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  1. Finally getting back into the Easter Egg guys! I think i know the steps i will post when i test it!
  2. If you guys don't know who everythingpiff is go check out his youtube channel. He loves zombies and helped introduce me to the possibility of a easter egg on nuketown. He has great ideas and I was lucky enough to have had him share them with me and then I shared them with you guys. Check him out at: youtube.com/everythingpiff
  3. the sign isn't a nuclear symbol..... its the symbol for a fallout shelter
  4. Yeah about my youtube, I am taking a break. I am making a new channel by tonight. Also I am going to try your theories guys and see if we can do it tonight. Check back for the video link
  5. Also I accidentally deleted the past videos, sorry. I uploaded a recap video here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy4CQOKh8tY
  6. Ive decided to keep my old channel and scrap the new one. Anyways, WHO GOT MY VIDEO ON NGT ZOMBIES!!! Someone sent it in to spiderbite and he made a video on it! Thanks for all your help!
  7. NEW UPDATED VIDEO ON MY NEW CHANNEL! LINK BELOW! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FaRaFxQiGw
  8. I took a temporary break from the easter egg, but I am back in action on the hunt. I moved youtube channels by the way, my new one is youtube.com/ItzGoStylz abd I will have a recap theory video going up overnight so stay tuned for that! Also keep the ideas coming, it is good to have fresh ideas for the hunt! Also, for my first topic on the forums to hit almost 13,000 views, I am amazed. There sure is a lot of supporting zombies players here and I want to thank all you guys.
  9. No you cannot get the big clocks hands to match sadly, also when richtofen says egg moving robot, he is referring to the ball thing that you had to knife on moon during the easter egg, as the moon easter egg is happening during nuketown. Also the TranZiT buss is a white/grey color I think and the nuketown buss is yellow..... Also the writing on the back of the busss either says "STOP WHEN RED LIGHTS FLASH" or "STAB WHEN RED LIGHTS FLASH". Im making a vid on it now
  10. Just found out some interesting stuff, apparently if you open the door behind the yellow house that costs 3 k, then you shoot down the body of the bike, then the wheel that it is hanging from, when you open up the other house, the TV will already be smashed and have a image that looks like the TranZiT buss driver according to someone who commented on my videos.
  11. UPDATED VIDEO! I have done some theories that were commented on some of my videos and there are more possibilities than i thought. I am open to having more help on this guys so keep the ideas coming! Also i am pretty sure it is just a coincidence with the raygun and the group 935 logo on it but i am not %100 sure....
  12. Ive never noticed the light on the door before, good eye! Anything else guys? Im hoping to crack it very soon!
  13. Schrodes that is what i was thinking, im trying to finish the easter egg before Christmas! Were almost there! Expert a tutorial on it soon! UPDATE VIDEO ON THE EASTER EGG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifG_EUIlMhY
  14. I believe they do fall random and i do have a video about it on my channel now, going through what i said above but with video proof. LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDmqQ2rCIkI
  15. if it matches up then i am sure that there is a damn good chance and why would they put all that work into a system that changes the powerup behind the yellowhouse alone, and sorry i am new to the forums and i did originally post elsewhere but i was told to find this thread and post it here
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