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  1. Right guys we're all working really hard here! We think we may have cracked the next section! We aim to finish this easter egg tonight, hopefully we won't let you guys down!! Wish us luck!
  2. This picture was taken around 4-5 hours ago... maybe longer when we were still trying to figure it out, we're a lot further now and we're defiantly on the right track!
  3. Look out for these tiles guys! They're a very crucial part of the easter egg!
  4. Hey thanks for the support! We honestly are unsure of this, we have been doing all of this in a four man team!
  5. Right guys I've edited the thread name so its not misleading Sorry for being very secretive about this, we have the whole team trying to decipher the whole thing!! It's very, very difficult! As soon as we've figured this out I will post the whole walkthrough, I do believe we are on the last section of this dreaded easter egg!
  6. Right guys my last thread got deleted because I advertised my youtube channel in order to show the video (WHICH I WONT BE DOING IN THIS THREAD) Basically we've got to the last stage of the easter egg, its taken us around 10 hours to get here. Its very hard.... But yeh I'll keep you guys informed of how we're doing and when we're done I will post a walkthrough :)

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