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  1. Well, I do respect and admire what everyone did or helped to accomplish what we have till this moment, I said what I said because with every single time/theory we (to be precise, I) got enthusiastically hyped and when it suppose to happen (as per the theory) ... DONG... it’s like someone splash a cold water on my face and I got frustrated. I love zombies and I would die to see some game play or just anything SOLID about zombies, Theories/Ideas NO MORE for me. Tatapink, Cheeeerz
  2. OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG, Now if someone had to pee then it has to do with Zombies, Im sick & tired of all those posts, all are built on Theories. Sorry, nothing personal but I wanted to say that for a long time ago.
  3. I think that it already happenned, in MW3 Campaign, the level after the train subway in france, and its a separate level in Spec ops in MW3.
  4. Dont forget "HYENA" & "HITSAM" or "SAM",,,maybe its been said, I did not read every single post... Cheerz tatapink
  5. Descriptions: Sony Bravia HX800 - Full HD TV 1080p, 55" inch 3D Ready Sony Bravia - Home Theatre System, 6.2 Channel BlueRay Player & Playstation 3 - 1080p 3D PC connected to TV via HDMI port, 1080p 3D Ready Cheerz tatapink
  6. good find my friend and keep up the search.. by the way there were a couple of movies that showed the numberes 9 & 11 near and related to each other before the 9/11,,, using clock just like our friend have noticed,,and some in other ways like random numbers but close to one another shows the same numbers 9 & 11, and after that some people said they knew about some big event will happen in that date but could not imagine that... In Kino, have you noticed the clock in samantha's room???, its always on .... see it urself ... all the clocks are showing the same time/numbers. anyway,, watching the ILLUMINATI PROJECT (its on youtube) is recommended to see it urselves... in the end its maybe right and maybe not... maybe the numbers are related to something else...who knows, right??? Regards, tatapink
  7. WOOOOOW, I was really wondering every single time I play the Hanoi MP what the hell happened here and all the blood and smashed walls.... I never thought of it like that, and haven't heared about that e-mail from Mr. X....till the moment Its more logical and clearer than the SUN,,, [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] to you Alpha Snake...very good and deeply thoughtful beyond some if not most of high overclocked human brains... keep the good works regards, tatapink
  8. please, can anybody explain who are these??? http://img196.imageshack.us/i/image1179.jpg/ http://img824.imageshack.us/i/image1185.jpg/ Samanth Emilia Abigail and a heart drawn near them right side, JD writen on left side.. Cheerz tatapink
  9. all Im saying is this,, when you go to market and buy a beautiful pants or shoes, will you enjoy it by hiding it in your closet and not wearing it at all??? is that how you enjoy it???? the same here, you have spent some good money to purchase the game (it does not matter if its awesome or sucks game) to stay and camp in a fucking corner????? and you are telling me that its a way to play??? play what ??? an idiot in a corner game???? will a true gamer do that???? I dont think so... cheerz to you all tatapink
  10. check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgL1EbLo8MQ MgL1EbLo8MQ - at 1:56 to 2:01, Richtofen asking Nikolai if .... you hear it yourself - from 2:02 to 2:47, Richtofen in complimenting Nikolai's shooting and rushing to help Nikolai and chatting with him like he knows him well, which he does not do any of this to the other players Tank and Takeo...and sometimes Nikolai says stuff for Rechtofen in return. - at 2:48 to 2:51, Richtofen asking nikolai if he could here them taking to him as well - when richtofen sees Nikolai's photo, he seems to be afraid of his EYES following him and sees him even from a photo...which symbols the ILLUMINATI themselves -the all seeing eye-.. - when nikolai sees richtofen's photo, he seems to know him from before since he was young and remember him very well cause he said he looks younger in the photo. i still have not gone through Nikolais quotes...some one might, and please report if any interesting stuff is found... before saying that all of it is wrong, you might need to see it from other angles .. be an open minded..what else do you expect??? you will not hear him saying "ooh I know about you, u are a pawn used by ILLUMUNATI.. just like me" sorry mate thats not goin' to happen... and all of them they remembered some stuff which means they are not brainwashed any more just think of it.. cheerz tatapink
  11. Remember Nikolai quote on the pictures in Kino der toten..?? "Rechtofen looks younger in this picture" ,,, just want to remind you maybe it will help.. BTW I have noticed many times that Nikolai has a relation with the ILLUMINATI and he knows alot of stuff, and he is under cover by showing everybody that he is drunk, while he is not, and he remembers everything,, but keeping it hidden. Rechtofen sometimes saying stuff to Nikolai about ILLUMINATI and here we should know that Rechtofen knows about Nikolai related to ILLUMINATi, both does..
  12. Just asking,,, why dont you people try to activate the last node in a Monkey Round,,, I mean throwing the gersh device and using the thunder and ray guns and matryoshka dolls in a monkey round not in regular zombies' round,, and release the trapped soul of that guy in a monkey round.... please try before puting this idea down,,, I would have try this but no body wants to help.. so i thought someone else would. Regards, tatapink
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