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  1. I like tombstone and who's who. I think tombstones a good idea because if you die on Tranzit its harder to get all your perks and a decent gun quickly and safely - especially on a high round, but we had better perk choices so it wasn't really very popular. Also on Tranzit 2 people can easily stay in the same location, so its easier to revive them. I like who's who more, better than QR. Ill buy it on solo and then if you accidentally fall down 2 floors instead of one or don't hit the mattresses when your trying to jump then its a nice way of keeping your perks when you down for silly reasons. I think electric cherry will probably act the same as PhD but not as powerful (alongside its reload electricity ability); I think deadshot is only good to get for free... its a good concept but there are better choices to fill the 4 spaces you have in my opinion.
  2. But in both Tranzit and Die rise the towers aren't real landmarks, they're just there for the gameplay. If they were going to put paris in a map just for the eiffel tower then it will probably be one of the last maps since its actually real and its considerably bigger than the other 2 we've seen.
  3. FEAR RICHTOFEN? With Black ops 1 we got Fear SAM if SAM was shangri la, ascension and moon. (DLC with origional 4 in) Maybe we could have Revolution I Map pack x/Map x C Map pack x/Map x H Map Pack x/Map x Tranzit/Turned/Town O Map Pack x/Map x Farm E Map pack x/Map x N Map pack x/Map x/Nuketown Theres 6 more things we can get (3 DLC pack names, 3 DLC maps) to fit the spaces of I,C,H,O,E,N.
  4. I just tried to do a 2 player public match game that would count to leaderboards by using controller (2) and when I go to back out controller 2 it completely disconnects me from the party - instead of just backing out player 2 both players are 'kicked' from the lobby. Does this mean custom games without the rules changed will count to the LB? Im on PS3 btw. If not, how are we supposed to get on the leaderboards? The PS3 leaderboards are completely messed up aswell. Also is the zombies dying in fog a glitch or meant to be there? Its so annoying!
  5. I think the powerup icons look slightly different, especially when they're fading out
  6. Oh, well even so saying that kind of makes you think its going to be new... since we've had this weapon since Nacht. However i like the Sliquifier, better than the jet gun. We haven't had a new box wonder weapon this game yet, hopefully the next map we will!
  7. You can't PaP the Sliquifier can you? Im on PS3 so i haven't played it but im pretty sure you can't just by watching videos... If you can't - where is our 'New upgrade-able wonder weaponry'?
  8. I haven't played Die Rise but Syndicate got it on solo, I was wondering what would happen when the player had quick revive aswell? Which one would work and which wouldn't?
  9. My tip is don't use it at all. The zombie sheild is much more useful as if you get trapped only ones infront of you are hitting you, and if you can kill them your safe. The jet gun is a poor excuse for a wonder weapon IMO.
  10. Thanks for the help . Sorry if I didn't specify the console, wasn't nice thinking I had to play on my second account all the time haha .
  11. Do you mean i will only be able to play them on 1 account and not others on the same console? Or that i won't be able to let my friends download the maps off me?
  12. I just bought the season pass for revolution, and (idiotically) bought it on my second account... once i've downloaded the maps on my second account, will they be playable on my main one? All of the black ops 1 map packs i bought on my main i can play on my second one aswell but i was just wondering just incase it was restricted to one account. Will i be able to play the maps on any account i want on the same PS3 as the one i bought them on? Any help would be appreciated! :D
  13. I think its just for Zombie, like they did with TranZit, and Rezzurection in black ops 1
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