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  1. Just a few very simple observations. Richtofens voice is only heard at the bottom of the elevator. Orange and Blue make Purple.
  2. Brain Train has to be the best term for gathering the hoard that I have seen or heard. To OP, if it matters that much to you, contact Sindicate and other tubers, tell them what you think and why, then offer them an alternative. You might be pointing something out to them that they were not aware of.
  3. Well if you are absolutly sure, then you must be right. I do know that Solo and Co-Op screens differ. Have a nice day
  4. No clue why you just ranted on this post, I've never had problems linking images and if you have a suggestion it would probably be better suited as a pm or in its right section. "This post is a perfect example of the slow degeneration of what was once a well maintained forum." Posted in this thread as the OP at the top of the thread is a prime example. Linking images is not the problem, ensuring they are shown within the body of the post is a problem. A problem that did not exist a while back. "Seriously, is it that hard to activate or install a plugin to correctly display/ format images?" A simple question. No rant, I know why I chose to post my remark in this thread. Why dont you follow your own advice and PM me if you have something you would like to discuss. If a Moderater wishes to raise concerns about my post they will let me know. Have a nice day :D
  5. This post is a perfect example of the slow degeneration of what was once a well maintained forum. Seriously, is it that hard to activate or install a plugin to correctly display/ format images?
  6. Seems to me like a fantastic idea for an XBL game. Seriously
  7. @zombo187 I am not quite sure what you are disagreeing with. Perhaps you have misunderstood what was said.
  8. I dont think this is a case of proving you wrong, games like books can be subjective in the way people interact with them. My honest opinion and initial reaction to reading this thread. This person is kidding himself as to why he plays games. I dont want to waste my time telling you what you allready seem to know.
  9. Great thread Mix, I dont often reply to your threads, but I do take the time to read them. I dont really agree with the group 601 theories, I think people need to remember that the 601 Der Riese load screen was only used on PC. My thinking is that there was a reason for this that perhaps has not been picked up by the community, maybe in time. Truly, this is a great thread. :geek:
  10. Thanks for the input from everyone. I have played around a little more with the inner circles, however I feel if there is something there it wont be made known for a while. I look at it this way, the code (possible) is in the starting room/ spawn area. Most of the good codes I have seen require you to go full circle back on yourself to be able to see things in a new light. I just noticed I had made a mistake with the binary chart on the bottom of the OP, kinda gutted no one else picked up on that..
  11. So would I IL, let me know if you find anything :D
  12. That part was probably one of the driving factors of making this thread. Thanks for that, and another thanks for the analysis link. I should have um... You know, searched for that before I just up and made a thread. Either way, thanks. Welcome to the forum Luna :D
  13. J7d6ZwAp28Y In this version he changed some of the lyrics, worth a listen. "I dont believe we can defeat an Axis of evil by putting smart bombs in the hands of dumb people"
  14. The spawn room above the elevator features what may be a BINARY code. The grid is 5 across and 8 down. So I looked for 5bit binary codes that were or are in use today. I came across a few, such as the Fracis Bacon Cipher which I was able to quickly rule out. Then I came across the telegraphy transmission code created by Émile Baudot. This was called simply the Baudot code or International Telegraph Alphabet No. 1. So the pic below is a representation of the set of circlular tiles we find above the elevator shaft in the spawn room. Below I have isolated the main circles, as they are possibly independent of the circles contained within them. Also below this is an example of the Baudot code to make a comparison for yourself. If we use the Baudot code to decipher these rows of tiles going top to bottom left to right we get OOOOO =P%NUL OO =J OO O =R OO OO =N OOO =O O O =G O OO =Z OOOOO =P%NUL This can be checked against the table above or any other source of your choosing, it would be helpful if you could do this; as there are a few differing tables out there. So if I am correct the tiles above the elavater door spell out JRNOGZ, possibly an error or coincidence, possibly a reference to JUGGERNOGZ. The choice is yours to make, however I personaly thought this was worthy of a little more investigation. Next I looked at the voids or inner circles contained within the tiles found. The pic I made of these is below. Again, as when we first looked at our tiles, this also has the possibilty to be read as a BINARY system. This is because each of the dots represents one of either two states. On/Off, Up/Down, Left/Right or 0 and 1 (0/1). My first thought was to have a quick gander at Morse code because of the connection to telegraphy. If we look at Morse placed next to the picture of the inner circles/voids, we can better see the relationship. If we take all the circles aligned to the right and mark them down as dashes and take the remainder of the circles that are aligned to the left and mark them down as dots, this is what we get. - - . - - NUL . . - . . - . N A . - . - . R K - . - - - . - Q F . . - . - - - O S . . . . - A N - . - . - K R . - . - - . - - NUL . . - . . As you can see above, on the right hand side I reversed the polarity. Not knowing the initial state; had there been one; I needed to check both possible outcomes. Again, you might want to take the opportunity to double check my work. Staying with the inner circles, as the Morse code did not seem to yield anything useful; I rotated the grid. I did this as it seemed to me, had information been layered one on top of another; this might have not been possible while maintaining the same orientation. This would seem to be backed up by the fact both the top and bottom of the Baudot code return NUL. I can kid myself right? So now we have a grid which gives 5 lines of possible 8bit length code. The problem now is that we have 3 states. Blank spaces, a dot which is up and a dot which is down. 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 1 * 0 1 1 * * 1 1 * * 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 * * 1 * 1 1 1 1 1 1 * 0 * 1 1 * 0 1 * * 1 1 So we can do the sums, reverse the polarity and do the sums again; plug the results into something like an ASCii table to convert to English and see if we get anything useful. So far I have not had the time to follow up on this, also the three states of information means that there is no defined way as to how we apply the sums. Perhaps using Binary for the inner circles is a mistake. It might be that there is another entirely different way to decipher this code, if it is a code at all. However the only way to find out is to work with what we have, and see where it leads us. There could perhaps be another code related to this somewhere around Juggernog, or not. So I thought I would post this for now, as somone might see something I did not and take it a little further, or this thread might die a lonely death forever alone; either way have fun. If I find anything further myself I will update the thread. :D
  15. Treyarch released a gameplay trailer on the release day of the map? Might be worth going through the trailer frame by frame. At least then you can dot the i's and cross the t's.
  16. Ummm no. A fallout shelter has a nuclear symbol on it. That's like saying the "golden arches" isn't a symbol for McDonald's, it's a symbol for French fries. Fallout shelters prominently display the symbol for "Nulcear" because it's an instantly recognizable sign that transcends language. That way when someone sees it, they would know (in the event of an emergency) that "This place is a shelter for nuclear fallout." The symbol your talking about is the universal sign for radiation. If I saw one of these I would start walking the other way, I definately would not start trying to find a way to open uup that door. Not unless zombies were chasing me.. :shock:
  17. http://community.callofduty.com/community/call_of_duty/english/black_ops_2/blog/2013/01/08/revolution-dlc-map-pack-announced "Zombies are about to be taken to new heights, as the undead threat goes vertical in “Die Rise.” Moving along a series of collapsed skyscrapers, players must watch their step when fighting through the maze-like terrain. With brand new buildables and Wonder Weaponry though, players will be well-armed for this Zombies experience." On a side note, the MP map "Mirage" looks like it has a possability for some shenanigans to take place with the terrain.
  18. It can also be said, it is equaly ridiculous for the game not to have an ending.
  19. Ripples on a pond bro ..... Ripples on a pond :idea:
  20. However this thread turns out, I think its great to see people experimenting with ideas. I have played a few games recently where the designer has used the level/ map architecture to convey ideas or precise information.
  21. A belated Merry Christmas to you also Alpha and the CoDZ. Best wishes for the future and hope you all have a great new year :D
  22. Origin: mid 17th century: via late Latin from Greek skalēnos 'unequal'; related to skolios 'bent' Much of the English language is butchered Greek or Latin, whilst the "word" may be applied to Triangles, we are required to put "Triangle" after the word "Scalene" to define its context. This is because "Scalene" on its own means "unequal". Only when we use the word in the context of Triangle "three angels" does it's meaning bloom. Three angles of unequal sides. I dont think it would be the first time that TreyArch have used word play. That is all, Carrion. :ugeek:
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