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  1. Its just an idea for zombie maps, and i figured as much for pc users, but i am focusing this more towards xbox and ps3 users.
  2. I think that each map and any future maps should have something in it like a jukebox. So as an example say they do make the area 51 map, they could have a room on that map that is set up like a cafeteria where all the people who worked on the base ate their meals. Then there is the way to have it start up so that you could use it, there are multiple ways of doing this. One way is to just turn the power on, or once you find all the easter eggs for the new song, then after the song is done playing the jukebox can be activated. So once it is activated you just have to simply go up to it and press X (for xbox users) and any of the zombie songs could start playing randomly. And if you didn't like the song playing just repeat until you get the one you want. Know there is also the issue of cost, now I don't believe there should be one but if treyarch did decide to make the jukebox and put a price on it then it should be somewhere between 100-500 points to activate. I think that this would be really cool if they could do this for all future maps, I mean in my opinion it would be awesome slaying zombie's to 115 on the area 51 map.
  3. I am only second. But I don't think I am going to prestige anymore, I don't play black ops multiplayer anymore cause it just got boring to me. I don't see how there are people at 15th.
  4. Um yes he does, he has the best job in the world when it comes to the video game industry. I mean he gets to go to every video game conference, he has access to what ever video game he wants and he even gets games way before anyone else in the world. I would kill someone to have his job [brains]. What do you think? Am I wrong to say he has the coolest job?
  5. Yeah if they ever decide to put a DLC out there.
  6. These are pretty cool but I think it would be even cooler if you could make some custom wallpapers for each of the Zombies maps. [brains] Just a thought [brains]
  7. My bad for forgetting the Scavenger, I added it so if you want to vote again. Please do. Also don't forget to leave positive feedback.
  8. In my opinion, the Wunderwaffe is my favorite weapon simply because its looks really cook, it can kill atleast 5 zombies with one shot (if you know how to use it). And it does loose damage power as you go higher in levels unlike the ray gun. Don't get me wrong I love the ray gun just as much as everyone else but it looses damage power over time. :evil:
  9. I hope that Takio is dropped, I hate playing as him because his dialogue sucks compared to the other characters.
  10. How about just put the perk that they were going to put in but they decided not to. AMMO- MATIC AND IT COSTS 1500
  11. I don't mind it when snipers camp. I do it on BC2 whenever I do play. But i really hate it when the whole team snipes and there is like 2 people trying to take the objective. Or when there are snipers who stay back the whole time sniping and they suck at it. I literally saw a guy sniping on BC2 and he got one kill on Arica Harbor and that was when he actually went in and tried to cap an objective. He was like 1-12 by the end of the game.
  12. They really need to release the maps for black ops. I think that it is bullshit that they haven't. and when they do release them, they better be free because i spent $30 on the other maps for waw and i think that it would be bullshit if they made people who bought the original maps pay for them again.
  13. Fun Fact: ascension and Der Reise were the only maps to take place at night. Maybe the moon on the re-released Der Reise has some clues for us? Going off of this post by aegisknight post. I think he may be on something. I mean Der Riese could show one side of the moon while ascension shows the other side of the moon. IDK but it just makes a little sense to me, maybe the next map will feature a lunar base on the moon and for a boss like on call of the dead , we will have to kill the giant silverback
  14. Yeah he might be right about the name five. Because they never say how the zombies even got into the pentagon without there being any gunshots outside or anything. So its possible that the 5th teleported zombie was teleported to the pentagon lab. Then the zombie may have found that crazy doctor, bit him and the scientist then managed to kill the zombie. But the the scientist became a zombie and killed everyone in the facility and they then became zombies. So Five= 5the teleported zombie.
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