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  1. Im on probation when i haven't played multiplayer for like 2 weeks. :lol:
  2. After talking with GAME, it appears they were selling it originally for £33 which wouldn't of been enough since its £42 on the ps store. If anyone bought it from GAME for £33 you won't have enough virtual currency to buy the pass so they are offering £10 vouchers for £3 if you bring your receipt proving you bought it when it was the wrong price, meaning you would get it for £36. If you're still waiting to buy it, unfortunately it's £42.
  3. In diner so you can buy MP5 ammo off the wall
  4. Im starting to like it alot more, I HATE the bus though, much easier without it. I'd prefer it more if the farm area was alot less foggy, I ALWAYS get lost around farm And the banks a great feature, well, when the server dosen't disconnect on round 4 and both you and your friend loose 90k collectively after hours of solo saving up. But then again, thats not TranZits fault. Really loving the teleporters, I'd be lost without them! (Literally in Farm)
  5. Me and my friend can't get past round 13 on TranZit but have gotten to round 20-25 town several times on the leaderboards. Both have blue eyed skull Nuketown Solo: 18 Tranzit (1): 18 Tranzit (2): 13 Tranzit (3): 13 Tranzit (4): 13 Town (2): 25 Town (1): 20
  6. Thats from the description from GAME website, dunno how it would work on PS3 when its £42! Far to much for 4 dlc packs which is only £3 less than the original game.
  7. Has anyone bought the SP? Its £41 on the PSN store and no way im paying that when cod elite was £35, the GAME website has it for £32 but its a download and i haven't been in a GAME or HMV store recently. Does anyone know if you can buy it from the shop like Microsoft points/PSN Credit? Thanks :)
  8. I got my QR in split screen custom tranzit, and the deadshot one in a solo custom game
  9. I have the blue eyed skull and tbh I haven't passed round 13 on solo or with friends, I've gotten into the twenties multiple times on town survival though. So it mustn't be round based
  10. Zaptn.

    Something New

    It happens in every game of Tranzit at around round 3.
  11. Press square while your in the party then turn you party privacy to closed. (x on xbox). I tried it on custom games without changing the rules and it didnt work
  12. UAV, Care package, lightning strike. I run engineer with care package so i can experience the higher streaks, i used to put dragonfly but there ridiculously easy to destroy with an AR or even SMG. And i love how the lightning strike drops straight away unlike the mortar team from black ops!
  13. YES YES YES! That gun is probably the worst gun ever on zombies.
  14. So you're saying that setting your party privacy to closed and not changing the rules counts to LB's? I'll try that and see if it works :)

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