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    New Navcard

    Hey guys. Was playing TranZit today, a few people on my team had navcards and I had something weird. I had a navcard, but on top of it was a piece of paper. The piece of paper was slightly askew compared to the navcard so that it didn't entirely cover it up. I didn't manage to grab a picture (only camera around was my Android tablet, slow as absolute balls with a lock on screen) before the game was over. (That'll teach me for trying to tolerate crossed bones players...) Does anybody know what this is? I've never seen it until now (after the recent PS3 update which shows the word 'NEW' on the Zombies Globe) Sorry if I'm behind and this is well known (well, it can't be, it's fairly recent) but I don't monitor this forum anymore.
  2. Isn't this TranZit discussion? (This is my first post in a few years. Wooh and stuff)
  3. I am thoroughly impressed. As soon as I saw him performing that bowtie manuovre and it was actually working... I jizzed my pants (What I actually did is think: Omfg, I have to call my Nazi Zombies friend tonight) Kudos
  4. LOL I had PonyGirl66 and assumed it was one of my friends. c:
  5. THE ASTROUANTS WERE THE WORST ADDITION EVER. If you keep killing them, they spawn every God damn round. You run through the dual doors between rooms, the SOBs in there and you couldn't see him, Bam. Game over. WHY DO THEY SPAWN SO f#@!ING OFTEN?! Total overkill.
  6. EXCELLENT POST. Entirely factual and consice as possible with logical support. Referenced to further material for clarity. Stock Stackoverflow answer!
  7. If your really too lazy to read a paragraph, then don't post. TL;DR should be saved for when you really don't want to sift through around 20-30 minutes worth of reading, not something that takes 20-30 SECONDS of it. GTFO. Now. A paragraph??? Split it into 3 or 4 paragraphs and I will read it. Stop trying to start a flame war. Actually, I think you we're trying to start a flame war, with the whole "TL:DR". Why bother posting if you didn't read it? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?! D: (And I would know, because I'm a pro flame war starter.)
  8. Wow... just F***ing wow, his grammer is completely irrelevant to anything Wow, you fail even harder. Did I mention grammar? No, I mentioned extrapolation. You average an F -
  9. I LOLED. [brains] (And what you're saying is true.)
  10. If that's what you extrapolated, My magical powers tell me that you get an F average in English.
  11. I'm thinking of making a App Emulation of the Terminal (Just cutting huge chunks of C++ from the Game Coding, And using a C - Python interface to program it). I don't want to start anything however, if it can't be integrated into a web browser (and hosted on the site). I'm looking into web2py, but I think I'll have to resort to Java instead.
  12. This thread is trash. All I see is: "Wah Wah Wah, My exclusive content isn't exclusive anymore. It doesn't effect me in anyway, but I don't want other people to have it!" *immature sob*. Grow up.
  13. That's funny. I did post it, and you trolled every single page of it.
  14. Der Riese WAS a factory I personally think so too (because of the sign), but it's been debated because of the Teleporters.
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