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  1. Let these rollercoaster of emotions end... Is there an Easter egg or not I don't know 


  2. I am back from.. Death? I guess that means Ive been resurrected.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Quick revive still works ;)

  3. OFF TOPIC. qcDadaQjbvY My favorite band is back. That is all I wanted to say.
  4. I'll probably be leaving the site near DLC 2 so I have not voted.
  5. It's not fall damage.. Just happened to me again, had jug and no red screen or hit. This time I went has cautious has ever and it still happened.
  6. This is How I feel about the harlem shakes... C4ZxszoeCiU
  7. I didn't want to say it.. But you took the words right out of my mouth. When I see the Nova phasers it reminds me of kino again.
  8. I hope they will introduce a kino der toten secret map.. Think about it.. Kino in Paris...
  9. Yeah.. I just say in Blops 1 I had a ton of friends wanting to play zombies and we always had to leave a few players out or something and switch. I'm glad that doesn't work. Also they should add a first person spectate mode like to watch.
  10. It loaded fine. Just because it's capable of that doesn't mean it will happen. The were probably saying that so players can understand what zombies will be capable of due to the new MP engine. Well either way treyarch will try to makes its fans happy. Even if there is 8 players or 4.
  11. http://m.computerandvideogames.com/3459 ... it/?page=1 Sorry if it does not work I am on my phone since my computer fried up so it downloaded the mobile site.
  12. read IGN, it has been confirmed. They played the demo for it and they saw the zombies. Although 8 players is also with new zombie modes... They didn't say what modes. I read it, nothing about Zombies and IGN would be the last people they would let play Zombies. Besides Zombies is a very secret part of CoD and info on it rarely gets released before the game comes out. "the multiplayer engine can throw around twice as many shambling corpses at once, and it can handle a co-op tally double that of Black Ops 1's" 4 x2 is 8 Also a twitter post saying zombies doubles in black ops II Really if you don't like 8 players they would just have the classic 4 players also... I don't know why people are complaining for something they asked for.
  13. read CVG, it has been confirmed. They played the demo for it and they saw the zombies. Although 8 players is also with new zombie modes... They didn't say what modes. EDIT: Actually it's computer and video games blog. Sorry.
  14. I'm still getting over the fact: OH MY GOD 8 player zombies!!!
  15. Well I think after awhile they would call the pentagon "the vault" since it is we're most of the tapes and other things were. The room looked exactly like it.

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