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    The True identity of the Thief!

    Is that really a major find?.I mean seriosly it would be more serious if you provided evidence as to WHY he doesnt attack us and needs our guns or HOW he contributes to its story. all things is are considered ill give you the credit you deseve,But i have to be blunt here when i say it could be clarke and it could be Abraham Lincoln either way it doesnt add anything to the story in "FIVE". I just dont give a dam about the identity of the thief,But why does he have to steal my gun's! :evil: .
  2. luka

    SEVEN fuse boxes

    what green fuse box? O_O. My [brains] is confused
  3. luka

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    best i had was 28,but it just gets too boring after that,id rather just restart and hope for better challange CUZ it sux having to run around like a dog or nikolai chasing vodka,theres just no point in it unless you get it :D
  4. i had an idea once,mabye richttofen has a split personality.edward being one,and richtoffen (what we see him now) are the same ,only that he "split" when he close to all the E115. also the fuse are connected as they are mentioned in the hero's quotes, just like what had been in ascension side note when you search up G115. you see a 3 bladed plane and i remmber that one of X115 wepons ends up a german ship(i think) so mabye they can shed some light over whats really connected to the zombie storyline
  5. there is an intresting in all of these,i do see a pattern,one of which richtofen states in the start "THEATER OF THE (Keyword:DAMNED)"and all the players are in the pictures(including other pictures)my thoughts are these,THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE IN KINO THEN THE MAIN GROUP.how else can you explain what the pictures mean?sure they could mean the characters in the story line,but as(forgot her name that said she heard the scream coming from the spwan point)stated,there,if at any chance,mean there are more people in kino. and i do see a pattern,one of the main things is fuse boxes ARE connected also did anyone EVEN notice the "Plays" that are on the wall,one being the new coming "call of the dead" so im guessing that the "Faust" and the other pyramid head thingie are connected to the story line (IN SOME WAY) also when you think about it,it IS a theater,try it with diffrent spwan point and look for a pattern Mabye theres a story whithin each spwan point and it would also explain the dark room (THE END) as i was writing this i had an idea,you know the 6 wepons that are accompanied with element 115? mabye the name gives it away? G115 GENERATOR,Mabye it relates to the fuse box near the generater,also it has a powered scope (instead of a NO scope) so perhaps the wepons name sheds some light to its connection towards the 7 fuse box theory. Also one huge finding,can anyone count the TOTAL amount of traps in kino? mabye they need to be turned on for the (6 fuse box theory) Oh and also i have personally took intrest in this,so if there IS,a fuse box thing then perhaps its like the DIE GLOCKE/fly trap EDIT= if i could ask one of the modarator or anyone who took intrest in the 6 fuse box theory know this,that the fire trap is the KEY,the fuse boxes are the CIRCUIT,and the teleporter is DOOR,the 6 wepons are the MEANS(115) also i want to make a new thread so if i could ask one to move this post could he move it?. if anyone is intrested in going through some old books can you please find me a link to the play "Faust" and the information regarding the other 2 Edit 2nd=i think i found the pattern can ANY person answer this before i forget or move on?i believe it can be achieved,althoughi fear it may be too simple to be true
  6. luka

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    I have noticed something of intrest,(sorry im a bad typer) but the GK could stand for a lot of things but one thing came to mind,when you look to the story there was one 3 people who came by to look for the nova 6 project,steiner kruchevcov(wtf his name is),and dragovich. now out of ALL the 3 we seen only 2 DIE!! only kruchencov remains a mystery and when you think about GK=Generel Kruchencov,so i hope this helps as it took me alot of time to freaking register cuz of Confirmation code,oh and it might also hint that kruchencov was involved in the project of group 935,(though no intel to suggest). i also believe that maxis was also involved,since he was also researching mind controll i guess but that a diffrent thing.another note,in der riese there is a DIARY so you might be intersted by that. oh and id like to thank carbon for making an AMAZING website and putting the pieces together. oh and also. ARE YOU NUTS EATING A PIECE OF GUM SOME RANDOM DUDE GAVE YOU IN A BOX?!?!

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