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  1. Do not format your disc, you will overwrite the data which is still there... Get a disc caddy, then you can start to identify the bad areas of the disc and find out what can be recovered. There is free recovery software available.
  2. Looks like an old Gramophone needle.
  3. Good point, so we are getting the Classic maps to play as well ;)
  4. I think we are debating two different things. I'm 100% positive that Nikolai and the others will be in this map. Im just not sure we will be playing as them. I think people reading this should at least be prepared to acknowledge BSZombie has a good point. Might be worth going back and looking at previous press statements to see how they were worded. "Encounter four heroes as well as hordes of zombies". Could have read. "Will get to play as our original four heroes... killing hordes of undead in the trenches of WW1!"
  5. So how much of this is actual game play? Do you think everything shown will be included in one DLC?
  6. Can anyone explain to me what the series on the left of the table mean? I cant find anything on how these older periodic tables were laid out or why? here's an exerpt from the wikipedia entry for groups (columns) and periods (rows) in the periodic arrangement of the elements. basically its just different ways of grouping elements that exhibit similar properties So the series on the left a Valence shells? Just read a bit about these and came to the conclusion the PHD flopper is based on the idea of these Valence shells?
  7. Simplicity would be more like One gun, no reload, infinate ammo and absolutely no PaP. Map would be an infinate streaming ground plane, no walls, no doors, no points to accrue. Survive
  8. Can anyone explain to me what the series on the left of the table mean? I cant find anything on how these older periodic tables were laid out or why?
  9. http://oi39.tinypic.com/34sfbte.jpg This might be suitable for a print.
  10. This^ http://www.rhymes.org.uk/a116a-pop-goes-the-weasel.htm Pop goes the Weasel is an old nursery rhyme.
  11. Why do people refer to these men as heroes? The trailer gave a good breakdown of what they were and why they are in Alcatraz.
  12. ^^ the bits in green sound good, given MW4 introducing new methods of entering the maps and reduced lobby times. They might be testing some of the code out in zombies. edit, or a waiting room like the one in Beetlejuice.(
  13. Richtofen can be heard anywhere, as long as the player is Stuhlinger. You may thinking more of Maxis, of whom can be very hard to hear clearly in certain areas. I'm no artist, but I'm pretty sure red and blue make purple. Perhaps orange creates a slightly lighter shade of purple (like magenta almost). This thread is sparked by the intro scene right? The intro scene in which Richtofens voice is only heard once the entire team goes down, in the elavator. Your right IL, so the colour on the intro is actualy closer to magenta than purple isnt it?
  14. I have messaged a few of them. They all told me to buzz off pretty much. They don't care if they offend anyone, they just want subscribers and views. Well, they can suck a rotten egg for all I care. -Whiskey I am sorry to hear this, a question I would ask is "Why do Treyarch continue to promote these players through social media and other means?" If its all about the money cup, then put pressure on the source of income. A couple of well placed articles and a push on social media to spark a debate, might just be enough to cause Treyarch to have a word in the ear of a few big tubers. As far as I am concerned Treyarch and Activision have been riding a big wave called contradiction for long enough.
  15. Just a few very simple observations. Richtofens voice is only heard at the bottom of the elevator. Orange and Blue make Purple.
  16. Brain Train has to be the best term for gathering the hoard that I have seen or heard. To OP, if it matters that much to you, contact Sindicate and other tubers, tell them what you think and why, then offer them an alternative. You might be pointing something out to them that they were not aware of.
  17. No clue why you just ranted on this post, I've never had problems linking images and if you have a suggestion it would probably be better suited as a pm or in its right section. "This post is a perfect example of the slow degeneration of what was once a well maintained forum." Posted in this thread as the OP at the top of the thread is a prime example. Linking images is not the problem, ensuring they are shown within the body of the post is a problem. A problem that did not exist a while back. "Seriously, is it that hard to activate or install a plugin to correctly display/ format images?" A simple question. No rant, I know why I chose to post my remark in this thread. Why dont you follow your own advice and PM me if you have something you would like to discuss. If a Moderater wishes to raise concerns about my post they will let me know. Have a nice day :D
  18. This post is a perfect example of the slow degeneration of what was once a well maintained forum. Seriously, is it that hard to activate or install a plugin to correctly display/ format images?
  19. I dont think this is a case of proving you wrong, games like books can be subjective in the way people interact with them. My honest opinion and initial reaction to reading this thread. This person is kidding himself as to why he plays games. I dont want to waste my time telling you what you allready seem to know.
  20. Thanks for the input from everyone. I have played around a little more with the inner circles, however I feel if there is something there it wont be made known for a while. I look at it this way, the code (possible) is in the starting room/ spawn area. Most of the good codes I have seen require you to go full circle back on yourself to be able to see things in a new light. I just noticed I had made a mistake with the binary chart on the bottom of the OP, kinda gutted no one else picked up on that..
  21. So would I IL, let me know if you find anything :D
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