box described from the bible,in the episode they said that "it either killed people(what i remmber cant find that dam episode),or they heard voices in their head (this part i clearly remmber since it shocked me so) just pointing that alot of things can be.if someone could take the time and open up a history books or some other books mabye we could get some general idea where this is going to. also i will be making another thread discussing the nazi theory,as to how they came across,also i believe alpha may be wrong(not entirely) that what we seen from the picture was the devil(the evil being as i would call)slowely getting into this world. FYI the picture kinda looks like a painting with a frame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A smart man once said "Give me liberty,or give me BRAAAAAINS!"
  13. ok so every knows that richtoffen had connection to the illuminati as well as there are clear sign's of the *eye of providence* in the series of the last maps (including five) and for all those who dont know what the *eye of providence* means its that Big pyramid (very knows as the symbol on the computer on the easter egg on ascension) also i found something intresting errr i dont know how to upload an image so ill just give you the directions go to google images then search up "illuminati dollar sygn's" where you can see all kind of things related to MASON (not the main character but an intresting point to the story if i have to say,as it reveals ALOT to the story) anyway the dollar sign on the top left will have many refrences to the game, the most disturbing one being the pyramid on the canister with the small human looking thing, the most wierd bieng the 13 bricks as they are in the generator room(hint:hit ALL 13 with either shooting or melee'ing will play a clasic tune) another being the NOVOS ORDO SECLORUM meaning the "seculer new order" and as well the most vague one E PLURIBUS UNUM which transletes:"One of many"(refrence to "The One" in the songs?) there are alot that refrence to kino but im apparantly the only one that found this (from what ive been reading) also there is an eagle rising from the ashes/ignorent world(i have a personal theory is that we need to sacrifice richtofen while throwing a monkey bomb ,grenades ,PaP awful lawton zues/thunder canon, leading gas zombies there"brimestone to damnation",and possibly either revive him via krauss knife or let him return the next round.this is just a theory but i god dam cant test it with PSN being down so hope some sneeky dude beats me to the punch but cuz i am going crazy with psn not up and me not being able to test this) a side note there may be a diffrent combination. another side note is that when you look up onn the space program this link i found pops up http://www.texemarrs.com/032003/eagle_has_landed.htm "The incredible and unheralded saga of Apollo 11, the moonwalk by the astronauts, their bizarre occult ritual, and the ownership of the Moon by the Masonic Order, are among the many mind-boggling revelations found in my newest, two-hour video, "The Eagle has Landed!"-Magic, Alchemy, and The Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space"" (a refrence to abracadvre?) ok so i know that wasnt exactly kino stuff but it does shed some light on the conection in ascension also another intresting queot "Virtually everything that NASA does is permeated with magic and alchemy. Moreover, the real purpose of NASA is contained in another matrix, hidden from the public at large. This process involves the creation of Satanic ritual magic enabling the Illuminati elite to acquire and accumulate power even as the mind-controlled and manipulated masses are pushed into ever increasing states of altered consciousness" a bit too much info to the illuminate.yes and no,because it does state they were involved in space BUT they were also involved in mind controll which could have resulted in richtoffen altered personality ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ as smart man once said GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME BRAAAAAAINS!
  14. what green fuse box? O_O. My [brains] is confused
  15. also i seen some teleporting sequences in your section there,so mabye after everyone gets the death machines try using gersh device(i dunno if its possible while holding) and it will need to teleport all 4 of you.perhaps there is something in the location you got teleported that needs the death machine to be used on.then again mabye you need to do as the machine tell you (ddeath machine=rack up those body counts )another idea just came to mind is what happes if you put some zombies into the mix mabye that will piss gersh off(hint hint) anyway,the screen shake is what bothering me in this hole kissimir project because there was clearly more the 8 steps in COTD so im guessing PERHAPS the matryoshka dolls are connected as they are clearly interacive.it could mean that you need to either shoot are interact with them. these are my theorys,btw i heard that 3arch gave hints,i wanna know if it was about kino/ascension/COTD because i am confused about which is which
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