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  1. They couldn't fit all the answers to our questions in one map. I doubt their ever gonna answer all our questions but they defiantly will make at least 2 more maps.
  2. Heres the link to the video: http://youtu.be/lBUGiWLN3T0
  3. the zombie vision is confirmed theres some video by NGTzombie showing zombie vision yes it is the the PaP'd V-R11 and it gives them invincibility and zombie vision for 15 seconds
  4. well it has many good uses like it con get rid of Romero, if your playin Co-oP you caan shoot your bud and they get zombie vision and the zombies wont touch them (i think the zombie vision is part of the secret of the Ice Dagger), and the zombie you shoot runs away but every time a zombie hits that dude you get ten points.
  5. I consider (Myself a one man wolfpack) no but i consider the water as a trap cause it slows the zombies down and after awhile it freezes them.
  6. yeah i played the map but i did it a while ago and in the pic it looks like coffins
  7. In the 4th pic those boxes are coffins
  8. i just want to point out the coffins and that there might be dead bodies (or zombies) in them
  9. Lightning with lightning = Wunderwaffe DG2 uses lightning and Pack a Punch causes lightning when it moves. Thius is my crazy idea i havnt actually played the map but maybe u shoot the PAP with the DG2
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