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  1. RainbowDruggie

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Hey, Sorry for the double post here! But I've found something out! I was watching my brother play at Der Riese and I noticed on one of the walls it said JD! So, We now it says JD at Der Riese and at Kino, But does it say it any where else? Hmm. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to try and look into it! Anyone have any thoughts on what it might mean?
  2. RainbowDruggie

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    When I'm playing four player the whole team can PaP one weapon. But the last one better be careful cause once there weapon pops out you've got only like a second to pick it up. xD I've made it to 38 Solo. I had upgraded M16 and Upgraded Zues with all perks. Even claymores. Though, power went out. :cry: Just keep hitting the teleporter and shooting the grenade launcher off the side and by them time I was sent to the main frame I'd throw down claymores, cut on the trap beside the portraits and kill off the rest with my M16. Have a crawler and re-build windows. It got boring after a while and I was all ready contemplating on running threw a trap once or twice to get it over with. After 30+ They stop growing stronger and the rounds just grown longer. :roll: Now, 4 player with my siblings I've gotten to 52. My brother showed us this video and we used that strategy with the zues cannon. but in the end we all got eaten alive. :lol:
  3. RainbowDruggie

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    The scream scared me one every video! I'll mess around with all of theses later. If I find anything new or interesting that might be useful, I'll post! I never knew about the screaming, but the knocking always freaked me out! Made me giggle actually. Ahh, I'm just weird. Any-Who, I think by "Beware of the six" they mean the Nova Six Gas Crawlers? Second was maybe the six portraits? Though, 5 are only hung on the wall. Also, Someone told me there is a 6th room. One where Samantha is sitting on a chair in a dinning room and they're teddy bears everywhere and she's just staring at you. Though, That's yet to be confirmed. I pretty sure they said that was false, But still. Thought I should throw that out there. Another thing, Have you ever thought that the blacked out picture on the wall could refer to yourself, the player? Just a thought. Also, The screams seem to be comeing behind you in your video, in the room with all the reals. Have you noticed the blood stains on the floor as though someone had been dragged back there? Once more, just a thought. Also, Rumored that when in Samanthas room (Non-demonic) you step to the window and you hear her mother say "Samantha, Dinner!" or "Samantha, Come down!" Just another find that maybe someone could help with, In the dressing room, right beside the large metal doors into the theater, there's a wall that says "Samantha Emilia Abigail" In what looks to be little kid hand writing. Then JD or JK beside it. At first I thought a full name? But why isn't Maxis there, it is her last name, correct? But what about JD or JK. Maybe she JK for just kidding? Haha. But, really. I'm pondering over what it might mean. Also on the stage on one of the house props (I believe you where talking about this earlier) it says something. I just can't remember what. Sorry for such a jumbled reply, I'm just perplexed by it all. (This is my First post, so, I'm sorta new! >.

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