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  1. aweosme im a takeo. imma get a pic o my round as soon as the game i am updating finishes.
  2. Dam so many people wanna play with savage.
  3. it happen to me too. just press the button u use to switch guns, it will return.
  4. Im a good zombie player. My psn: SlolracUnited. Just msg me when we're gonna play.
  5. 1 thing I absolutely hate about noobs is when they just start to shoot george and leave you to handle him, open every single door for no reason and get downed out of their own stupidity and ask hou like 100 time to revive them cuz they have jug.
  6. Ive heard pf a lot of these speculations but not thos one before. I just think the DG-2 was.broken and seeing how the DG-2 and VR-11 have a similar part, richtofen just came here to get a part to rebuild it or makw something new.
  7. Umm well ok my psn name is SlolracUnited, add me and tell me when ur gOnna do the ee
  8. As the cotd acheivement "send the crew to paradise" suggests, and the loading screen leaves on the top right corner, id say a SNN type area, u no foresty, jungly,tropical place. Id love for the thunder gun to return and maybe even add the gersch device, monkey bombs, and a new wonder weapon(maybe a replacement for the ray as we have never had one and there seems to loads of different types od OTHER wonder weapons example: thunder gun, wonderwaffe, winter's howl, vr-11)
  9. Lol great find kinda. But most people already know that. And if u didn't know he also give u 10 points for the first shot u hit him with while he's calm and on land
  10. Lol ok but either way we're gonna do the ee together man I promised u that
  11. Ahh well man imma try today with my friend then cuz we cant figure out the fog horns at all:( we know the order but the light neva shows up.
  12. Ok well imma try with a friend of mine and will send an invite if you're on when I get home cuz imma go home soon
  13. I know your in it too owen. Well I'm going home soon. Imma msg owen when I'm home and tel him to msg u(garwin)
  14. Sure. Just give me your psn name and I will msg you when we can do the ee
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