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  1. Ooops, well still, I didn't see the resemblance between the images so I assumed they were pictures of the other side of the Earth, my bad. Edit: Okay yeah I see it now [brains] Edit again: Actually, wait a minute, when we teleport to area 51 (to the present), why is the sky still red as if the missiles recently hit?
  2. Guns? Who cares about guns? We need knives, lots of knives.
  3. uhhhh, hmm, oh ok, what is the location of the usable mounted MG42 in Verruckt that can be found by no-clipping (found this on the CoD wiki, I just couldn't think of any questions that didn't have an obvious answer)
  4. Who else thinks a map like this would be badass? There could elevators that take you up and down a hotel from ground floor to one other floor since Hotels are really big. A few casinos to run around in (maybe a step of the easter egg requires you to get a jackpot on a slot machine, costing 10 points to use it each time). A small part of the strip could be apart of the map with barricades preventing you from going to far, zombies would spawn from small stores and closed casinos on the strip when outside. And maybe, just maybe this map could house the return of the Call of th
  5. His head's at crotch height Dempsey...
  6. I did and I love it I'm level 18 with 15 hours of playtime and I'm switching between different play styles. Still trying to figure out how to get to the top of the Mouth of the world, I finished the greybeards quests but there's snow blocking my way to the top of the mountain. Any advice?
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