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  1. Do not format your disc, you will overwrite the data which is still there... Get a disc caddy, then you can start to identify the bad areas of the disc and find out what can be recovered. There is free recovery software available.
  2. I found some points of interest on the load screen. I have not seen anyone else mention these, so I guess I should point it out, better late than never http://blackopscod.dcj21.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Shangri-La-Loading-Page.png Link for the load screen pic as I cant be bothered to resize it. Short video, worth watching. Might change your mind about the location of SL. cmBljeC79Ls
  3. Treyarch released a gameplay trailer on the release day of the map? Might be worth going through the trailer frame by frame. At least then you can dot the i's and cross the t's.
  4. It can also be said, it is equaly ridiculous for the game not to have an ending.
  5. Good point, this just makes it easier for us to check if these items can be used elsewhere.
  6. He used to be the lead animator, I think he now oversees the zombies Dev team.
  7. Let's think logically for a second, what in the world could you attach a plow to that would have something to do with the Tower of Babble? Sometimes logic needs a hand from creativity. Why focus on the buildable item that has the least chance of dual uses, given the large number of items used throughout the map? You have an example of how one object the hatch, can be used in two locations; why not more?
  8. The voice files that are availible have been ripped from the PC files. Treyarch Devs are under no obligation to continue the EE on all availible platforms, considering they have a certain contract with MS they might even have a bias not too. I remember it took about a year and a half for this forum to become aware of other voice files that had been included in the Der Riese PC files, just because they were packed somwhere different than would have been expected. Even then, have all the voice files that have been ripped, actualy been used in the EE? What is to stop Treyarch updating voice files through patches? They only need a few kbs What is to stop Treyarch having a streaming component to the EE that requires an internet connection, just like Mule Kick in the classic maps required an internet connection?
  9. You are not rambling on at all, what you say is very true. No clip is useless in terms of being able to view an entity that has not been spawned into the map. Ie, if an object has not been activated by a trigger to appear in the map, it will not show in theatre or noclip. From my limited understanding theatre mode is even more restricted than using a no clip mod or command. So as great as it is being able to fly around the map in theatre mode, dont allways put your faith in only the things you can see with your eyes.
  10. We all know that you can't mix parts but it could be useful if that could happen. Another thing if you didn't know you can get the galviknuckles by putting the hatch in the diner and climb up it so I have been thinking maybe you could do something with the other bus parts but I haven't found anything and I can only play the game on the weekend so I also have very limited time to look for other things. Good point, I didnt think of that. Now what would go where?
  11. Does anyone else find it strange that you can build a "get out of jail free" card in the first room. No need to pay for doors, just like that? Has anyone tried to craft new buildables by mixing items?
  12. well I am quite stumped, maybe E=energy M_mass Could it be, perhaps DAY is equal to sumthing?
  13. This is an insightful and intelligant post. I guess we need confirmation on which player or players can hear Richtofen. Incedently, did anyone catch Richtofens line about only being able to see everything everywhere all at once? I think it was an Max Ammo line.

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