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  1. I think if they put upgraded or indestructible buildables in the game they'd do it so you unlocked it as a persistant perk, and the buildable would visually look different like a different color or something. This is just a new bouncing betty third gun from World at War (*sigh* nostalgic der riese moment)
  2. if anyone wants to try with me that way we have a turbine and a jetgun, my gamertag is "heyitsbak3s" ill be on for a while.
  3. Along with the playstation article, Reza has also had this conversation with Peter Livingstone on twitter, right before the new year. Peter-I touched the moon today. [email protected] Make sure to wash your hands right after touching a "moon", and before eating... https://twitter.com/_rez_ The article in which Reza states there is an ending, and the conversation are all linked on his twitter^^, so I really don't understand why there is any argument especially on a forum dedicated to trying to figure things like this out, the negativity is redundant and useless. I'm thinking maybe hes giving us a series of steps? Touch the moon sign, maybe shoot? Maybe using the ballistic knife? And then he says wash your hands...there is a sink in the bar upstairs, ill be looking at the sink and the moon sign tonight...and he mentions before eating. so after maybe we're headed to the diner? These are just my guesses based on that quote, what other ideas do you guys have?
  4. That was another thing the James C Burns burned us on, as far as I can tell Marlton's watch doesn't play any important role in the game. I will try to get a look at his watch up close, I'm sure someone has tried to take a look before, anybody have a screenshot?
  5. http://www.tokyoflash.com/en/watches/kisai/rogue_sr2/ Its called a rogue SR-2, saw it in a youtube video, and then i saw that picture and connected the two. I don't no anything about that method of time or whether it's exclusive to the watch or would have some deeper meaning to other people.
  6. yeah very true, I think seeing the watch and that picture at the same time made me connect some invisible dots there. The more i think about it its doubtful that's the overhead image they had in mind.
  7. Okay I'm not sure if i'm the first one to point this out, but doesn't this: look sorta like the power room circle? in the bottom left corner?? maybe its just me...i'm trying to figure out how the hell to read the thing im still struggling. The first picture is an explanation on how to read this watch: let me know what you guys think, its looking like...4:25? as it is now? maybe its just the way he mapped on the room but what if we could change the time, and therefore change the room?
  8. I didn't change rank at all during the game, I also should add I have done neither side of the easter egg. I do mention that in the video and I looked around at various locations to see if anything happened at the time of the noise, but got nothing :?
  9. Hey guys what the hell does this noise mean? People told me it was from losing a perma perk, only problem is I didn't start the game with any perma perks so what the heLL did i lose? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O2bT9dA4Z4 heres the link if that doesn't work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O2bT9dA4Z4
  10. Maybe this is the Avagadro trying to communicate with us? Since he can't become human and speak to us he can "transform" his energy and communicate through the traffic lights. The first time i heard the "Death" TV when the teasers were coming out it sounded like whatever was dying was in a lot of pain, like it was suffering...maybe the Avagadro is a misunderstood energy that is trying to get our help and also give us his? It's a little crazy but apply the quotes to him, seems like it could fit.
  11. I tweeted at Reza the other day asking him about mr. burn's "Finer Details" video where he mentions a horse in the corner of the screen. Other then the horse, burns also mentions weaponized gas cans, tool boxes, as well as marltons watch, none of which seem to have any relevance to the game as far as i can see. Curious as to what you guys think Reza means in his tweet. And i'm also very dissapointed in Burns, he was in the studio, he worked with Treyarch, yet he fed us all this s**t info? :cry: asshole.
  12. the red light starts blinking when the power's turned on. Has anyone decoded this yet? I attempted to in theatre mode once, but I don't think I was doing it right, wasn't coming up with anything that made sense seemed like numbers though.
  13. Okay, I'm glad someone is trying it. Maybe working both sides against eachother will unlock another hideout for each side.
  14. Let me start by saying I didn't come up with this theory, I'm stealing most of it from Taklok, in his reply on the commintment furthers EE post he says I have been picking up on the 2 pairs of friends just by listening to the quotes in the game, and by only letting sameul hear richtophen, treyarch has made it easy to see who would pick richtophens side vs. maxis...so instead of giving us many different combonation possibilites to try, it is easy to pick out the two. If anyone wants to try this with me i'm trying to get it done tonight im on xbox gt: "hey its bak3s" or PM me here.
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