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  1. Let these rollercoaster of emotions end... Is there an Easter egg or not I don't know 


  2. I am back from.. Death? I guess that means Ive been resurrected.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Quick revive still works ;)

  3. OFF TOPIC. qcDadaQjbvY My favorite band is back. That is all I wanted to say.
  4. What makes me even more ticked off is that Treyarch reset his stats but did not ban him. He was then caught again doing the same thing, no ban. SERIOUSLY? I thought MP was going to be the time of my life for Blops 2 with all the new future settings. No, I have had my worst experiences ever in Black ops 2... Right now I only am buying the DLC's because of zombies and I really do they start listening to their customers rather than Quote Mr.David "That is not my job." or "I don't deal with that stuff." I'm just tired of getting killed over and over in MP due to obvious lag. My connection is fine and everything I just don't understand when I go around the corner I die from bullets hitting me in the side.
  5. I'll probably be leaving the site near DLC 2 so I have not voted.
  6. It's not fall damage.. Just happened to me again, had jug and no red screen or hit. This time I went has cautious has ever and it still happened.
  7. This is How I feel about the harlem shakes... C4ZxszoeCiU
  8. I was playing a game last night, a simple tranzit game with some friends trying to get money back in the bank. I usually play with the voices off just to hear and see the game, of course this is very dangerous but I think its better than hearing the roars of the zombies. we were hoarding zombies and I noticed something. The bell rings very VERY randomly... too randomly.... whats even stranger is that every time the bell rung Lighting would apear overhead. Not too the point that it was going to spawn but ever very so slightly in different areas. Another Ring and the lighting grew even more, another Ringing noise and the lighting was everywhere and overhead like "It" was going to spawn. The bell rung again and the lighting moved. I don't know if it was a coincidence or that lighting was just messing with me but I could've sworn it moved from place to place.
  9. I didn't want to say it.. But you took the words right out of my mouth. When I see the Nova phasers it reminds me of kino again.
  10. I hope they will introduce a kino der toten secret map.. Think about it.. Kino in Paris...
  11. Rule # 643 Look if the elevator is going UP or DOWN.. Don't get crushed.
  12. Viva the revolution! AC III will happen!
  13. Possibly a vs mode by trying to get farther rounds idk just thought It up in my head.
  14. Yeah.. I just say in Blops 1 I had a ton of friends wanting to play zombies and we always had to leave a few players out or something and switch. I'm glad that doesn't work. Also they should add a first person spectate mode like to watch.

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