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  1. Remember they can also go back to Area 51, even once the earth is destroyed. Who's to say that there isn't some crazy cyrogenic device there? It is Area 51 after all ;)
  2. I have to say this makes a lot of sense. They escaped all of it by freezing themselves and sleeping. It's brilliant and matches with the easter egg on Moon and what we know from BLOPS II
  3. I like this kind of. My theory after seeing GLF and the Green Run navcard working in it is that with each DLC, a navcard will be added that works on the next map. GLF will work on the next map, that map's card will work on the following etc. UNTIL the last map, which will give us a navcard we take back the Green Run, bear in mind the entire time we are creating towers that hold power (for some purpose) and use it in Green Run to activate the entire "system." The fact that the tower glows orange/red and blue (but only one or the other on GLF) when you have both sides done on Green Run makes me
  4. Congratulations you guys! Can't wait for the tutorial :lol:
  5. I think you're on to something here, I thought I heard somewhere that they can be in different places each time but this makes much more sense. As for the perma-perk I believe that's perma-jugg, at least that's how I got mine!
  6. Video is unavailable to me :(
  7. At least give them 24 hours to see if they can provide any further proof, yes it's a community effort but it seems to me they just want to be the first to solve it. Nothing wrong there, I say give them a chance, if it doesn't work out soon, then they're probably just messing with us.
  8. I personally prefer Squid Launcher, it reminds me off the goo a squid shoots or what would happen if a squid blew up :lol:
  9. mmx IS RIGHT, pHD Flopper is on this map. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyqcC6s8fRo
  10. These are all great finds! I still wonder how they got to China though, usually we know don't we?
  11. Alright guys I didn't mean for this to turn into a huge argument. I was simply putting up a point that new info had been produced by Reza, take it how you will and post your different ideas about it but we don't need people just arguing back and forth saying that "you're right" or "you're wrong." After reading every post here, I believe that there is an eventual ending to the zombie campaign, and Green Run is just the beginning.
  12. You can argue this however you want, but this will never change. I've seen people saying this come and go. This is not the first time. Nor will it be the last. Perhaps I should rephrase then. I can agree that Zombies will never end. What I think this means is simply more to the easter egg/more secrets we have yet to discover in Green Run. Not an ending, more of an end game.
  13. They may have said that, but the proof is right there man. Reza Elghazi, director of Zombies, he said it himself. We can't just ignore that. ON ANOTHER NOTE: And this was bumped because I was the OP and new information that pertained to this came out today. In my opinion it is better than starting a whole new thread.
  14. Sorry for gravedigging, but I think we need to re visit this. It turns out, that this wasn't a hoax. This video explains more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_gGJl-YOK8 Thoughts?
  15. I'm thinking it means, if he tells us, we're not going to like what we hear. "I always think I know what I want until I get it" makes me think as if I was saying this to him. Once he tells us, we're not going to "want" it any more. It also makes me believe that it is over for now. The main reason we would be unhappy if he told us is because he would say, "Yes, you've done it all for now."
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