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  1. really? nothing? Could this be the start to the egg we apparently havent found yet? Has anyone found/picked up any items that could be placed in the fuse box ?
  2. I mean yeah sure... I can probably have a vid up in about an hour. Or you could just play kino long enough to open the theatre and check for yourself.. lol
  3. Ok so i used the search on here for threads containing "kino" "panels" "theatre" to no avail.. so i figured id post this up here.. Sorry if it has been found and dicussed already. But anyway, in the theatre (power) room there are two windows on either side when you walk down from the stage. Next to each there is a panel box that is closed. When you hold X the panel box opens, and reveals an empty space, shaped like a fuse or something ?? Anyone else seen this before? Apologies in advance if it has been found
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TO0jmZTpkY
  5. shut up and eat your pancakes :lol:
  6. Nacht der toten. LMAO Fail at being a spelling/grammar nazi
  7. Hah! i think he thought it said 1999 but it was really 1899 Carbon still has the lead! But not for long, since phillips455 is the worst (nice try on changing my post)
  8. sorry bud. i also have not completed the COTD EE (solo or co-op) and still have the golden rod when i am richtofen. so yea fail
  9. put it on when you go outside. take it off when u go inside? :roll:
  10. famas silenced hardline pro, soh pro, marathon pro stuns, semtex, clays do work
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