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  1. My life is getting more and more hectic, and i'm getting back into golf again after a 3 year hiatus due to a injury. So I seriosuly doubt i'll be setting any more Records anytime soon. Be sure to post here on the site if you happen to get any records yourself. Happy gaming. -Whiskey
  2. You're banned for thinking twinkies are extinct, i'm eating one right now EDIT: that was a yummy twinkie... i'm full :mrgreen:
  3. You are banned because you're signature makes me strain my eyes too much. (I wear glasses) :lol:
  4. That's awesome man, not a lot of people willing to do what you do. And Southern Miss? Boo! haha jk I hate they went winless this past year...
  5. You're banned for whining that I didn't ban you.
  6. You're banned for thinking I'm drunk all the time :lol:
  7. You're banned for having less than 4 forum medals.
  8. Then get off the internet. ... I honestly hope Elena does return, I love 115 and Abracadavre. If she does not, then it'll be a shame. Um...? A bit of a delay in the post? This thread was made before the game even came out. And for the record that user has since been banned from this site... So that comment can be taken as even more harsh than you intended it to be. Well he was banned after all, so I find it ironic that I even quoted him in the first place. An oversight on my part? Sure. Funny? You bet your ass it is. -Whiskey
  9. Then get off the internet. ... I honestly hope Elena does return, I love 115 and Abracadavre. If she does not, then it'll be a shame.
  10. Why thank you sir Rissole. And I only replied because I can't stand it when people try to make me look foolish. -Whiskey
  11. My thoughts exactly. It's possible even though some individuals are too butt-hurt to accept it. -Whiskey
  12. Eh. I'm a straight Jack man myself, but Vodka is OK I guess. :roll: Nikolai's coming for you... :shock: Really now? So that's why I keep hearing hateful Russian voices in my head at night... :lol:
  13. Quite frankly I believe Maxis might not be so "dead" as we all think. At Der Riese, Richtofen locked him and his daughter Samantha in a area with a hostile Fluffy. What if they both managed to stay alive long enough to incapacitate Fluffy and then Samantha was killed and Maxis got away. Other than this incident, we have no solid proof that BOTH of them died in the chamber with Fluffy. Maybe they we're both killed, maybe Samantha stayed alive since we see her physical body in the MPD in Moon. Maybe Maxis lived and Samantha died. It could be a lot of things, BUT I believe that one of them died and the other did not. -Whiskey
  14. I DID set a legitimate record on Kino Der Toten. And guess what? It's been verified. No "god" mode on. No "hacks". I'm not going to let ANYONE tell me I did not earn my record. Superhands was a fake. I AM NOT. So you can take those words back now. -Whiskey

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