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  1. You're banned for incorrect grammar.
  2. You're banned because reasons. Which, I might add, is obviously the greatest way to "because."
  3. I don't tend to use them, but they aren't bad.
  4. I notice that the entire OP is gone. Whoops, just started reading your other responses. My bad.
  5. So um, am I the only guy that uses explosive weaponry without PhD, without problem? I can't be the only guy. I also ditch explosives, especially the ray gun, due to how little amusement I get from killing zombies with it. Ick, Mustangs. I understand liking a perk and all, but having it on Die Rise (to my understanding, seeing as I still haven't played it) would have been game-breaking. I'm not too sure why it isn't on Green Run, though. If you're going down on double swipes, you're getting hit too many times in a short period of time. Lava factors into this! Shangri was great and I was disappointed with Moon - too many things in one map kinda ruined it. Guess my gripe with it is the astronaut. He ruined everything.
  6. My problem with this perk is that we already have things to increase the power of melee: We have the Bowie Knife, Ballistic Knives, and Galva-Knuckles. I love to use the Ballistic Knives, and I once held onto them up to about round 35 on Kino (7 knives, one kill. Awww Yeaaah). Yes, melee becomes next to worthless later on. Yes, I'd love to have something that increases melee power further. No, I don't think we should have a perk for it, no matter how great it would be. However, your perk description is definitely well thought out, so I'll give you that.
  7. Technology could go backwards just to stop word of attacks from spreading to the wrong ears. We might actually be using courier pigeons just because an instant message is too risky :lol:
  8. Wow. That was a fun read. The music I was listening to ended on the perfect note, right as I read that last line on "Weapons of mass destruction." Nice job.

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