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  1. Mainly stay on the stage run the course of the map when i get in trouble. If playing multiplayer you need one guy with the Thundergun and another guy with an upgraded crossbow. One circles the stage and the other runs around the map counterclockwise.
  2. I got to 60. I don't have any proof it was a while ago but I don't lie about any of my scores. If you want to friend me on PS network all of my ranked scores are accurate.
  3. The way you get past 30 in Kino is to not play too fast in the 20's. Let them group. Also don't upgrade so early.
  4. Sick Sick Sick. You ever seen the guy who stays in the first room for like 30 rounds? [brains]
  5. Got to 42. Pretty respectable. Might try to get higher. Kind of setting my sights on COTD.
  6. My favorite's the Death Machine. My least favorite is Furious Feet.
  7. That's a bit narrow minded don't you think? It's a bit harsh saying that you're better than most of us, first rule of the internet is "if you haven't got any proof of what happened or what you did then it never happened." So proof for all you're scores, including solo rounds, or else it never happened I edited my post but I don't have to prove anything to you. As far as your rule of the internet, I'm pretty sure the internet is the #1 thing in the world of people saying things and making claims that aren't true. So stop making rules out of thin air. If you want to friend me on PS3 th
  8. That video is missing a step that makes it work on Multiplayer BTW.
  9. Well, level 30 and then another terrible mistake.
  10. Brains are gay. I never get them and I couldn't be happier.
  11. It's cause there are 5 defcoms you idiots!
  12. In solo all you do is circle the control room. It's not that hard really. Just rebuild the barriers little by little as you run and in between rounds. I got to 38 that way probably could've gotten further was pretty tired.
  13. I'm gonna get to 50 today. No more fu(messin)in around!
  14. Don't ever get the stakeout. EVER. GEt the Bowie knife and just rack up points points points. Eventually you'll need one guy circling the front of the stage and one guy running the whole course of the map, but only counter-clockwise (from the theater to the lobby then the long way around to the stage.) Most people play the rounds too fast and they get stuck in the 20's. You have to be patient and give zombies time to group cause they spawn ervery time you kill one.
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