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  1. I'm getting REALLY tired of all these pictures popping up its just making a mockery of what were trying to do. Honestly there probably is an EE but if people found it i'd believe that the people who POSTED the stuff would be trying there hardest to crack out the code not only this but showing the entire theatre footage of the red lights turning to green. But there is no footage, no steps, no clues, only rumors and "Just wait and see i'll post the video tomorrow!" or just a video of them talking over the edited footage I've spent so much time doing EVERYTHING in this map and shooting so much crap and every time I'm left with nothing. What really grinds my gears is that he has said "I have the footage I just wont upload it because other people will steal it" Sure that is a reasonable excuse but if I owned footage of a red light turning to green I would show the community so everyone can try and help. But I guess Iowa and his friend wont do that instead we just get more "Claims" and "pictures"
  2. Sadly The only way I could believe that to be fake is if someone took SO MUCH EFFORT to edit a video with a BLINKING yellow/green light, add beeping sounds over the audio of the game then RECORD that edited footage with a iphone camera to make it look legit If people are really going that far I don't know what to believe.
  3. *rips hair out* I'll be home soon to try out everything with the annihilator Luckily I don't work tonight so I can grind on some Giant EE time That looks so legitimate but I have absolutely no clue what could even have triggered it.
  4. Let these rollercoaster of emotions end... Is there an Easter egg or not I don't know 


  5. I don't know Iowa Personally but hes called people idiots and stupid and insulted tons of people who has called him out for it being fake because I mean his picture is fake yet he still tries to milk it by making youtube videos of him talking over footage from another game. If this EE is real or not we as a community shouldn't fight over it, if someones trying to gain 15 minutes of fame let them. We should focus on the Real fact that there could possibly be something out there ( cue x files) or something bigger to this map and work together to try and solve it. The only evidence I have that is odd is the KRM quote, other than that I've tried EVERYTHING with this map even with 4 players.
  6. So I've tried everything with the "shooting of the clocks with the pack a punched KN" my team had done all the other small EEs and nothing had happened trust me we looked for every clock we could find and tried endlessly I had even looked in theatre mode I feel like this whole thing is a publicity stunt to try and get more YouTube views which is pretty sad in my opinion there could be more but with only a "picture" and theatre mode edited footage and with "iowagaming" bragging to people that he found it first and he's the best... it just doesn't feel real in my opinion. Either way if you can turn it to green or not I applaud you because I've spent 4 hours with no results with the clocks.
  7. I've been playing the giant pretty frequently and one thing that caught me off guard is one of the things Nikolai says When he pack a punched the KRM-262 ( It wasn't of my choice but I was trying TONS of things out) and a quote was said that I'm pretty sure I haven't heard before from Nikolai pack a punching ( other than a regular russian zombie killer nikolai quote) First time Pack a punching he said "A weapon to match the importance of our mission" Now hearing this caught me off guard as it was liTerally just a off the wall shotgun and he could be saying thIs about ANY gun but its the 2nd time I pack a punched is when I knew soMething was up Nikolai had said after I pack a punchEd the KRM-262 Twice which had gotten the Blast Furnace Power up "Perhaps such firepower may allow us to live long enough to trigger beacon light.... wait.. what did I say?" Now this quote could be triggered about ANY gun and unfortunately I haven't had the time to try the KRM a 2nd time with nikolai nor what any of the other characters say but the quote seems towards something about high rounds And I've heard MULTIPLE rumors about stuff changing in high rounds wether it will be texture glitches or anything else AND if the Green light is faked or not I knew there was something with the 4 red lights I just KNEW it I still have the feeling of doubt because he could just be talking about the Fly trap Easter Egg with a pack a punch weapon but still something seems fishy, Hopefully I am not crazy and these quotes always happen after you pack a punch. EDIT: I have pack a punched twice again with the KRM-262 with Richtofen and he says "Yes... Perhaps Now I can ensure the release of the beacon.. Maxis can find me!" Once again this could be pointing just towards the easter egg we already have but still Why have them AFTER you pack a punch a weapon twice? If anyone can confirm this only happens with the KRM-262 OR any other suspicious weapon please debunk my theory so I don't feel crazy!
  8. I have been spending days ever since the launch thinking and wondering to myself "this can't just be it,2 small Easter eggs?" that last quote by maxis seems to be a full on lead/start to a bigger EE along with all the radios and we don't even know who these "test subjects" are yet.. the 4 red lights in the catwalk room were the trailer cutscene is set in is very suspicious. not to mention the plane from motd is on top of that room way too many leads and questions into this map with no answers... Sounds like the treyarch I know! I could just be going way too deep into a small pre order bonus map and it could be the whole different multiverse stuff but this map feels fishy.. ill keep scratching my head and looking at every lead possible but only TIME will tell for right now.
  9. Some of you may remember me, others possibly not. I wasn't the most active person but I did try to help out some people when needed. I guess you can call this my "Back to the zombies fan base" I never really left playing zombies... I just wasn't so involved with the forum after origins came and left. But now we have EXO ZOMBIES and I'm thrilled to come back to the forum I loved so much. So some people might need to help me with some rules or changes to the site ( That I haven't read already) Other than that I remember some old faces! I guess you can call this my resurrection?
  10. I am back from.. Death? I guess that means Ive been resurrected.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Quick revive still works ;)

  11. I've never been this confused, and amazed, and so many feels since I watched the movie INCEPTION. By god It is INCEPTION Treyarch has planted this whole Storyline/Zombies Idea In our heads for years until we have to wake up and realize... it was all a game.. a dream... and real life is agartha and we were just... TOYS being pawns of a children's story. Its Samantha's turn Which is why origins is the beginning then it goes on until Black ops 2 which then it goes to "eddies turn" Eddie had Richtofen in his hand Eddie has the same hairstyle has richtofen Eddie says there eyes should be blue Eddie is angry at samantha and says you dont know how to play properly. All signs that Richtofen has, im not saying Eddie is richtofen but Im saying that like us Eddie is playing. It has to be WWII which is why there are sirens due to bombings which is why they go down to the basement. Although I'm not sure what Samantha means by "My dad has a plan." A plan to what? This is all a huge mind bender which I love treyarch for doing for. This last cutscene totally reminded me of when I played with legos and toy cars, g i joes and other toys.. setting up a story MY story creating my own rules and everything. Although Samantha and Eddie must be one messed up kids to make a huge story filled with death and despair. Although Don't Fret or worry there is certainly many more stories to tell and more sights to see indeed... the Dream is just beginning.
  12. Can I just say 1 thing GET SOMONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO WELL MY GOD. We spent like 20 min trying to play the lighting staff, ran out of ammo, and ran back to the chest to get ammo and finally did it. Lawrdy I've never been that frustrated in my life.
  13. I have seen that during the different weather you get different things. I've gotten double points, nuke from the holes thats it. Blue Staff Parts I think only show up during snow (makes sense) But yeah Dig Dig Dig Dig!
  14. I always wondered about the ticking, It could be from the robots but yeah during the start of the round you do hear a ticking noise that speeds up and goes faster which then goes into the round start music. Maybe its just because of the "SteamPunk" feel to the map or something else....
  15. I'm Not sure if anyone has found this out but I did not see anything at all about it If it was already said I'm sorry But did anyone notice that where you build the staffs the Plates or Circles above the area can be moved? There are levers around the circle above and you can move the circle plates press X near the lever and the circles move. On each circle there is a color and it changes as it turns, also there is a corner opened with large blue rock sticking out which looks like it can be turned. BASICALLY It looks like one giant puzzle above where you build the staffs, we tried every combination we could but we didnt know exactly what to look for so we quit messing with them. If you dont understand what I'm talking about go to the excavation site(PaP) go down below where the "Knights" hold the staffs go to the middle blue circle and look up. The circles above you can move into some random combination which I have no Idea about. ( I wish I had a picture to explain better or something) Once again if someone said this I'm sorry for just repeating a step in the EE.
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