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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. I played Turned and my K/D shot down by about 25 and I still have shotguns. Maybe you weren't playing Turned very well, and that was why you were de-ranked? I won almost every game of mine.
  2. Losing players have orange eyes and the winning player has blue eyes.
  3. Reminds me of the space jockey from Alien (spoiler). eDRLtgr2T9E I think as long as this thread stays active and it is always on the first page, it is fine. What's the point of it being stickied if it never moves down the list and onto the second page?
  4. No, if you get +100% accuracy you will get it. You may have had a claymore out and it somehow missed a Jumping Jack as it ran past, reducing your accuracy.
  5. Haha, this happens all the time. They eventually respawn so you can still knife and get the perk.
  6. Surprised this has happened. Unfortunately the kills they got in these games have not been cleared, as there is a guy on my friends list who pushed his kills from about 50,000 to 250,000 using the Galva room and his kills are still there. At least people that got to high rounds legitimately can now properly be recognised.
  7. I think Russ, Misty, Stu and Marlton are great characters despite being overshadowed by the original four. They tick all the boxes of any good character and complement each other well -- the zombie developers couldn't have done it any better.
  8. You're banned for using forum games to up your post count.
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