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  1. Yay, I've got two tests, an assignment for psychology and a small test in biology tomorrow. Go me.
  2. Banned for being too meh.
  3. Eminem, The Doors, *cough* The Black Eyed Peas *cough*, *cough* Britney Spears *cough* and Shakira's old stuff. I'm a soft guy, so yeah.
  4. but it's just Valar for plural, and of course, I'm a Vala Whoops, my mistake, it's kinda hard keeping up with all of the words in the first chapters, hehe.
  5. Bruh, check out /r/Eminem if you haven't already. And goddamn I'm way behind you guys karma wise.
  6. I like how the ISIS threatens to invade Russia. In winter.
  7. The most boring thing has to be waiting until 360 songs get moved on your phone.
  8. Aaah, as a guy who gets rejected by girls fairly often and now arranges a "date" I now feel like a dog who catches a car. I don't know what to do with it. Great.
  9. America, I think that you're in some deep shit. You've got a fat boy that threathens to blow you up every two weeks, then there's a ton of crazy mothafukas that are probably furious cos' you killed their godfather in 2012, and then there's an old dude who should be in a retirement home, but instead he's got a lot of power at his fingertips. And if that isn't enough, the country is tearing itself up. It's pushing huge numbers in it's army and because of that the country is barerly holding together. And what if those crazy motherfuckers unite and get through your big ass brick wall? They're gonna blow your shit in pieces, that's what's gonna happen. So you better start spewing your patriot shit, or the citizens are gonna start noticing that they're fucked, but then again, most of you have been brainwashed since school.

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