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    SEVEN fuse boxes

    yeh ive seen these boxes... there are many boxes like that one around the alley... maybe this one is different just for the fact that it is in the pole... maybe something about it will pop up later... ive tried and activated all secrets in kino in 1 game except for musical briks which i still cant find them... nothin soecial happens if u active everything...
  2. it is said there is a third radio in the pack a punch room... how ever i have used thunder / zeus against every corner of the room also tried with hk21 oscilator and granades and a friend with mustang and sally and we didnt find ANYTHING! i also tried firing from outsiede with raygun and porters x2 raygun and nothing!! also there are no clip videos where they try to go up the stairs where they say it goes down into the plastfrom it leads and u cant stando on it u fall down through the iron floor they also said there are 7 film reels not 3 but i have only foun 3... in the dentist room were u get teleported randomly theres also a room beside were there is an execution chair, also there is a monkey on the bed of a random teleport room and in wii the big bear holds a bowie knife depending on the consoles there ar mesages writen on the walls ¨beweare of the 6 refers tö nova 6 crawlers are made of infected ppl with nova 6 and zombies from element 115 anatomy of dogs and human zombies are seen in the desk inside pack a punch room... another secret is that in kino der toten time goes back wards!!! look at the clock over the PAP machine it goes backwards an electricity trap in the room after the alley were the 3rd rock is the trap is a mini panick room... the trap closes u in the corner were the 2 windows are or maybe u can stay outside and close zombies in that room the pictures of movies are of real works but old... clues may make no sense with only kino der toten but the story goes back to i think is de riese were there is a teleporter too... get all clues together were dempsey nikolai takeo and reichtoffen appear and u may find something about the whole story of this FICTIONAL story... look for mesages writen in the walls and add em up with easter eggs radios reels red boxes papers and all that to creat your own version... the stairs ppl say they go down wont go down because they are like tubes of the stair that go INTO the wall so its not movable, however there is a huge door in the backstage that is blocked by a piece of wood maybe something interesting comes through there when someone reaches round 1000 or idk 500 lets getr there ourselfs and find oout XD [brains] [brains] [brains] :geek: :ugeek: :mrgreen:
  3. pmislov

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    50 solo 36 duo :roll: 32 trio :evil: 30 between 4 :facepalm:

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