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  1. You're banned for thinking twinkies are extinct, i'm eating one right now EDIT: that was a yummy twinkie... i'm full :mrgreen:
  2. You are banned because you're signature makes me strain my eyes too much. (I wear glasses) :lol:
  3. That's awesome man, not a lot of people willing to do what you do. And Southern Miss? Boo! haha jk I hate they went winless this past year...
  4. You're banned for whining that I didn't ban you.
  5. You're banned for thinking I'm drunk all the time :lol:
  6. You're banned for having less than 4 forum medals.
  7. Eh. I'm a straight Jack man myself, but Vodka is OK I guess. :roll: Nikolai's coming for you... :shock: Really now? So that's why I keep hearing hateful Russian voices in my head at night... :lol:
  8. Quite frankly I believe Maxis might not be so "dead" as we all think. At Der Riese, Richtofen locked him and his daughter Samantha in a area with a hostile Fluffy. What if they both managed to stay alive long enough to incapacitate Fluffy and then Samantha was killed and Maxis got away. Other than this incident, we have no solid proof that BOTH of them died in the chamber with Fluffy. Maybe they we're both killed, maybe Samantha stayed alive since we see her physical body in the MPD in Moon. Maybe Maxis lived and Samantha died. It could be a lot of things, BUT I believe that one of them died and the other did not. -Whiskey
  9. ninezerowill


    True. Back on topic now eh? Had another massive fail yesterday evening. I went to the Pokemart in Lavendar town to buy some potions, and I ended up buying 25 paralyze heals instead... :oops:
  10. ninezerowill


    Most of them are, yes. But not all. -Whiskey
  11. You are banned for asking me if my Kino record still stands :P
  12. I see. Thank you kind sir. I must have stopped just short of reading that section of your trilogy thread. -Whiskey
  13. Can someone explain to me how the Grief subplot ties in to the Zombies story (if at all?) Thanks! -Whiskey
  14. ninezerowill


    Yup. I only use them on the lowest level Pokemon in my current group. I like to train my monsters evenly.

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