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  1. Losing players have orange eyes and the winning player has blue eyes.
  2. Reminds me of the space jockey from Alien (spoiler). eDRLtgr2T9E I think as long as this thread stays active and it is always on the first page, it is fine. What's the point of it being stickied if it never moves down the list and onto the second page?
  3. You're banned for using forum games to up your post count.
  4. The magic wish-giving fairy gives you three Microsoft points because it misunderstood. I wish for happiness.
  5. It isn't fall damage and it hasn't been fixed, unfortunately.
  6. Hold your left joystick down and always go to the right and it will reduce it happening.
  7. Sorry, I thought you were responding directly to the videos posted of the training in the sushi bar, not the original post, so I thought you were against the Sliquifier in general. I think playing for fifteen hours does take skill, just not much. There is more patience involved as training in a wide room with an overpowered gun is very easy for an experienced player (and is why we will never see the Thundergun again).
  8. Yeah, now you have to endure fifteen hour games where you are constantly going back and fourth from the box, firing your rounds into a massive train and subsequently not killing them. That's how zombies is meant to be played and shows true skill! How has it been patched?
  9. Excellent play-through there, he's very good at getting out of a sticky situation. Unfortunately you cannot PaP the Sliquifier, Eternal. :(
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8V79sYFAGQ go to 16:17. I reckon it is him.
  11. Sorry, I must have missed that part. I think putting things down to coincidence is bad writing, and this is something I imagine the zombie story developers would try to keep away from. When I first heard the radio message where Maxis says "KILL THEM ALL!" I thought a shot was fired at Samantha (of course leaving her unharmed), and this is why Maxis can be heard shouting right after the shot has been fired. From watching a lot of movies I've noticed that when someone is shot fatally they are usually silent, in shock. Seems a bit strange that Maxis would shout "No!" after being shot, doesn't it? Imagine it, lol.
  12. I remember reading that the scientists working on activating the MPD were killing prisoners to fill up the tanks? Surely if Maxis becomes a being living in the Aether with the ability to communicate with our dimension, the prisoners would too? What makes Maxis so special? Also, didn't Samantha trap Gercsh in the Aether with her because she was getting lonely? If she had her Daddy in there with her I imagine he would be enough company, and I doubt he would approve of doing that to poor Gersch.
  13. I feel like this part was rushed. Debris in orbit won't fall down to the Earth "a few at a time", orbital decay wouldn't be the main contributor to an increase in meteors/meteorites. Does it not make more sense to say that the blast from the nuclear bombs blew away much of the atmosphere, making it thinner, meaning less of the debris burnt up when travelling down to Earth?

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